Barron’s takes Apple Pay for a spin: ‘The system worked flawlessly’

“There’s not much private about your wallet anymore. Recent breaches at Target and Home Depot exposed as many as 96 million credit and debit cards. Apple Pay, launched last week, could help. It links your credit and debit cards to a secure iPhone chip,” Alexander Eule reports for Barron’s. “In typical Apple fashion, the process is dead simple. I added my American Express card, already on file with iTunes, while walking down the street.”

“Last week, colleagues and I gorged on McDonald’s dollar menu, courtesy of Apple Pay. The system worked flawlessly,” Eule reports. “The real benefit of Apple Pay is that card numbers are never transferred to the merchant. Apple Pay instead sends a token and a one-time cryptogram key to the merchant. The token is useless to a would-be hacker or thief. Meanwhile, the thumb scanner adds an additional layer of authentication, without the hassle of a PIN number.”

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    1. I saw Tim Cook at McDonalds once. He was eating some fries. Many Apple and Google execs can be seen at fast food places in Silicon Valley. Seeing Teslas going thru drive through s is always a bit weird. You think these guys only eat at high tone restaurants?

  1. It’s all very impressive, but all this talk of time saving isn’t that impressive. At McDonalds in particular you typically pay whilst waiting for food so the time saving amounts to nothing. Security and convenience is the selling factor.

    1. McDonalds is only one example, and they already do everything they can to speed folks along, it’s in their corporate DNA. What about all of the crappy businesses that could give a shit about customer service (I’m looking at you Duane Reade)? I would imagine this would speed up lines like that immeasurably.

  2. Another “teaser” link headline with a link to take you to the “full” story, only to find out you have to subscribe, for $24 a year to read it.

    How much are companies like Barron’s paying you to publish these “link bait” headlines?

    Can’t you just publish real news without these “teaser” headline?

  3. Used it today in central Australia at Ayers Rock. The store clerk was so excited she was jumping up and down. She’d heard about Apple pay but this was the first time she or any of her friends saw it used. Worked flawlessly; even got a “foreign charge” email alert from AmEx immediately afterwards

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