Apple CEO discusses security with top Chinese official amid man-in-the-middle attack claims

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook discussed user data security at a meeting on Wednesday with a top Chinese government official in Beijing, the official Xinhua news agency reported,” Gerry Shih reports for Reuters.

“The meeting comes days after a Chinese web monitoring group [] published a report saying Apple users in China have been targeted in a sophisticated and widespread attack by hackers seeking private user data stored on the iCloud service,” Shih reports. “At a meeting on Wednesday in Zhongnanhai, the Beijing complex housing China’s central government, Cook and Vice Premier Ma Kai exchanged views on ‘protection of users’ information’ as well as ‘strengthening cooperation and in information and communication fields,’ according to Xinhua.”

Shih reports, “Greatfire told Reuters that Apple appeared to have rerouted user data on Tuesday to circumvent the hack.”

Full article here.

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      1. The subtle difference being that the U.S. government was forced to admit to its actions, however reluctantly. China, on the other hand, can and does deny obvious facts, even when those facts are available for everyone to see and their lies are clear and obvious.

    1. At risk of sounding ridiculous. Communists, on paper, aren’t bad to their citizens. The spate of leaders over the past two hundred years, touting Communist principals have never been such. They are thugs, totalitarian in nature, and care little for the notion of equality for all.

      Communism is a ruse to steal from the people and kill their enemies. Russia does not call itself “Communist” these days, but the same tactics remain. The leadership are still made up of thugs, stealing from the people and once professed Communism. Now they profess Orthodox Christianity. I have nothing against Christianity, but I abhor abuses in its name.

      Change the labels, and your message remains the same, The Chinese government. Does… It’s all a shame, we can’t trust anyone.

      Society won’t fall because of climate change. It will fall because of entitlement and dickheadedness. Where did the civility go?

      1. Moral of the story: If you pick who to defend or attack based on labels, instead of actions, you will get screwed.

        How about we call out oppressive behavior, even when the oppressors label themselves with a word we like, hmm?

        1. Exactly. The really bad news is that almost everyone in power now, certainly in the U.S. and China, falls that category.
          It’s a distracting battle of labels to dupe the ignorant, while the two “sides” work together to loot the country for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

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