ZDNet reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6 Plus: ‘Superb design and solid build quality’

“The iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest phone Apple has ever made,” Sandra Vogel writes for ZDNet.

“There’s plenty of processing power behind the iPhone 6 Plus, which, like the smaller iPhone 6, uses the new 20nm dual-core Apple A8 SoC running at 1.4GHz. The 64-bit main processor is accompanied by a motion coprocessor, in this case the new M8, that offloads processing relating to sensor data (accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and barometer) for improved power efficiency,” Vogel writes. “The 5.5-inch screen has a full-HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, giving a pixel density of 401ppi. Apple calls this ‘Retina HD’. You can find higher resolutions — the 5.5-inch LG G3, for example, delivers 2,560 by 1,440 pixels for a class-leading pixel density of 534ppi. Still, the IPS screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is superbly sharp and bright, with great viewing angles.”

“The iPhone 6 Plus delivers better battery life and audio quality than the smaller iPhone 6, along with superb design and solid build quality,” Vogel writes. “If money were no object, we’d choose the 5.5-inch model over its 4.7-inch sibling.”

Read more in the full review here.

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  1. I got antsy and bought a new iPhone 6 weeks before my old one would have been 2 years old. On a technical basis I would have liked the Plus, but I tried it in store and just found it too big for my liking. It’s not as if the 6 is junk.
    I’ve also ordered two mac minis, and having sold my gen 2 Apple TV for a heft profit have bought a “new” Apple TV. Apple making money from me this month.

      1. Its stupid to pay that much for an old apple tv 2. It is already passed up by other boxes. The apple tv 3 will never be jail breakable they stopped working on it ages ago.

        Why do i want to pay $250 for an apple tv 2 when i can get something better for less? My custom skin i use with XBMC can’t even run on the apple tv 2 it slows it way down.

      2. I sold my Apple tv 2 for $230 on eBay a few months ago. I bought a fire tv so that i could run XBMC. Honestly amazon makes crap stuff with the kindle fire and such but the fire tv they got it right. Voice search and just a good overall build.

        The apple tv is great too the problem is i can’t jailbreak it. I can’t install apps to it. Im limited by what APPLE thinks i need on it.
        I love my apple products and this is the only android product i own or will own but i have no cable or satellite so i have to have a good box.
        I can’t buy an iPhone yet i have to pay full price or i lose my unlimited data plan

  2. Love my 6+.

    I did have problems with it freezing from time to time so I went to the Genius bar for help. He told me to update the many apps that needed it. I looked at them and said that I didn’t use any of them except Google. He suggested that I update them anyway and see what happens. I didn’t think it would help but apparently it did because the freezing has gone away. Hope this post may help others.

    1. If you don’t update the installed apps you may end up with some left over ‘background’ 32 bit (location manager stuff etc) processes keeping some 64bit OS threads stuck at 32 bit. Even when not used they do impact overall system performance.

  3. I have owned the 4.7 inch phone since day one, as have my wife and two sons. The verdict is that though we love the build quality, look and feel of the phone, we all would prefer a smaller size in the same form factor. A 4 inch option would have been nice.

      1. If you read his post, he and his family already have four 5 or 5s iPhones. I don’t think they need your snide assistance in ordering another phone from last year or the year before. They want an iPhone with current technology—read the article if you don’t know the difference—that they can use as easily as their current phones. I agree with them that allowing consumer choice is a reasonable request. We didn’t make light of your preference for having at least one thing that measures more than 4 inches, so why is it a problem for us to want a current phone in our preferred size?

        1. There is nothing in “currentinterest” post that says that. I merely pointed out to them there were still 4″ phones available. Why don’t YOU try to read the posts and learn something about context before commenting first?

          1. He said that he had a 4″ phone from Day One. That was necessarily an iPhone 5, the first model that size. He also stated that his wife and two sons also had phones that size, necessarily an iPhone 5, the functionally identical iPhone 5c, or last year’s model, the iPhone 5s.

            1 + 3 = 4, so yes he did say that.

            Just because they prefer smaller phones (like Steve Jobs, among others), doesn’t mean they want to buy more old phones, or that they are too ignorant to know that Apple is still selling them, or too stupid to know how to order one.

            I note that some of the same people who were telling people last year that they should go to Samsung if they wanted a big phone are now telling people to buy a 5c if they want a small phone. What’s wrong with offering people a choice?

            1. He said he owned the 4.7″ iPhone since Day One. Can’t you read??? You do know I am referring to the poster above? You are speaking completely & presumptuously for them filling in a history not mentioned. Let them speak for themselves bunkie. And please, more careful reading in the future so you don’t sound like an utter bonehead. This is what he said:

              “I have owned the 4.7 inch phone since day one, as have my wife and two sons. The verdict is that though we love the build quality, look and feel of the phone, we all would prefer a smaller size in the same form factor. A 4 inch option would have been nice.”

              Get it now? He doesn’t say what phones they had, or if size is more important than the iPhone 6’s, etc.

          2. OK, on my fourth reading, I finally noticed that he has four 4.7″ phones (iPhone 6), not four 4″ phones. That doesn’t change my real point, which is that Apple does not sell a smaller phone with current technology. Telling people to drop back to 2013 tech with a 5s or to 2012 with a 5c isn’t helpful. If they wanted an old phone, they would probably already have one.

            1. Again, stop! You are making that presumptuous determination for them when really you are talking about yourself. Many people don’t care as much about the cutting edge as size. As long the models are currently being sold that are not “old” and viable choices for some.

            2. So it is presumptuous for me to assume that when currentinterest said that he and his family would prefer a smaller form factor that he meant it? I am just projecting my peculiar desires on his unambiguous English.

              On the other hand, it is not presumptuous for you to assume that an iPhone 6 early adopter would be happier ordering a superseded model with less capability than the phone he already owns.

              This discussion is obviously pointless, since people who prefer smaller phones are supposed to shut up about it so you can avoid being troubled by the notion that everyone doesn’t share your tastes. I am perfectly pleased that you have the size you want, and puzzled why you won’t give me the same leeway.

            3. You made huge presumptions by interjecting your sorry ass where it was not needed transferring and projecting your own needs and desires in the process. I assume or presumed nothing, including whether they would want a 4″, 4.7″ and 5.5″and wish all had the same capabilities. But you know, THEY DON’T! And we don’t know what it is that would be most important to THEM in terms of features which determines model, not from YOU. What you would like is irrelevant to the conversion but obviously your ego is on red alert.

              This thread and you are ridiculous. You are trying to worm yourself out of something you should never have commented on to begin with. Take your schizophrenic nutbaggery elsewhere. Even at the end you transpose your thoughts and needs on them. I have never stated here at any time my own preferences but you come through loud and obnoxiously clear. You are entitled to own anything you like but this isn’t about you. Sheesh!

        1. Sure the quality of the 5 is great. I’m using one, as it happens, when I’m not on my new iPad Air 2.

          That doesn’t stop me from wanting a phone that I can hold comfortably and reach the upper left corner with my short thumb, but that also supports the A8, M8, NFC, barometer, improved camera, longer battery life, better radios, and the rest of Apple’s current goodies. All of that could be placed in a smaller (but not thinner) case, and I am disappointed that Apple chose not to provide that choice.

  4. Just received my iP6+. It is gorgeous but will take some getting used to. I showed off a few diving videos to a friend earlier today and that was a much better experience than viewing on my iP5.

    But, man, it sure packs a pocket!

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