Bernstein: Samsung gets Apple’s next-gen iPhone chip business; TSMC gets iPad, ‘iPad Pro,’ and ‘iPhone 6c’

“Samsung Electronics is ahead of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., or TSMC, in the FinFET technology race, according to Bernstein Research,” Shuli Ren reports for Barron’s. “As a result, Apple will most likely choose Samsung to manufacturer the chips for its next-generation iPhone, and give the iPad and low-end iPhone businesses to TSMC.”

“Interesting tidbits about Apple’s product line,” Ren reports. “Bernstein believes Apple will likely introduce a larger iPad, which could overlap with some of the current MacBook Air market. The research firm also believes that Apple may introduce a low-end iPhone in the second half in 2016. And TSMC will get both businesses.”

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  1. Samsung must be spanked HARD! Especially where it hurts most – in the pocketbook.

    Not that anything would give this culturally twisted morally bankrupt company pause now or in the future. They are simply conniving and figuring out the next way to move into a market based on someone else’s R&D. And of course obliging U.S. judges with the same twisted mindset looking the other way.

    1. Relax. Samsung profits from selling the chips to Apple, but Apple profits 50x from selling the final iOS products to consumers. The Samsung chips are a commodity and, someday, Apple will find a way to either cut its ties with Samsung or place that company firmly under its thumb.

      Samsung tried to copy its way into Apple’s turf and its recent decline and difficulties with its Tizen substitute for Android demonstrate that it is not so easy to emulate Apple’s success.

  2. Was funny a couple years ago when Samsung were boasting how they’re going to up the price for Apple chips, trying to play hard ball. I think most the chips are in Apple corner this hand

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