Apple designer Marc Newson designs double-barrelled shotgun for Beretta

“Italian gun brand Beretta is set to launch a hunting shotgun by Apple designer Marc Newson next month,” Dezeen reports.

“Marc Newson has designed a version of the double-barrelled 486 Parallelo shotgun for Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta, a company established in 1526,” Dezeen reports. “Newson’s design will be released on 13 November, when the gun is officially unveiled at an event in London.”

“It will be a version of the existing 486 Parallelo – a 12-gauge side-by-side game gun that features a round body receiver and lavish engravings,” Dezeen reports. “Tech giant Apple announced that Newson had joined its design team in September. Since then the Australian designer has launched a draught beer machine for Heineken, adding to his diverse portfolio of projects.”

Beretta 486 Parallelo 12 gauge double-barrlelled hunting shotgun
Beretta 486 Parallelo 12 gauge double-barrlelled hunting shotgun

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be interesting to see Newson’s take on this already rather lavishly-crafted firearm.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mack” and “David E.” for the heads up.]

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    1. But.. But.. Freedom!
      I actually like guns. Survival of the fittest. They just second amendment each other a heck of a lot more than use them in self defense. But shhh don’t tell them that. Gun lobby needs to pay the bills after all.

        1. Ouch. Angry much??
          Reasonable gun control would be great but it’s much harder to do rather than say!!!

          Sadly it’s not about finding a great solution but rather it’s about pushing religious or political adjenda!! 😞
          Just saying.

        2. “Reasonable gun control”? Please enlighten us.
          There are already hundreds of laws pertaining to gun control.

          And what does religion have to do with it?

    2. Figures the first post is attacking firearms… (Don’t go to Mac rumors off topic forum, HUGE Mac owners firearms thread, with some damn nice collections.)

      Beretta shotguns are too rich for my blood, but they are some damn beautiful boom sticks.

        1. He did not have to, the message is obvious and crystal clear. Also, he did not mention how many times guns SAVE LIVES. I’ll bet that twists liberal noodles …

        2. Firearms are inanimate objects that can’t harm anyone…
          PEOPLE however…

          Why don’t you post some proof, cause the FBI data disagrees with you.

        3. Guns don’t kill people—people kill people.
          Fact-check: People with more guns tend to kill more people—with guns. The states with the highest gun ownership rates have a gun murder rate 114% higherthan those with the lowest gun ownership rates.

          Update: A recent study looking at 30 years of homicide data in all 50 states found that for every one percent increase in a state’s gun ownership rate, there is a nearly one percent increase in its firearm homicide rate.

          An armed society is a polite society.
          Fact-check: Drivers who carry guns are 44% more likely than unarmed drivers to make obscene gestures at other motorists, and 77% more likely to follow them aggressively.

          More good guys with guns can stop rampaging bad guys.
          Fact-check: Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the past 30 years: 0

          Keeping a gun at home makes you safer.
          Fact-check: Owning a gun has been linked to higher risks of homicide, suicide, and accidental death by gun.
          • For every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home.
          • 43% of homes with guns and kids have at least one unlocked firearm.
          • In one experiment, one third of 8-to-12-year-old boys who found a handgun pulled the trigger.

          Carrying a gun for self-defense makes you safer.
          Fact-check: In 2011, nearly 10 times more people were shot and killed in arguments than by civilians trying to stop a crime.

          Guns make women safer.
          Fact-check: In 2010, nearly 6 times more women were shot by husbands, boyfriends, and ex-partners than murdered by male strangers.

          “Vicious, violent video games” deserve more blame than guns.
          Fact-check: So said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre after Newtown. So what’s up with Japan?

          More and more Americans are becoming gun owners.
          Fact-check: More guns are being sold, but they’re owned by a shrinking portion of the population.

        4. What complete stupidity, studies only counting when people are killed or shot, not when they are saved. Just like the totally debunked Kellerman study, not counting the times when law-abiding armed citizens brandished a firearm and showed restraint (unlike cops) and never fired a shot.

          Idiot libtard, the vast majority of times (99%+) that a law-abiding gun owner uses a gun in self defense, no shots are fired!

