Omega’s Einhorn: Apple’s market value could hit $1 trillion

“Gains in shares of Apple Inc could take the world’s largest publicly traded company to a market capitalization of perhaps as high as $1 trillion, some of the country’s biggest investors said on Monday,” Luciana Lopez reports for Reuters.

“”It’s an attractively priced, double-digit returner,” said Steve Einhorn, a top executive at Leon Cooperman’s $10 billion hedge fund Omega Advisors Inc.,” Lopez reports. “”We own it, and we like it,” he said, speaking at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit in New York. The company could reach the trillion-dollar mark, “eventually,” he said.”

Lopez reports, “Apple’s current market cap stands at about $670 billion, according to Thomson Reuters data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just two Intel’s to go!

This is obviously a bit premature. Please see related articles (and their dates) below.

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  1. I think all this love for Apple is great but when analysts start coming up with this type of crap you know they are trying to encourage would be investors about untold riches to be had by buying Apple.
    Why not be more specific about why Apple is a well run company?

  2. Here we go again. Each analyst starts trying outdo the other. Apple hasn’t really changed all that much over the last year and suddenly analysts are finding things about Apple they never knew. They basically didn’t want to believe Tim Cook when he told them Apple had great plans for the future.

    I’m still not going to get excited about price targets because there’s no guarantee they’re going to be met. Apple seems to be exceeding most price targets set months ago and I blame that on poor judgment by analysts. They really seem clueless about Apple. Most of their iPhone fears were completely unwarranted regarding subsidies and such.

    I’m just going to sit back and collect my healthy Apple dividends and let whatever happens happen. Wall Street is run by lunatics throwing out all sorts of insane valuations for companies that barely make any profits but they keep a tight reign on Apple’s value. It’s so weird. I’ll be completely satisfied when Apple breaks Microsoft’s (adjusted) top market cap record even if the company never reaches the trillion dollar mark. Apple will probably have to manage it with a P/E under 20.

  3. How is it “obviously premature” to say that Apple will eventually hit a $1T market cap? Do you at MDN have some sort of crystal ball that tells you when Apple will hit a certain stock price?

  4. Yup, Apple stock took a dive when Tim Cook got on the helm because no one could replace Steve Jobs and he was untested.

    Of course some believed that the Apple spirit would be strong and continue. I was certainly amongst them.

    Even after the 7-1 split the stock struggled to reach that psychological $100 mark. Now that is has well it’s going to go up, the breeze is Apple’s way the analysts will praise it but like all herds there will be a stampede and that will bring the price down.

    Unless Apple screws up or some jouranalist convinces the herd that Apple has screwed up, and some herds are much more susceptible to this than others especially those gullible “Oh look over there weapons of mass destruction, invade, invade, invade!” types.

    Apple under Tim Cook is showing of great product and software services, integrated into an ecology. It might take a while for the media to get the idea that this synergetic life giving and life sustaining approach is exactly what is required for global security but eventually they will. Once they do the herd will follow, or rather what’s left of the herd.

  5. Sure. Apple will hit a trillion. Then it can just as overpriced as Amazon and suck up some of that free money from the FED’s quantitative easing.

    In fairness though, it would be a GREAT place to store some of that inflated money supply from all those government bonds financing government debt the FED now carries on its balance sheet.

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