I thought the iPhone 6 Plus was too big. I was wrong.

“The iPhone 6 lineup has introduced iOS users to new smartphones with bigger (and bigger) displays. I was ready for a larger screen, so quickly opted to buy an iPhone 6 last month, thinking it would be the best match,” Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld. “And indeed I found the iPhone 6 to be gorgeous and well-built, and felt that the 4.7-in. display was right at the edge of what was comfortable for me.”

“But after spending a week with an iPhone 6 Plus, I’m now not so sure. The only thing that’s clear is that my next iPhone purchase won’t be so easily decided,” deAgonia writes. “I thought the iPhone 6 screen was impressive — mostly, because it is — but the 6 Plus is flat-out better. Apple calls both iPhone 6 displays Retina HD, and the 6 Plus is the best iOS device available if you want to show off that feature… Another area in which the 6 Plus outshines the iPhone 6 is battery life. Apple says the bigger phone will get 12 hours of use for Wi-Fi, LTE, and 3G web browsing, 14 hours when watching HD video, 24 hours of talk time over 3G, 80 hours of audio playback and 16 days of standby. In my use, the iPhone 6 Plus lasted several hours longer than the iPhone 6, which lasted a couple of hours longer than what I typically got per day with the iPhone 5S.”

“The iPhone 6 Plus is no monster; it’s a beautiful big phone with great battery life and an unmatched software and hardware ecosystem,” deAgonia writes. “I wasn’t sure I could get used to a device with a display this size, but the Plus has won me over.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote just over a week ago:

Unsurprisingly, we have both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus… The iPhone 6 is a beautiful phone. It’s the second best smartphone in the world, in fact. But, lay them both on our desk and we’ll grab the Plus when heading out every time. We can simply get more done with it, the battery lasts far longer, and the camera is superior. Also, as someone here at MacDailyNews likes to say (here’s a quote you won’t be seeing on the big screen during Apple’s next keynote): “Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the ultimate fuck you phone.”

All other so-called smartphones pale in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The Other Steve” for the heads up.]

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      1. Because it doesn’t look or feel like a phablet. It’s definitely big, but because it’s so thin and the screen goes so close to the edges, it feels way smaller than the oversize monstrosities Samsung shits out. I’m in the same boat as the author, I got the 6, but I have a tough (happy) choice next time I’m up for a new phone.

        1. Sorry but the 6 plus has one, if not the worst size to screen ratios in this category. The Note is more compact and easier to hold and use one handed. The G3 does not look that big next to the iPhone 6 and positively small against the plus. Being compact is not one of its strengths.

            1. You really should use an iPhone 6+ before you start making stupid comments about the iPhone 6+.

              Pixel counts on different screen types can’t be compared. You have to test drive both phones.

    1. Get ready for negative remarks.

      4.7″ is a little big for one handed use.
      The 5.5″ is way too huge.

      I’m not glued to the phone 24/7 like the kiddies are today, so I have yet to come close to draining the battery on the 6.

  1. So have we previously smaller size steadfast Apple true believers been wrong in the near past to castigate our “beloved” Android brethren on sizes larger than 4″ not being desirable?

    Kinda funny idn’t it? (Though naturally Apple does bigger better than the slavish copiers.)

  2. My GOD! Im unsure what planet some of you are on, but if you compare the IP6 + with the Note 4 then you will be very disappointed with the iPhone. The Note has a display so crisp that you can see the hairs on the newsreaders pimples. I find it amusing that people would rather wait 4 years then get another brand that’s had these sizes for about that long. Seriously, what can you do with a boring iPhone? My note 4 is also my pc, with HDMI to TV and I installed a second OS (Win8) just because you can. What does a iPhone do compared to last years model, and the one before? Same boring APPS, same over regulated restrictive platform, same rip off for APPS. I love the way you guys pay for apps we get for knicks. IPhone 6 Plus has last years technology in it, crappy 1 gig ram, and a screen that you can find on cheap Chinese phones. And you have to laugh at comments about battery life, Note 3 has better battry life than the IP6+ , and we can change them over should they go flat, but im getting 14 hours straight and that’s at full pelt al day..

    1. Note 4 sales are tanking next to the iPhone if you’ve noticed and for good reason but your type will never be able to differentiate true overall quality. It’s not all about display specs especially since there is a limit to what the human eye can see and the iPhone 6 looks fantastic.

      Enjoy your Note 4 serial ports, floppy drive and 32-bit Antique Dealer phone. But really, who do you think your kidding?

    2. That will be the day when I hear a Fandroid user NOT go on and on about specs: more megapixels, faster ‘sounding’ processor, rooting it for whatever silly reason (mainly, because they ‘can’). And don’t forget the priceless SSD slot. Just like their PC brethren bragging about their processor’s higher MHz speed. Pointless, meaningless, and shows they’re fools.

