Forbes’ long-term iPhone 6 Plus review: ‘This beautiful freak is the iPhone’s future’

“The iPhone 6 Plus has already plotted an incredible journey,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “When the first leaks appeared back in June it was something of a laughing stock. Few believed was real and less could understand why Apple would do such a thing. But since launch it has been a different story. The iPhone 6 Plus has full blown iPad-itus and even Apple appears to have underestimated its popularity. So as the dust settles more than a month later which vision of the iPhone 6 Plus is right: is it an overblown freak or the ingenious future of the iPhone Interestingly having now used the phablet for almost a month I’ve found the answer to be both.”

“Where my form factor issues lie are in Apple’s refusal to adapt the design of the iPhone 6 Plus for its increased size. Big phones are harder to grip than small ones so most phablets have either a curved rear, a textured finish or both. The new iPhones have neither,” Kelly writes. “This hits the iPhone 6 Plus particularly hard. The phablet is so wide (77.8mm/3.06in) your fingers can barely meet when wrapped around it and the flat back means you have no point of contact with the rear of the phone for extra grip – all force is on the sides. This becomes uncomfortable quickly and the super smooth finish means any reduction of pressure on the sides and the phablet can slip out your hands. The end result: I’ve already dropped the iPhone 6 Plus four times (more in the next section) and I haven’t dropped any phone in a long time… Apple has forgotten about the ergonomics of the human hand. Without a case, the iPhone 6 Plus will drive you mad.”

“So while I have my reservations about the practicality of the iPhone 6 Plus design, does the impact of Apple’s big new display pay off? Without question. Simply put: the iPhone 6 Plus has one of the best displays I’ve ever seen in a smartphone or phablet. Apple continues to eschew the more flashy AMOLED technology long used by Samsung in its premium Galaxy lines, but its IPS-based screen remains jaw droppingly bright with rich and vivid colours. Furthermore side-by-side with the iPhone 6 it is clearly the superior screen and guarantees bragging rights.,” Kelly writes. “There is no denying that the iPhone 6 Plus is the better of the new iPhones. Screen, camera and battery life are all big wins and its new iPad-esque approach to iOS 8 means it can develop major usage benefits compared to the iPhone 6. If you are buying a new iPhone I would therefore urge you to look at whether it is remotely feasible to crowbar the iPhone 6 Plus into your life. ”

Much more – performance, camera, and more – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unsurprisingly, we have both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (both in Apple iPhone 6/Plus Leather Cases, so grip is not an issue). The iPhone 6 is a beautiful phone. It’s the second best smartphone in the world, in fact. But, lay them both on our desk and we’ll grab the Plus when heading out every time. We can simply get more done with it, the battery lasts far longer, and the camera is superior. Also, as someone here at MacDailyNews likes to say (here’s a quote you won’t be seeing on the big screen during Apple’s next keynote): “Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the ultimate fuck you phone.”

All other so-called smartphones pale in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

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  1. OMG, LOL, LOL, what a perfect marketing slogan, MDN, it is concise and wholly accurate and it has made this morning so much more tolerable for me. Just received iPhone 6 Plus last evening and it is simply astonishingly beautiful. MDN, this is so true: “Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the ultimate fuck you phone.”

  2. Can’t imagine having the 6 plus. Have to admit that I got the 6 and am contemplating returning it for a 5s (upgraded from a 5 as my contract was ready for renewal). I find the 6 too big (especially in a substantial case – when it’s in my pocket it’s hard to tie my shoe around it and I’m a skinny guy), too awkward, too ugly (yeah, it’s thin, and the interface of glass and metal is nice but it otherwise fails to excite like the 5 did – it’s been boiled down to pure essence with no character, and even the colors are bland). I like the better camera and faster processor, though. And the power button’s in the wrong place – anyone else hitting volume when you’re trying to power on or off?

    But I’ll happily listen to other people’s opinions.

      1. I most heartily agree! I love the size of my 5s, in fact I commented in an earlier piece that there is no such thing as 1 size fits all, when it comes to smart phones. I’ve found that while the 5s size is perfect for functionality, it begs a larger screen real estate for video playback… so when I finally got to actually hold the 6/Plus in my hand… I’m a rather hefty guy, with hefty hands, it was a no-brainer, my wife gets the 5s and I await my brand spanking new 6/plus at the end of November. I will pre-ordered the elements 6/plus case, and will force myself to learn to palm the beast.

