Bank of America correcting glitch that caused 1,000 early Apple Pay transactions to be double charged

According to a report from Re/code, Bank of America has identified and is correcting technical error on Bank of America’s part that caused about 1,000 Apple Pay transactions to be charged twice. Re/code cites “a person familiar with the matter.”

“The company expects to have a fix in place today for the problem, which happened between the bank and at least one payment network and did not involve Apple, this person added,” Jason Del Rey reports for Re/code.

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: We await CNN’s prominent retraction and apology to Apple for their hit-piece yesterday which incorrectly blamed Apple Pay with bated breath.

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  1. “MacDailyNews Take: We await CNN’s prominent retraction and apology to Apple for their hit-piece yesterday which incorrectly blamed Apple Pay with bated breath.”

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for long..
    CNN tends to release those “corrections” very late at night, and are very quick mentions. IF they do.

    1. If CNN issued corrections/retractions on their news broadcasts, it would take half their broadcast time. I still remember when that b*ch Nancy Grace “convicted” the Duke Lacrosse team and bashed them day after day and she still has a job at CNN.

  2. Pay is so high profile that any bank that screws up on this one will be forced to provide a fix urgently, or their iPhone 6 customers will simply scan another credit card into Passbook and the bank that screwed up (in this case BofA) are history!!

    1. Not necessarily. For every one that actually understands that the bank is at fault, there will be nine who will think it is a glitch of Apple Pay. Out of those, some will likely shrug it off as new and unproven technology and continue using it as soon as they realise that the damage was rather limited. However there will probably be quite a few who will be massively annoyed, blame Apple for immature solution that failed epically, and delete everything they can delete from their iPhones that is related to Apple Pay.

      BofA is a low-profile institution compared to Apple. If the fault to a problem is to lie between these two, literally EVERYONE will instinctively first blame Apple, due to its much higher public profile. Subsequent correction will likely reach much fewer people.

      The main point, however, is that all this noise around this BofA snafu is really unimportant. American public has the attention span of about 4 days. By the end of this week, everyone will forget about the BofA incident, and ApplePay will become a runaway success it was destined to be from the outset. Six weeks from now, nobody will even remember that there anything ever happened with the ApplePay.

  3. Yeah, CNN went with the -Bad clickbait as usual. Just like when there’s a fire or something at a factory that makes components for five different companies, it’s always “Fire At Apple Supplier.” It’s so stupid.

  4. Wonder how much interest BOA makes on such, “mistakes” each year. This is money in their accounts and not in yours for a period of time and not every customer will catch the error. Drop your BOA accounts now and do yourself a favor.

  5. It would be interesting to understand the denominator in this story. I suspect the ratio of bad to good transactions is very small. There are lots of legitimate stories about the greed and rapaciousness of the American banking industry. This isn’t one of them.

      1. You must have been one of the thousand who had a problem. Bad deal when getting charged twice for a BigMac puts your account into an overdraft situation. Or you disagree that the American banking system is greedy and rapacious.

        1. I find it laughable that you are defending the American banking system in general. This is one of the banking issues that Americans deal with. Convenient mistakes, which make the bank money.

          1. I have not been clear. The American banking system is made up of out of control crooks and thieves. This is just a minor screw-up which will be corrected shortly, not in the same league as their planned fleecing of the American people. The out of control fee system is a much better thing to call them on.

  6. That’s BofA blamed Apple publicly! They actually said it was Apple’s screw up first if the article I read is correct. Apple is being polite and not saying anything, they don’t want to upset a partner, but they have to be saying to themselves, who are these a-holes at BofA sending out PR saying a problem is Apple’s fault, not theirs when clearly since only they have a problem, and a small one at that. it’s BofA’s problem!!

    Makes me mad!!

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