        5. getting “facts” from MJ? LMFAO………
          just a little wrong on the “facts”
          (this is just a few of the videos in the series)

          (The mall shooting cited here, the Sheriff backed the story up with Video taken from the mall he viewed of the shooter, obviously the video wasn’t released to the public.. but you can find the Sheriff’s interview online if you had any balls)

        6. What a narrow minded fool you are! We live next to a nation that was disarmed last century and only the bad guys have guns and they do whatever the hell they want. Meanwhile, just across the border in the US, every 2nd house has guns and the same people that terrorize the Mexicans have to live quietly in our American neighborhoods because we won’t tolerate their gross disrespect for peace and harmony. You need to broaden your horizons and understand that gun ownership is what keep the bad guys from running rampant in our society. There’s not enough police force to keep order in the US if the criminal sector decides to unite and do what they want. Their only real deterrent is he knowledge that the law abiding segment of the US is well armed and would rise up to rally behind the police force in a case of organized crime trying to oppress the people.

        7. Having used a firearm three times in my life to defend myself and others, I will post one rebuttal to counter just one of your completely erroneous statistics you posted: Your claim that “• For every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home.” I will post the authoritative source of the National Safety Council, hardly a pro-gun organization to show how distorted and cherry picked your statistics are. The rest are just as easily, ahem, shot down be the true facts.

          The National Safety Council notes that guns are used some 2.5 million times a year in self defense against criminals, meaning that firearms are utilized to protect innocent lives in 80 times more cases than they are used to end lives.

        8. Wrong on every. Single. Point. When you cite Mother Jones as your source, you’ve told us everything we need to know.
          Why don’t you look up some actual FBI stats on murder rates in high gun ownership states. Hint – the states with high gun ownership % have lower murder rates. Only Hawaii has low gun ownership and a low crime rate.
          It’s telling that liberals have to include suicides in gun death stats. The suicidal will find a way. If not, suicide wouldn’t exist in any of the countries that ban guns.

        9. 10 seconds of real research would prove that wrong.
          Guns in the hand of law abiding citizens stop 1.5 million violent crimes a year. Guns do far more good than harm. To bad you don’t research or think before forming a conclusion.

          Gun control is the perfect IQ test–you failed.

        10. Do you always just mouth popular myths and slogans of the anti-gun lobby? FBI statistics and the recent end to the terrorist shootings in Canada contradict your pat slogan.

        11. I am not going to read all these stories about property crimes stopped by people in a position to stop them to find that nugget that somehow proves that all of those incidents saved lives. If I shined a flashlight on someone creeping around my back yard and they ran off, did the flashlight save my life?

        12. Are you really that much of a Liberal IDIOT that you want proof that these people who protected themselves against ARMED intruders in their homes, businesses, etc., would have DIED had they not used a firearm to stop the intruder???? You, sir, are more proof of my diagnosis that i am submitting for inclusion in the addenda to the newly released IDC-10 International listing of Diagnostic Codes that my girlfriend and I have come up with that explains everything about Liberals:

          321.0 SPLAT Liberal Cerebral Defenestration (LCD) or Liberal Acquired Brain Absence (LABA), Complete loss of rationality, cognition, and cerebration due to indiscriminately keeping one’s mind so far open that the brain falls out. First and subsequent encounters.

        13. I’m so sorry you do not live in reality. I do. There are many incidents in which the mere presence of a firearm saved lives. I had one. YOU sir, are the one who is suffering from terminal Liberal stupidity, Frankly, I doubt you even bothered to look at any of them.

          Some of the report incidents where a person was in a situation where they fought off an attacker and killed him with a gun after they were SHOT by the attacker who was attempting to kill them. So much for your idiotic logic.

        14. Oh, did I mention that the person being attacked survived? The attacker died of his wounds and his accomplices were arrested. One of those happened in my home town. IDIOT!

        15. Typical Liberal.
          “YOU WILL LISTEN TO MY WORDS, I will not listen to yours”

          I point out that a very large source of info, you discard it.
          Tired of explaining things to you, so here.

        16. You are one petty, disturbed individual and know nothing about me. Your source was crimes prevented, not lives saved. Some of those incidents may have resulted in a life saved. It’s obvious. Your stupidity is also obvious.