    1. I, too, can’t imagine trying to live with a freakishly large 6 Plus. I already returned the 6 because it is too big–and I have large hands. I want to be able to comfortably hold my phone in one hand and reach all of the functions without resorting to “Reachability.” I wanted to like the 6, I really did. But, after a week with the 6, I picked up my 5S, and knew the 6 is not for me. I pray Apple does not abandon the 5S size in future iPhone generations.

      1. Maybe we’ll get lucky and next year there will be a replacement for the 5 that has the 6 plus’s camera (image stabilization) or whatever the newest version is, the same thickness (or even a little more, and therefore a large battery with even better battery life), the NFC chip, and (for my own preference) comes in black. If it has to have rounded edges, I could live with that – I’ll hide it in a case, anyway.

        I understand the world wants bigger and why (because hey, media consumption and games), but Steve Jobs wasn’t wrong when he said they created the original iPhone at the best size for the hand and pocket.

  3. Personal taste is just that… personal. People are different and will have different preferences. Right now, Apple’s product line up offers something for everyone.

    That said, I wasn’t sure about the 6 Plus. I had cardboard cutouts. I went to an Apple Store twice to just get the feel of the phone in my hand. I finally decided on the 6 Plus, with the leather case. It offers a really nice grip, so I haven’t dropped my phone and adds only a couple of millimeters to the dimensions. How do I like it now that I’ve had it for a couple of weeks?

    I’ll never go back to a smaller phone. This is a powerful hand held computer that also makes phone calls. By comparison, everyone else makes big phones which can also be used to post selfies to facebook. Combined with Yosemite, nothing else comes even remotely close.

    1. The problem is that it doesn’t offer something for everyone. As noted above, there are some of us who prefer a smart phone we can use with one hand. Others like bigger, but that doesn’t include all of us.

      I have an iPhone 5 that I planned to upgrade as soon as I could (October 1) but when I went to the Apple Store and tried out the 6, I found that I could not comfortably use it without tying up both hands. I will have to upgrade eventually, but I am waiting to see if the 6 or 6s Mini ever comes along in approximately the iPhone 5 form factor.

      I wonder if this isn’t driving the current sales mix. If I’m forced to move to a two-handed phone, why not the biggest that fits in my pocket?

        1. And I would want to tie up my upgrade with a 5s from a 5, rather than a new model with a new processor, because… ?

          I got an iPad Air 2 instead of an iPhone this year. What does that say about you clowns who have been equating screen size with manhood?

          It is a matter of personal taste. Your tastes have been met this year, which
          Is great. Mine haven’t, which is hardly an LOL matter for me or those like me.

  4. The first week with the 6 plus, I kept feeling like, “What have I done?”

    Then I got used to it and now there’s no going back.

    It IS weird that it’s so damn slippery, though. What is the thinking there?

    1. Dmitri asked “What is the thinking there?”

      This is Apple, c’mon guys you know what the thinking was there. . .BUY AN ADD ON! It makes Apple more money. That’s the name of the game. PROFIT.

      The non slippery iPhone will feature on the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 will eventually be waterproof and non slippery with diamond chamfered speaker ports

  5. So how come no one at Apple had the courage to say it was too slippery? Doesn’t take genius to see that … Or that most people would take a slightly thicker iphone 6 for the better battery.
    Don’t they do field tests or surveys …

    1. No they don’t do surveys, at least when Steve was there, and that is a good thing. Make what you would buy. South Park had the lowest ratings in MTV’s history. However the head of Comedy Central loved the show and put it on anyway. Within 2 weeks it was their no. 1 show. (MTV owns CC). Field testing is a problem because they must keep it disguised, even in Apple HQ. Not to mention bathrooms in bars.

  6. The 6+ screen is excellent, but put it next to the Note 4 and it is clear the Note is better. You will also notice the Note has a bigger screen in a more compact package and when you hold it, does feel more secure and balanced in the hand.

    For MDN to say “All other so-called smartphones pale in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus” is as stupid as when it used to criticise phones over 4″ for being too big (before it changed its mind and started to champion them).

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