Jaguar Land Rover adds voice control for in-car apps

“Jaguar Land Rover is looking to balance entertainment with safety via its new justDrive in-car infotainment service,” Stephanie Mlot reports for PC Magazine. “Developed by Silicon Valley-based CloudCar, the voice-activated justDrive is part of the InControl platform for iOS 8 users (an Android version is coming early next year), and integrates services like Spotify, Twitter, and Yelp.”

“Drivers can simply plug their smartphone into the vehicle (limited to the 15MY Jaguar F-Type and all 15MY Land Rovers) and control apps through the car’s touch screen or voice recognition to minimize driver distraction,” Mlot reports. “JustDrive joins 17 other apps—including Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Parkopedia—currently available in Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps system.”

Mlot reports, “Apple’s CarPlay, meanwhile, arrived this year in select cars from Jaguar Land Rover.”

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  1. Don’t get it, if apple CarPlay is already in place for some Jaguars and land rovers, why are they developing a new platform? Don’t tell me it is for android users because they don’t have money to buy one of those cars. They had to settle with an android phone because they couldn’t afford a real iPhone and they think they are going to buy a jaguar?

    1. Two reasons

      1) They can offer more apps with more features than apple’s carPlay alone. eg. CarPlay does not support a parking app, Pandora, and many other apps. Land Rover’s system, along with an iphone, becomes a way to support additional apps using internet connectivity (beyond the 10 so far in carPlay), without requiring the user to pay monthly charges for a separate cell data plan.

      2) They no doubt believe that the additional features offer some marketing benefit. If you’re a Pandora user, and they give you Pandora, then you’d probably agree.

      Note that apple is hand choosing the apps included in carPlay and it will probably never be a fully open API.

    2. You’ll probably find this incredibly difficult to believe, but there are people out there who can afford Jags and Land/Range Rovers who choose to use Android phones, just because they like poking around in the OS.
      And also there are people who have an in-built, pathological hatred of anything Apple, who drive very expensive cars.
      Get used to the idea.

        1. I did, thank you very much. And I love my Audi. Proud Q5 owner. Owning, driving, and maintaining it beats the heck out of my neighbor’s Land Rover that’s had more electrical problems than a 3rd-world suburb (which is pretty typical of Land Rover over the past 10 years). Never had a Jag so I can’t speak to it, but I’ve never really wanted one; I don’t particularly like the styling on the current and recent models.

          But, to the point, what the hell is wrong with Audi?

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