Apple Watch is Apple’s big step toward a post-iPhone world

“Apple doesn’t do things without having a long multi-year plan, and Apple Watch is not some afterthought product for them,” Eric Jackson writes for TheStreet. “It’s probably the future for the company.”

“Any company needs to protect its cash cow business,” Jackson writes. “And with iPhone, what a cash cow it is. The average selling price, or ASP, of the iPhone ticked back up in the last quarter, which is amazing considering how most consumer products — including the iPad — see their ASPs steadily decline from the moment they are released. Most companies would try to keep iPhone going for as long as possible.”

“However, Apple isn’t like most companies,” Jackson writes. “It has turned its back on successful products before — say, with the iPod — and that may happen again with the iPhone.”

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  1. “It has turned its back on successful products before — say, with the iPod — and that may happen again with the iPhone.”

    The watch is an iPhone accessory, not a standalone product. Until it is, it cannot not be the probable “future of the company” that Jackson opines.

    1. I think he means it will morph into much more than it will be in its initial form. The Apple Watch is the company is planning for the future of technology – when small devices much more capable than the current generation of wearables.

      1. I agree. As with many Apple first efforts, it will take some time for user feedback, third party competitor products, app development, and technology improvements to turn the Apple Watch into its destination product. In the meantime, we’ll get to play along with it as it iterates.

  2. Apple Pay is the next step forward as Cook and company build out the eco-system. The watch, although elegant in function and design, is simply one more part of that environment that Apple is building.

    Samsung builds products, lots of them. They are incapable of replicating Apple’s eco-system. They, and others, will not be competitive as Cook turns up the heat.

  3. It’s the UI stupid!!!

    The AppleWATCH *is* the start of something new… An interface designed for tiny screened devices; a new iPod nano, a smaller phone, some new device, etc.

  4. As long as it shows me the yardage to the pin, locks and unlocks my car doors, I’ll be happy. I’m easy. I was thinking about it turning on lights as I enter a room, but I can Imagine trying to sneak into bed late next to my sleeping wife and having all the bedroom lights spring on. Not good.
    (ps- there are a lot of reasons for sneaking into bed late. Don’t go crazy with your imaginations.)

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