          Get a life.

        17. CitizenX is one of the dumbest of the liberals I’ve ever run across. . . you show him evidence and he shouts “LALALALALALAL! I can’t see it, hear it!” That is dumb and stupid. REALLY cannot connect any dots at all. Preventing crimes doesn’t count in preventing deaths when someone comes at you with a gun. With idiots like that is it any wonder we have crime?

        18. Actually, he was a member of the security force in Parliament, not some gun-toting citizen. In fact, he was the Sergeant-at-Arms of Canada’s Parliament and a previous member of the RCMP with over thirty years of training on the force. All that training cmd into play in ending quickly and professionally what could have been a severe tragedy.

          The gunman he took down was armed with a 30-30 lever action rifle. Where this lunatic got the gun is now the question, but it certainly wasn’t a legally acquired rifle.

          Think it would have helped if some gun-toting citizens had opened fire on this guy on the lawns of the Parliament buildings? Think again. Ask your local law-enforcement types if they would appreciate the help of an armed citizen.

          Besides, it’s not the guns, it’s the bullets, as Chris Rock has already pointed out. Make bullets absurdly expensive, and wed be a lot more careful how we used them!

          Cheers y’all


        19. he’s posted before that guns kill children..
          need to ban guns to save kids.

          as far as my comment above.. yeah I typed too fast and screwed up a word. oops..

          “Read some of auramacs posts… just cause he didn’t say it here, doesn’t mean we haven’t read him saying it before.

      1. Um, these particular guns are for shooting upland game birds, like quail, for the dinner table. They are heirlooms and works of art. A nice side-by-side can go for $3000 up to $30,000.

        1. My dad and I were at a Gun show last year around his birthday, he grabbed me and said all he wants for his birthday is this shotgun… he points to a Beretta side by side… I see the $9k price tag on it and told him he’d better go ask mom, cause i won’t be buying it. lol

          If I owned a Beretta, i’d mount it on a wall and never fire it.. they truly are works of art.

        2. If the ducks were armed, it would lessen the likelihood that armed hunters would go after these innocents. I say, “Arm the ducks and let the games begin!”

          . . . this just in . . . Duck violence against ducks on the rise. Ducks are starting to form ‘protective groups’ and demand that other species quack like they do and learn to fly. Duck spokes bird Qwaqrs McDuck says that Ducks United Canard Kingdom (D.U.C.K) will not tolerate any species that will not submit to the norms of duck teachings will be annihilated. Ducks, in the past, have been shot while in mass exoduses from hostile lands and most are then beheaded. Guns in the possession of ducks will end this.

        3. Duck hunters, in the form of Ducks Unlimited, have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for conservation of ducks and duck habitat. They’ve bought and restored millions of acres of duck breeding habitat in Canada. There might not be any ducks these days if it weren’t for duck hunters.

      2. I heard your favorite TV show Honey Boo Boo has been canceled. Something about the mother dating a sex offender. Well, you still have Duck Dynasty. Now how did such an intelligent fella like yourself find his way onto this high brow techy forum. Shouldn’t you be on the NRA website with all them freedom loving intellects talking about their Winder’s PC’s?

      3. Oh, but it does reduce murder rates dramatically wherever restrictions to guns for the civilian population has been introduced. Maybe it will be your murder that will be avoided. The US has far more murders in one year, nearly all of them by firearms, than the rest of the OECD combined does in 10.

        1. I have always wondered what/who they are..
          My nieces explained to me that they are the offspring of other famous people…

          So of course they get “celebrity” status and everyone must know who they are, and follow their every move.

        1. Firearms that use aluminum parts cannot be considered in the same class as those that don’t. Firearms are meant to last generations and appreciate in value if well cared for. They are functional works of art. Using an aluminum trigger guard to save on production costs means that the weapon will show premature wear and cheap construction within just a few years, and the value of such weapons generally declines over time.

