Cisco preparing to pay $188M to Apple-led Rockstar Consortium

“Cisco is preparing to dole out a serious chunk of cash to settle its patent lawsuit with Rockstar, a patent-holding company created out of the ashes of Nortel, a Canadian telecom,” Joe Mullin reports for Ars Technica. “The $188-million pre-tax charge was revealed in CIsco’s most recent earnings call, and first reported on Monday by the IAM Blog.”

“Rockstar, which was created by a group of big tech companies including Apple, first sued Google and its customers in October 2013,” Mullin reports. “In January, it sued several cable companies, saying their cable modems infringed Rockstar patents by using the DOCSIS standard. Cisco intervened in that case the following month.”

“The forthcoming settlement will likely cover not only Cisco but its customers who had received letters from Rockstar asking for patent royalty payments,” Mullin reports. “At least a dozen ISPs approached by Rockstar were using Cisco products, including Time Warner Cable, Windstream, Suddenlink, Knology, and Cable One.”

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