Do not buy a so-called ‘smartwatch,’ wait for Apple Watch, it’s going to change the market

“Having to look at your smartphone is THE WORST. No one wants to lift a few ounces of plastic, glass and rare earth minerals in order to leverage the power of the Internet, entertain themselves or communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world,” Seamus Bellamy writes for The Globe and Mail. “But now, thanks to the advent of the smartwatch, we needn’t bear such drudgery any more. Strap one on and you’ll be able to control your music, navigate the streets, check the weather and read or compose text messages and e-mail – all from your wrist! It sounds great, and it is.”

Bellamy writes, “But you shouldn’t buy one yet.”

“Smart watches have been around for a few years now, but they’re still very much in their infancy, and much like smartphones before the iPhone was introduced, they have taken many forms. Some, like those made by Pebble, are platform agnostic, highly customizable through downloadable software and can run for days at a time. Most, however, are designed to work with a single operating system – or even a single brand of phone – and need to be recharged at least once a day. None of them are particularly fashionable. Most lack the means to be physically customized to match the wearer’s particular style to outfit on a given day,” Bellamy writes. “But that’s all about to change with the Apple Watch. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with the hardware, and let me tell you, it’s going to change the market.”

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  1. “Most, however, are designed to work with a single operating system – or even a single brand of phone – and need to be recharged at least once a day.”

    – derr…and like the Apple isn’t ?

  2. This is a really lazy article. It was full of half truths and contradictions. Bad writing. He left me with no compelling case why the Apple Watch is different from the other ones. I do believe it will be category-changing, but the article was horrible.

    1. Totally. And it’s highly doubtful he actually “had the opportunity to spend time with the hardware” as he claims, since he shares no insights or impressions from claimed opportunity whatsoever.

      Nose-stretcher bird-cage liner material written by a hack looking to make a name for himself.

  3. I’d say the battery is the weakest link of any smartwatch. The more you use the device, the faster the battery will die. My day can easily be longer than 12 hours and closer to 16 hours. I wouldn’t be using the device every few minutes but still… Since it doesn’t have GPS, that wouldn’t be a problem but that display looks to be a battery killer. I’m sure Apple is doing the best it can but current battery tech leaves a lot to be desired. I’d be willing to pay extra for some after-market battery with greater storage capacity.

    1. I’m sure someone will come up with a shirt that has a battery compartment and a thread that runs down the arm so that you can plug your watch into it !

      The military already have ‘power sharing vests’ for all the battery operated gear soldiers are carrying nowadays.

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