        2. Smith and Wesson made an almost all Aluminum .38 special revolver (except for internal parts, trigger, and hammer) for pilots to carry in 1952 called the Smith and Wesson Model 12 Aircrewman with an anodized black finish for Jet Pilot to carry in the Korean War in case of capture. It was good for just a few rounds to be fired through it. . . because the all aluminum cylinder could not take the pressures and cracked after only a few rounds. Later they added a steel sleeve in the barrel. In 1954 S&W dropped the aluminum cylinder in favor of a heavier steel cylinder. These are earlier ’52 through ’54 all aluminum Model 12s are collector’s items.

    1. It is against the law to kill endangered species. Hunting regulations that we now have in place were the result of sportsmen hunters (as opposed to market hunters) working against the forces of commercialism that would have wiped out all game species if left unchecked. You can thank ethical sport hunters for the limited seasons and bag limits we have today. Prior to these regulations commercial market hunters killed ducks and deer by the thousands to sell at market. Sport hunting put a stop to that and saved many species from going the way of the passenger pigeon and the American bison.

      Aside from that, murder is by definition illegal killing. There is nothing illegal about killing game species when in season, using legal methods and adhering to legal bag limits. Most hunters, it turns out, are more ethical than people who make straw man statements against hunting. Have a nice day.

      1. Really really love the post Zeke even though “against the law” means little coming from the U.S. these days, especially when a president gets away with the unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation on fantasy, torture, crimes against humanity because of some made up laws to protect him.

        I know the sentiment of your words however, and at one point they were a beacon of light, truth and justice to the world. Now unfortunately it rings a bit hollow.

        Now beyond that unfortunate situation I’d like to offer a happy correction or rather a clarification to your comment about regulated hunting that “saved many species from going the way of the passenger pigeon and the American bison.”

        The insinuation is that both of these species are extinct, which is not the case. The American Bison is alive and well although through mindless slaughter it nearly did become extinct.

        The beauty of this situation is that is has lead to hybrids between cattle and buffalo, namely the beefalo/cattlelo which goes to prove once again that the cock is as powerful as the sword, or something like that.

        There is no law in Canada against killing a sacred animal like the albino moose shot in Nova Scotia by some American hunters (the photo I posted earlier). Those hunters are forgiven, they only have to worry about their own karma.

        1. I did not mean to imply that the American bison was extinct. I meant that it was nearly wiped out by market hunters.

          Aside from that, most US administrations don’t speak for the majority of the people. If they ever did, as the Kennedy administration did, the result is tragic. No, the US is run by presidents and their cronies who are nominated by the most extreme elements of their parties, and then pretend to be moderates in order to get elected. We, as citizens have our choice at election time between mouthpieces for public employee unions and the enviro-mafia, or puppets of the world’s largest multinational corporations. We are free to choose only in the sense of the condemned man who can choose to be hanged or shot. The American people neither want to be waging war in the Middle East, nor want to strip mine Alaska. But once elected the various flavors of fascist/socialist/corporatist political regimes do not consult with us.

        2. I kinda sorta knew that you did not mean that the bison were extinct, and it wasn’t to point out an error, rather the joy that one gets here at times when one does some research. I have some particularly fond memories of bisons and your post inspired me to do some refreshing on the topic, so my thanks again.

          I’m saddened to hear about your views of your government, especially in light of what’s happening on the global stage. I had one very close American friend tell me a while ago that it won’t change until the people get a voice and not just a vote.

          I’m always the optimist.

          Thanks for sharing your views and your sentiments not only here but throughout the MDN threads that pop up, your no nonsense approach is always refreshing.

          I did not mean to imply that the American bison was extinct. I meant that it was nearly wiped out by market hunters.

          Aside from that, most US administrations don’t speak for the majority of the people. If they ever did, as the Kennedy administration did, the result is tragic. No, the US is run by presidents and their cronies who are nominated by the most extreme elements of their parties, and then pretend to be moderates in order to get elected. We, as citizens have our choice at election time between mouthpieces for public employee unions and the enviro-mafia, or puppets of the world’s largest multinational corporations. We are free to choose only in the sense of the condemned man who can choose to be hanged or shot. The American people neither want to be waging war in the Middle East, nor want to strip mine Alaska. But once elected the various flavors of fascist/socialist/corporatist political regimes do not consult with us.

    2. “Awesome! I can’t wait to go out and murder some endangered species with my new designer shotgun.”

