AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile: Who has the best individual plan?

“Looking for an individual plan for cell service from U.S. carriers can make you feel even more alone than heating up a frozen lasagnia (for one),” AJ Dellinger reports for Digital Trends. “Even though our wireless carriers have become better at simplifying and presenting plans, you’re still going to run into asterisks and exceptions that could mean two years of contract hell.”

“We know this pain, and we’d like to help you avoid it,” Dellinger reports. “That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to pick the individual plan that best serves your needs and saves you money.”

Tons more in the full article here.


    1. I got a notice once before, but I exceed 5GB every month and haven’t gotten the notice since the first time. Speeds aren’t noticeably slower most of the time, but then again I spend most of my time on wifi so hard to tell.

        1. I work from home, so am on wifi that whole time, but I was curious as well so about a week or so ago I reset my usage stats. So far it shows 429mb Safari, 370mb Music (this is due to iTunes Match streaming in my car), 358mb YouTube, 99mb AppStore, 98mb MacDailyNews (hilariously), 87mb Maps, 86MB Facebook, 80mb Mail.

          These are just the heavyweights that stood out to me. That’s my usage level without holding anything back. It’s great to not have to hold back or be mindful of usage, because that just limits the experience.

    2. No we were throttled for a long time. Paying three lines since day one, $180 roughly per month. 2 months ago ATT finally got me to switch to a shared plan – and it costs more than my three unlimited! The throttling was so intense, the iPhones were worthless at that stage. If you can’t conduct work – than worthless.

      We use a lot of data – and the throttle basically made using out iPhones un-functional. I imagine planned by ATT to force the move.

      I’ve been with ATT/Cingular since the early ’90’s. I held out as long as I could, because what ATT was doing is obviously wrong – possibly illegal. Same as was paying extra for text messages. But ATT and the rest pay off our politicians by the many millions – so they write the regulations/laws. We pay.

    3. last month I got the AT&T text saying I was going over 5GB …. I did, and got throttled from 23.07 Mbps download – 10.55 Mbps upload to 0.52 download – 0.47 upload. I’ve had my plan for over 7 years and that was the first time. That’s not being throttled down, that’s basically being “cut off”.

  1. I think coverage is more important than price. I have friends who are using the cheap services and have constant dropped calls and slow data rates. If you count on your phone working then reliability of connection should trump cost.

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