Leaked internal video reveals Apple Watch will not be available until spring

“The Apple Watch’s launch is scheduled to occur in the ‘spring,’ according to Apple Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts, later in 2015 than some had originally anticipated,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Ahrendts stated the timeframe to retail employees in a video message, a transcript of which was provided by a source,” Gurman reports. “While explaining that employees need to conserve energy for upcoming shopping seasons, Ahrendts stated, ‘we’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the spring.'”

Read the transcript in the full article here.


      1. Last I checked, it is the same for the entire northern hemisphere. Being based in North America, I would expect that to be the “spring” Apple is referring to.

      1. In March, we can have 24 inches of rain on the ground in and around Houston! We actually has around 32″ of rain in one day back in 2001. Since an inch of rain is equal to anywhere from 4″ to 10+ inches of snow, Houston wins!

        The U.S. record of recorded rainfall in a 24 hour period is Alvin, TX (43″). The world record is around 72″.

  1. I knew it wasn’t coming until spring. You can’t have people lining up outside stores in friggin January with snow storms and 20 degree temperatures. Even in February a blizzard could derail the whole damn launch.

    1. I agree. And this will be among the largest “got to go to the store to decide which model is right for me” Apple products ever. So warm weather will be an important contributing factor to the launch and subsequent major Apple Store traffic congestion. 😜

  2. People speculating on dates clearly have no understanding of the three basic trimesters Apple has in a given year. All of Apple’s products are branded either “Early [year]”, “Mid [year]”, or “Late [year]”. So the expectations should be:

    Early: January 1 to April 30
    Mid: May 1 to August 31
    Late: September 1 to December 31

    With no delays, people should fully expect to see the watch on April 30, and Apple in no way indicated an earlier date than this. This article says “IF apple considers March to be ‘early'”, which tells me they clearly have no understanding of Apple product launch schedules.

  3. But Apple should have rushed out AppleWatch so Microsoft Band sales doesn’t leave it in the dust. They claim the Band is sold out everywhere because no one wants to wait for the AppleWatch.


      1. No a phone is obviously more. I just don’t see the need or do I like wearing a watch except as a piece of jewelry which is rarely. What big void do u see a watch necessary. Is your phone not enough?

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