    3. A note 4

      comes with a Snapdragon processor by Qualcolmm
      an OS by Google (stolen from Apple)
      a design (stolen from Apple)

      what did Samsung create ?

      the muscles (processor), the brains (OS) and the body (design) were all created by somebody else.
      Samsung designers just sat there chewing gum, smoking cigarettes while they pasted the shit together (just like the ‘designers’ at Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc !!! ) …
      (paint by numbers phones! ) lol,

      (the most expensive android phones have practically the same OS (brains) as the cheapest phones sold in Asian roadside bazaars! )

      Apple masterminds the processor, the OS and the design — all created in LOCKSTEP to MAXIMIZE the potential
      It obvious that a company that makes both OS and hardware is going to have a more seamless product.

      AND WORSE; Samsung doesn’t even control the ECO SYSTEM! IOS 8 was created in tandem with MacOS and iTunes, App Store , ApplePay etc.


    4. Hey cm8 – We are laughing at you not with you.
      Why don’t you retire into the bunker with your
      Eva Braun and give it up – The war is over and the good guys have already won!!
      PS How is that Samsuck stock working for you?

  3. “…I installed a second OS (Win8) just because you can.”

    …all while others have what’s called “a life”.
    Seriously, I did the equivalent around 1990 by installing Mac OS on an Atari ST. But that taught me a lesson: not to waste my time with shit.

      1. A Looser is somebody who likes to
        – make their pants loose
        – ties their shoelaces loose
        – let’s their dog run loose is the woods
        – and has a real loose style on the dance floor

  4. It’s nice that Apple added a choice of larger devices, and a lot of people will find them perfect. It would have been nicer still if they had been able to also upgrade the 5s with the new camera(s), increased battery capacity and the new chip. After all, its a great form factor in its own right, and for a lot of people who didn’t need the larger display, it would be perfect.

    I ended up with the 6, and by the time I got a case on it, it was really too big for my use scenario. I still have it, because I let the return period expire (I don’t live near the Apple Store where I bought it, so it wasn’t easy to get back there). And I’ll adjust. But when I pick up my old iPhone 5, I still like it better. For my use (and I suspect for Steve Jobs’, which is why the larger form took so long to arrive), they really got it right the first time. I would never want the 6 plus, although I envy its camera. Too big, too inconvenient, and I don’t spend enough time on it to need the larger display.

    Hoping for an upgraded smaller (iPhone 5-sized) new iPhone next year. There’s a limit to how large and how thin they can reasonably make a phone, so it will be once again time to revisit that form factor (until the implantables arrive).

    1. Thing is, the iPhone 5S is still in the lineup. They are still making them, and they are still selling them. Since they are now the “bargain” phone, Apple didn’t see any need to update them, since they are a serious upgrade over the former bargain phones, the 5Cs. I am certain that next years crop of iPhones will have an upgraded bargain iPhone 6, hopefully still in the 5S form factor, or something similar.

      1. I have no problem with the 5s being a bargain phone. I simply wanted the latest available tech in a similar size factor, and the only reason it isn’t available is that Apple couldn’t spare the resources with 2 new models coming out. I get that, and I know it’s a first world problem for me. My only point is that for many people, the 5 is the perfect size, and I hope Apple puts the next major tech upgrade in that size for next year. If they do, there’s a good chance I’ll downsize to it. By the time you put the 6 in a waterproof case, it’s not even pocketable anymore. And because of the nature of my business, I cannot leave it behind when I go out on the water.

    2. It’s nice to hear a voice for choice in the marketplace. If one size fitted all, they would only make one size rather than two.

      Yes, I know they still sell 4″ phones, but only with 2013 or 2012 technology. My wife and I already have an iPhone 5 (same as a 5c) and a 5s. Why would we want another that will see an end to upgrades years before the current tech in the 6 and 6+? I lust after Apple Pay, but you can’t use it unless you can hold the phone without dropping it. For me, the 6 is just slightly too big, so I’m holding out for awhile to see if Apple’s acceptance of choice will extend to the customers who were their mainstream users until about a month ago,

  5. My wife and I went from the 4s to the iPhone 6 Plus. We both love our new phones. At first the 6 Plus phones felt enormous. Now the 4s feels small. My only minor complaint about the iPhone 6 Plus is the lock button is directly across from the volume buttons. When I go to lock the phone, instead of locking the phone, half the time I change the volume instead. (Yeah I know – I’m holding it wrong. 🙂 )

  6. I wonder how many people will upgrade to the 6 now that a jailbreak is out. I know it’s a small number compared to how many people don’t jailbreak. With that being said, jailbreaking opens up a whole new world

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