3 out of 4 consumers want Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus over Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4

“On Oct. 17, mobile open market Goodmobile announced the results of its survey of consumer preferences involving 437 people,” BusinessKorea reports.

“In the survey conducted between Sept. 12 to Oct. 9,” BusinessKorea reports, “76 percent of respondents said that they wanted to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus rather than the Galaxy Note 4.”

BusinessKorea reports, “The iPhone 6 Plys scored high marks in Apple’s iOS and the App Store.”

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[Attribution: Patently Apple. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I think this was a S Korean survey, so the sample is large enough, and given that it’s in Samsung’s backyard, it’s far more meaningful. Perhaps, that’s why Samsung panicked and released the Note 4 early in Korea?

  1. Remember that old Clinton political line, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    Hey Samsung, it’s not “the next big thing is already here”, it’s the iOS stupid! Not to mention the eco-system of hardware, software, app integration.

    iPhone 6 plus for me, non Samsung Note 4 money for thee.

  2. “The iPhone 6 Plys scored high…”

    6-plys, is Apple making toilet paper now? Well, it being 6 ply it is definitely going to be lush against my tushie! Apple is taking this ‘want to touch it’ to a whole new level.

  3. Speaking of Mixrosoft, isn’t the MS ad for the Surface Pro comparing it to the MacBook Air just about audibly the most irritating commercial ever made? It sounds like a bad 1980s arcade game.

  4. Please PLEASE Apple, don’t kill off the iPhone 5s form factor. Those of us with small hands love that size. Not all of us are over 5’11” and wear baggy jeans with massive pockets.

    1. Agreed. Ended up pulling the trigger for an iPhone 6 because the contract was up on my 5, but really just wanted a 5 version with the new camera and processor. Didn’t mind the thickness, and the battery should have actually improved with the better efficiency of the A8 processor. And frankly, the 5 was probably the most handsome version so far. The 6 sacrificed awesome looks for utility – can’t really complain, but while it’s crazy thin, it’s pretty bland. The 6 is also somewhat tedious to hold and use, and I’ve seen an overall drop in battery life compared to the 5.

      1. That certainly is a better analogy. But I do so like the mental vision of Samsung wriggling around, unable to escape the heat of a fire. Most certainly, this is no DOOM call. It’s just an ‘oops, payback is a bitch on fire’.

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