iPhone 6 Plus is a hit everywhere – especially so in Asia

“Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched with much fanfare,” John Krystynak reports for AppLovin. “The 6 Plus was Apple’s first foray into the phablet market, so naturally a question about what the sales ratio was between the two new iPhone models arose.”

“T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO John Legere told Recode’s Ina Fried that the ratio of iPhone 6 Plus orders compared to that of the iPhone 6 was higher than they anticipated. In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus sold out almost instantly, even when the supply constrained iPhone 6 was still available to order,” Krystynak reports. “What is unclear is if this was because it was the more popular choice, or if the initial supply of the 6 Plus was considerably less than that of the more mainstream targeted iPhone 6. Since the 6 Plus is Apple’s first entry into the unfortunately named “phablet” category, it would make sense that they might start with a small pool to test demand.”

“Our interest in the ratio of 6 versus 6 Plus was piqued. We process over 25 billion ad requests a day, so we decided to take a look at the high volume of data we process to learn more,” Krystynak reports. “Globally, usage of the iPhone 6/6 Plus averaged out to an 80/20 split, respectively. Since interaction and usage differences between the 6 and 6 Plus on our network are negligible, it’s fair to estimate that roughly one in five new iPhones sold is an iPhone 6 Plus. Digging a little deeper, we noticed some interesting patterns in global usage ratios. In general, the 6 Plus is much more popular in APAC countries. While in North America, Western Europe, and Australia the iPhone 6/6 Plus ratio is much more aligned with the global average, APAC countries seem to have taken to the 6 Plus in greater numbers.”

AppLovis: iPhone 6 Plus is a hit everywhere – especially so in Asia

“It’s clear that with the 6 Plus, Apple has more than just a niche player on its hands,” Krystynak reports. “We’ll continue to keep an eye on how the numbers evolve in the coming months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How many customers are still waiting for iPhone 6 Plus. That is the great unknown.

As we wrote back in September:

The current ratio of iPhone 6 to iPhone 6 Plus sales could be more of a supply issue than a demand issue. iPhone Plus supply continues to be severely constrained compared to iPhone 6. When supplies are more adequate (it’ll take months), we’ll be able to get a better gauge of iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus popularity.

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  1. Ordered unlocked (Came with a T-Mobile SIM) 128 Gray 6 Plus from Apple first day of preordering. Arrived a month later – 3 weeks after first day of USA sales. Meanwhile I had picked up a free ATT nano SIM at local ATT Store. I’m one of those grandfathered unlimited data ATT guys from the 2008 3G launch. If I wasn’t, I’d be using a Consumer Cellular nano SIM instead.

    Still get used to the gigantic size. Have to pay a tailor $20 per breast pocket to extend the flaps so I can stop using a rubber band between the flap hole and the button to secure it for now. 😜

  2. MacDailyNews Take: How many customers are still waiting for iPhone 6 Plus. That is the great unknown.

    The answer to that question is: ME! And if I could, I’d increase the font to size 96 and make it bold and underline with a million exclamations!

    Hopefully iP6+ stock will parity with demand soon. The iPhone 5s caught up to demand in early December, so hoping for something similar. I could order online and wait the 3, 4 weeks or more but I’ve lost the enthusiasm I had on preorder night for my first iPhone purchase ever where all I had was a frozen Apple splash page to stare at for three hours and then a week later where the Apple store didn’t have the carrier model, color, gb size in stock. So I’ll get one, just it’s no longer a priority.


  3. I’ve had the 6 Plus for 2 weeks now (upgraded from the 4S) and I can’t be happier. It took abot a week to get used to the size but I can even handle most things one-handed now and I’m not a big guy with big hands at all.

    It’s important to get the right case that provides a firm grip and I tried a bunch before settling on the Apple leather case. I also have a bulkier heavy-duty iBlason case that I use during work which requires me to roam manufacturing and warehousing floors. It’s like putting on a protective “uniform” for work and then I put the phone back in the Apple case when I go home.

    Can’t say enough good things about the 6 Plus. It’s everything I’ve wanted in an iPhone and more. The display is amazing and I never have to put on the reading glasses when looking at the display. Everything is really zippy and smooth and it’s got 128gb for me to store my favorite music in Apple Lossless format which makes a big difference in the audio quality. Just the perfect smartphone for me. Can’t be happier.

  4. Got my 64 Gig 6+ earlier today. Wow! After playing with it for an hour I picked up my iPhone 5 and it seems tiny, like I should pick it up with a pair of tweezers. SO MUCH BETTER!

    The 6+ seems bigger at the store while tethered to a cord. I was worried that it would be too big. At the store using it as a shopping list was a bit awkward, but so was the iPhone 5 to be honest. The iPad wins for reading comic books but that might be about it — we’ll see as time goes by, comic books are finally reasonably readable on an iPhone if not ideal.

  5. I’m Canadian – I ordered my 6+ from Bell Canada on Nov 4th and still waiting!!! They said that it would come the friday after I ordered it … but I still don’t even have a confirmation number.

  6. The new ex-android phablet users will not be as loyal as those of us who have been iPhone users since the thing was invented and who have been snubbed by Apple.

    This could be a very big problem for Apple in the long run. Here’s an idea for Apple: if Apple made a Bluetooth handset with a 3.5″ touchscreen that could be used to make and receive calls and text messages in conjunction with the iPhablet along with other Apple-watch-like capabilities, I would gladly buy a 6 plus and pay hundreds for the handset.

    Why wouldn’t I just buy the watch? I might buy that too but the handset would have phone-dialing and texting capabilities that the watch lacks.

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