Analyst: Apple’s bet on bigger iPhones is paying off

“The decision to go with a bigger screen for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is paying off for Apple Inc., and it could help the company steal market share from Google Inc.’s Android-based smartphones,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“That’s the theory put forth by Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley, who on Monday said new survey results suggest Apple’s newest iPhones, which hit the market on Sept. 19, are seeing increasing demand despite reports of supply constraints,” Crum reports. “Apple said that it sold more than 10 million of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones the first weekend the devices went on sale.”

“Walkley said that demand for the iPhone has also been helped by the company’s decision to increase the size of its screen,” Crum reports. “According to Walkley, the larger iPhones are helping Apple pull some customers away from using Android-based devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t settle for less than the best. With Apple’s all new, 64-bit smartphones, the gorgeous 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the stunning 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, there’s never been a better time to stop settling for chintzy imitations and make the move to the real thing.

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      1. I imagine you will love the 6. I can’t see going back. The screen size makes it way easier to browse and read email (I used to use my iPad). I STILL haven’t seen the 6+, so I can’t compare to that, but my hunch is it’s too big for my tastes.
        The only thing I need to be mindful of is how slippery it is. It did fling out of my pocket once already (getting changed). No problems walking around or riding my bike. (pocketgate anyone? 🙂

    1. I had the 5s and went to the 6, very nice and only slightly bigger…ac wireless, 64 bit, really fast loading and downloading on a good network…..Verizon LTE excellent as well……

      Remember Gazelle will buy you 5 as well lowering your final cost if needed….

    2. The size difference really wasn’t as bas as I thought it would be moving from my 5 to the 6. The *only* thing I don’t like, is the sleep button on the side, but otherwise it really is much better, especially battery life. I haven’t had my phone plugged in since yesterday morning and it’s still above 50%.

    3. Mee, too. But, there are people …

      My wife does not have vision as good as mine and she always carries her iPhone in a big purse/bag, whatever they call them.

      And … she doesn’t always remember to keep her iPhone charged.

      1. Handbag is the general term, but purse will do as well, although I still picture the clasp coin purse when I hear the word, even after years spent in the U.S.

        The types of handbag are excellently described in the Wikipedia entry, recommended. The section on Men’s bags is worth reading and a sign of things to come. Do not fear the forces of fashion.

          1. Relax, they won’t look like women’s purses, and they won’t be called purses. And we won’t refer to Revlon’s “grooming products for men” as cosmetics, either.

    4. My daughter’s initial impression was that the iPhone 6 was too large. But this story follows the typical progression of adaptation and familiarization. After only a few weeks she has come to love every aspect of the iPhone 6 and cannot imagine going back.

      Just like we used to say about Macs when confronted by die-hard Windows users. When people actually use them (Macs or, in this case, new iOS devices) for a couple of weeks, then most will come to appreciate them and choose to switch.

    5. The problem with the 6 is it’s too wide if you have smaller hands. You can’t grip it correctly or solidly. You have to make awkward shifts of your grip. Your thumb may not be able to reach across the screen all the way to the mbets on the keyboard.

      Basically you have to hold it awkwardly or go two handed. I have up after three weeks and went back to 5S

  1. Now Apple, move in for the total kill, providing iPad and iPad mini with true telephone capabilities – not just a Desktops and Laptops… and you will see Apple take back full control of the market.

  2. Nothing like stating the obvious to make a deadline. 😉

    Meanwhile, I’m on the fence. A bare iPhone 6 feels fine in my hand, but sitting in an OtterBox it was unmanageable for me one-handed. I’m hoping a Speck Candyshell Grip will be less unwieldy.

  3. Like you, I too love the size of the iPhone 5s: however after holding the iPhone 6+ in my hand I was instantly converted. I was informed yesterday that it won’t arrive until the last week of November… Shucks!

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