Walmart to start Black Friday sales a week early with special deals on iPhone 6, iPad Air 2

“Walmart plans to get the jump on Black Friday this year with a sales event one week early featuring gift-card-based sales and discounts on a wide range of items, including Apple’s new iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6,” AppleInsider reports.

“A new 16-gigabyte Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 will be available for $489 with a $100 Walmart gift card starting this Friday, Nov. 21, at 8 a.m.,” AppleInsider reports. “In addition, Walmart will be offering a $75 gift card with the purchase of a 16-gigabyte iPhone 6, itself priced at $179 with a new two-year service contract. The year-old iPhone 5s will also come with a $75 gift card and a discounted on-contract price of $79.”

“That exact same iPhone deals will also be offered as part of the company’s formal Black Friday sale on Nov. 28,” AppleInsider reports. “Still an exclusive deal for Walmart’s actual Black Friday sale, however, is an offer bundling a $30 gift card with first-generation iPad mini units discounted to $200.”

Read deals in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Here’s a little tip Staples will price match any competitor. My husband bought an iPad mini two months ago and at the time Best Buy was running a promotion for 200.00 Staples beat them with their price match of 100% and he paid a couple of dollars less and didn’t have to deal with Best Buy staff in our area. We’re not too happy with Best Buy in general because they are consistently pushing Samsung devices and you know what many of us here think of Samsung. Good luck if I hear or see any super extraordinary deals I will post them here.

  1. Wally World has jumped the shark and is getting desperate. 7 Quarters of declining US sales in a row- could not happen to more deserving people.

    Wal-Mart, in anticipation of Black Friday shoppers is even going to move up the date of it’s monthly cleaning of the restrooms instead of waiting until December 1st.

      1. He also doesnt realize Wal-Mart is doing this for the safety of its customers.

        When you hate something as much as the left hates Wal-Mart, markets, safety or helping low income take a back seat rage.

    1. I hate it when people bring up politics out of the blue, but this one seems just too easy, so I’m gonna be the jerk who does it this time. That’s about the time when Obamacare made my insurance rates jump and coverage drop. Anyone else?

      1. Wal-Mart is political in the extreme from the company to the Walton Family Foundation. They are also one of the biggest recipients of corporate welfare in existence.

        BTW-Hillary Clinton used to be on the Wal-Mart Board, appointed by Sam Walton himself.

          1. 1-Community Development Bonds used to build most of their stores.
            2-The cost shifting of their low wage employees onto WIC, SNAP, Section 8 Vouchers, Obamacare Exchanges, Reduced School Lunches, etc. since they do not pay non managers a living wage.

            There is no free lunch. When corporate America underpays workers the cost is shifted to the public via government assistance.

            1. TINSTAAFL to you, too.
              And by your answer, I see you have absolutely no grasp of economics.

              Ever think that if the government didn’t pay so much to keep people poor and voting Democrat and then taxing the snot out of businesses some things might change?

              No, you will never see things that way.
              Also, I’ll wager you don’t live among the poor and see how your party has decimated their outlook.

              ObamaCare just caused millions to be shifted to part-time and gutted much of the insurance for the remaining, but you will believe numbers from MSNBC rather than go out and see for yourself.

              The coming wave of foreigners will knock many of the low-income bracket out of a job. You WILL see this happen if they aren’t stopped.

              So, keep bitching about the largest employer who still builds in poor areas and hires those that have no trade qualities or work skills and pays them a rate that results in being able to sell their wares to even more low-income people.

              Living Wage, what a joke. Their is no such thing. You raise everyone’s pay up and every place they work will raise the cost of business and lay-off lower productive ‘associates’. Now the ones that actually still have a job pay more because of inflation and higher taxes because even more are out of work.

              You liberals will never understand the true reality of economics until you have completely ruined our system.

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