      Why would you want to harm the last few hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who pay for all of the Obama voters’ freebies? Because those Golden Geese are endangered, buddy!

  1. Americans and their guns……….well…….guys, nobody can win this discussion. Especially since guns are a religion. You either believe in ‘m, or you don’t. If you do, they fuck anyone opposed, if you don’t, everyone who does is a hillbilly. Well, it sounds as though the don’ts have a more sophisticated demeanour, but in reality, the discussion can not be won. Yes, there are studies….they are meaningless! Both sides of them! Because there is no such thing as not-biast when it concerns guns in the US! Every study by definition is thus flawed…

    The question remains: Why don’t the Swiss kill each other? Perhaps they have turned civil…..?

        1. States are making it harder on law abiding citizens to own a firearm, criminals don’t give a shit what law is passed…

          You think Gun registration, 30 day waiting periods, background checks (on people who already have been checked), etc will stop a criminal?

          Gun laws are aimed at the wrong people.

          BTW it’s the states not the US Government, you know the 2nd Amendment.. the STATES decide most of the gun laws.

        2. I see what you are saying…..all true….

          I just do not see (but am not deaf / nor deliberately trying to disregard other information) how adding guns to the heap would solve the problem….

          In 2003 my home was broken into. They stole / damaged me for over 13,000….. I had some administrative burden before my insurance paid up. I asked my wife, yesterday: Do you think we / I could have overcome the event if I had had a gun and shot, perhaps killing the perpetrator? We are both convinced that, yes we were violated, but we are not traumatised by having to sink to the level of the criminals.

          This is just my personal opinion, absolutely NOT a political one, like I said before this discussion is too religious to be called a discussion, but you have brought decent arguments to the table and seem open to another opinion…..

        3. It’s not adding firearms to the “heap”, it’s not restricting them.

          Hope you weren’t home when they broke into your house.. Situation I really don’t want to ever be in. Prepared for it.. just don’t want to be there.

          Most times, just having the firearm involved in the situation (no shots fired) will diffuse it. Criminals tend to be the type of people who want to avoid conflict. Target the easy prey, rather than the hard ones.

          Not saying *all* situations will end safely.. some criminals are just too high on something to stop, too desperate for the money/fix to stop.
          A lady ended up shooting a guy breaking into her house just a mile from me a few years back, she told him she has a shotgun as he was trying to break the back door down, showed him the shotgun.. was on the phone with the Police.. sirens in the distant.. he still broke down her door and came at her with a knife.
          High on Meth and didn’t care. Those are the people I don’t want to deal with..

          Only came close to pulling a pistol on someone once, been carrying for almost 20 years. (short version) 4 Guys jumped out of a car with bats and ran at me and my dog while walking her in the park. I opened my coat and put hand on my pistol.. I had laser grips on that one and the laser lit up the light snow on the ground. Never seen 4 people turn and run that fast in my life.

          If someone doesn’t like firearms, thats fine. Just don’t try and tell everyone else that they can’t have them..

          We don’t like Windows.. you don’t see the OS X community trying to ban windows..
          explain to the sufferers that windows is bad.. but thats it.

          Firearms are nothing more than a tool, the *person* behind the tool however.. that can be the problem.

          (Not saying windows and firearms are the same..)

        4. I was home when they entered an stole stuff and the credit cards. I did not hear them, if I had the order would have been: call 911, pick shovel handle from under bed, head down and swing if needed. Glad I did not wake, no trauma (not that I scare that easily) etc.

          Judging from your story I understand that things are a LOT more dangerous where you are. I am sorry to hear that, hope you are OK since that incident where guys with bats follow you…….

          I guess you know more positive things about firearms than windows he? 🙂

        5. The “incident” didn’t bother me at all. Was laughing at how they just turned and ran etc, until I got home and started thinking.. “what if”

          Thats when reality hit.

          Home invasion… has to be one of the scariest things, especially if you have family in the house. You’re lucky they didn’t do/try anything to you while you slept. Maybe they didn’t know you were home.
          I don’t ever want to deal with that, I know i can handle it at the time.. its the *after* part thats really scary.

