Apple leaks iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in iPad User Guide For iOS 8

“Apple’s iTunes Store has just made a little bit of a slip-up (and with perfect uncanny timing): screenshots for the iOS 8.1 iPad user guide have just appeared within iBooks and include Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Of course, Apple will be formally debuting these devices tomorrow.”

“The screenshots confirm that both new tablets will include nearly identical designs to their predecessors and the addition of Touch ID sensors in the Home button,” Gurman reports. “Another new feature confirmed by this leak is a new Burst Mode (first introduced with the iPhone 5s) for the iPad Air 2.”

Gurman reports, “Of course, the presence of this user guide means iOS 8.1 (with Apple Pay) is likely to drop tomorrow, too.”

Read more, and see the screenshot from Apple’s iOS 8.1 iPad user guide, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The lack of attention to detail at the Steve-less Apple is concerning.

At this point, we have to ask: Are there too many post-Steve Apple employees screwing up things they simply shouldn’t be screwing up? Or are even seasoned Apple employees just not paying close enough attention to the details? (Two very recent examples: Apple’s live stream mess for its most important event in years and the iOS 8.0.1 clown show.)

The details matter, Apple. We Apple customers expect it. Pay closer attention lest you squander your company’s hard-earned reputation.


  1. Spot on MDN take. Apple’s worst enemy is itself. Leaks have been showing for a while and the level of perfection attained in the Steve Era might sadly be a thing of the past.
    That being said, Apple still runs circles around almost all of it’s competition.

    1. They’ve definitely dropped a few notches in my book over the past month. Luckily for them they’ve also raised a few notches, as the iPhone 6 is INSANE. Net change zero-ish.

  2. Come on MDN. Apple is much bigger than when SJ was running things. And let us not forget Lisa, the Nueton or Steve’s famous “Your holding it wrong.” Or was that Cooks fault. MDN, for an outfit that took a month to get a simple update for iOS 8 you really should not be throwing stones. Just how big a deal is this leak anyhow? 24 hours early? Grow up.

    1. As soon as Apple got a working iOS 8 version out, iOS 8.0.2, MDN’s app was available. Also, it took Apple’s App Store over week to approve MDN’s app after submission, so your example is just another example of Apple’s attention to detail slipping.

  3. Keep telling it like it is, MDN. Your credibility is perfectly intact. Apple employees themselves know there has been much turnover and growth since Steve left. Details are obviously being overlooked and it shows a LOVE of Apple to clearly point that out.

  4. To be fair Apple are keeping many more products/services in the sir than when Steve was in charge a man who solved these sort of problems by offering as few alternatives as possible to make the supply chain and indeed development rather simpler for the most part. But then that had its own problems .

  5. Per Usual, MDN gets it WRONG.. Considering the overwhelming scrutiny Apple is under, even something like a file thats early gets reported as a big oops.. for which +90% will never ever see or read about. Lets do this to MDN, highlight every typo, how often their app crashes, how slow their site gets because of AD overload, and then see how they like to have every little thing that goes wrong here listed on a daily basis..

      1. MDN have a minute fraction of Apple’s resources. But they are a proportionately trivial operation. How many people does it take to maintain such a site? To write so trivial an app? To notice the horribly ghastly ads that fester on their front page? To realise that all those ‘one weird trick’ ways to lose fat or make money are cons aimed squarely at the sites very own users? Even Android has more respect for its users. MDN holds Apple to infinitely higher standards, and moral standards are NOT resource intensive, you don’t need Apples wealth to afford them.

    1. Agreed. MDN’s take is overly nit picky. We already know what’s being announced tomorrow. Now, if there’s a “one more thing” that got leaked, MDN’s scorn would be justified.

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