New ‘Apple SIM’ could significantly disrupt the wireless industry

“Perhaps the most interesting news about Apple’s new iPad Air 2 tablet is buried at the bottom of one of its marketing pages: It will come pre-installed with a new ‘Apple SIM’ card instead of one from a specific mobile operator,” Dan Frommer writes for Quartz.

“It’s early, but it’s easy to see how this concept could significantly disrupt the mobile industry if Apple brings it to the iPhone,” Frommer writes. “Imagine booting up your iPhone for the first time and seeing four competing offers for your business from different operators—with short or no contract duration. Or an even deeper integration where Apple bills you as a virtual operator and constantly shops for the cheapest connection—perfect for those who travel overseas frequently.”

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  1. I’ve kept my iPad 3 because it’s under a $20 a month Plan, and if I upgraded, with a smaller SIM card, Verizon would put me on $30 a month plan. But now, maybe I can shop around. (I have AT&T unlimited on phone, but just wanted Verizon backup coverage on iPad)

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