          I’ve been able to do some Law Enforcement sanctioned training on a few occasions over the years, very realistic scenarios that could involve shooting someone. Ended up shooting the “perp” (Airsoft) when he pulled a gun on us. (trainer plastic pistol)
          a day later you remember exactly what happened.. right after you “shoot” you don’t even remember your own name. And that was simulated, with Airsoft…

          BTW If you ever get the chance to take a “Citizen’s Academy” type class with either local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, etc. *TAKE IT* Even a ride a long one night, it’s so worth it to see the stuff you would normally never be able to.
          I’ve now been able to do 3, City Police, County Sheriff, Border Patrol. I have to admit, the BP was best followed by the Sheriff. (Did get to shoot the Sheriff’s guns though.. 😉 )

          Neighborhood where I live, has been historically safe. Except the past 10 years or so.. at least 2 murders (1 via decapitation..), 1 self defense death (the lady in the story above) at least 2 major drug busts that I know of, and more recently more and more property crime. (car vandalism/theft, home invasions)
          And yeah, my little story..

          I swear the property crime around here, has to be by someone living in the neighborhood. I have never been targeted.. my neighbor behind me has been hit multiple times.

          Difference? Everyone around here knows I carry 24/7. Only thing I can think of. He’s home more than I am.. And my little Boston is not exactly a guard dog.

        6. I very much appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me! The acting in a dangerous situation itself, as you said, is indeed not the problem. What happens afterwards is what is the big deal. I would most definitely leave nothing undone to protect my wife and kids, just hope it ever has to come to it.

          I have some hands on experience in law enforcement, mostly “city-detective-work” in a very large city and have used riffles, revolvers and pistols. I agree that having at least some experience gives you a better perspective on the subject matter.

          If the cumulation of guns itself does not make a society more violet, what do you think is the reason the US is so violent?

          Well, again, I am glad you have shared this. It also proves a civilised discussion is possible here 🙂

        7. So many factors, you can’t point at one thing and say “thats the reason”

          but one part of it.. the punishment for doing anything illegal.

          My dad is disabled, has the placard so he gets all the great parking spots 😉
          Ever notice the fine for parking in one? they just raised the fine to almost $500 here.. for illegally parking in a handicap zone. (not saying it shouldn’t be)

          TEXTING while driving… $120 fine.

          People have died due to texting while driving… it’s an inconvenience to deny a handicapped person a parking spot.
          If all the handicap spots are legally filled.. the handicapped person can’t do anything other than park elsewhere. It’s an inconvenience, but no harm is done to the person.

          A child molester can get as little as 1 year in prison..
          If you sell a firearm illegally in some states (sell it without registering it with the state) you can get 10+ years.
          Steel a patent, and get a Government contract. (Samsung…)

          The legal system is so screwed up, granted it’s only part of the problem..

  2. I’m not a hunter (I used to be, I grew up on a farm in Ohio).

    I have no problem with hunting as long as it’s not just for sport, i.e., the animal is utilized. Most humans are, after all, omnivores.

    What drives me nuts is someone bemoaning the evils of hunting while munching on a hamburger.

    At least with hunting, the animal has a chance – in the slaughterhouse, not so much.

    1. Whoa.

      Your post brought back a poignant 20-year old memory of exactly the same incident.

      While having lunch in a fine eatery a block off DuPont Circle in D.C., a freelance friend (cover illustrator featured in Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, etc.) and I were enjoying healthy buffalo burgers.

      Him originally from backwoods Colorado and myself from backwoods Pennsylvania discussed growing up in our respective states.

      He gave up hunting after moving to D.C. and was telling me why he changed his views. During the meat munching he turned to me and in no uncertain terms expressed a problem with my hunting.

      Looked him in the eye and said, “so you have a problem with me killing my own food, but have no problem when others kill YOUR food.”

      Give him credit when he admitted, “you’re right.”

      Even grizzled old tavern farts can sometimes find common ground with polar opposite viewpoints … 🙂

  3. For the record MDN, Marc Newson ISNT employed by Apple, he doesn’t work in Cupertino either.

    His involvement is on certain projects to assist Jony I’ve and his team.

    He’s still in the UK at his studio working away and goes over to the US if needed.

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