How McDonald’s will accept Apple Pay at the drive through

“At launch Apple Pay will be supported by a number of retailers, restaurants and more – including McDonald’s which plans to even accept Apple Pay from your iPhone 6 at the drive through.],” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“The process of paying with your $650+ smartphone at a fast food drive through could potentially be risky if you have to hand over your iPhone to the window attendant, but McDonald’s training materials (received by 9to5Mac) for accepting mobile payments including Apple Pay show employees instead extending card readers to customers from the drive through window,” Hall reports.

Read more, and see the McDonald’s training materials, in the full article here.

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    1. Again, with the how we do it in Canada statement. Drive thru restaurants have been handing the tap or insert card readers to drivers for years. We don’t bolt a lot of stuff to walls. 🙂

      1. I know, right? To most Canadians, Apple Pay is like a collective “meh, eh?”.

        NFC are pretty much at every drive-thru. Took about 2 years to roll out the system nationwide. It’s now to the point where businesses that have NOT upgraded to tap terminals have to put signs on their machines: “Sorry, No Tap”

        I realize that Apple Pay has other benefits as well, including improved security, but for your average consumer in countries like Canada, Apple Pay won’t revolutionize anything, just slightly enhance it.

        The typical American business and consumer is more stubborn to accept change. For example, you’ve been able to use ANY Canadian bank card at ANY ATM in the country for about 30 years because there was a national system all banks had to support called Interac. POS terminals have been around almost as long.

        This is not to say… HEY LOOK! Canada is so awesome. It’s just to say that Apple Pay, while convenient and useful for the US market, is a latecomer to the stage of NFC payments around the world. That’s not to say it won’t be successful. I think it will be VERY successful.

  1. Restaurants will have to do the same thing as I will not be handing my iPhone to a waiter/waitress as they walk away like they currently do with my credit card.
    I never liked that part and always considered that to be the riskiest thing I did with my credit card.

      1. Same goes for Europe they’ve doing this for years. Slide your card after dining at your table and voila done. This Apple Pay feature is going to be fabulous here. Can’t wait to spend some money on the upcoming Apple products.

    1. Do you understand *how*  Pay works?

      Read isladlife’s post below.. handing over your iPhone wouldn’t work… unless you walk back WITH them to the machine.

  2. “could potentially be risky if you have to hand over your iPhone to the window attendant”

    I guess in that scenario you would allow the window attendant to record their own fingerprint on your iPhone for authorization purposes? Stupid statement by someone that apparently doesn’t understand how ApplePay will work, but doesn’t refrain from giving us his opinion, regardless … *sigh*

    1. Perhaps that was AAPL’s plan all along – increase sales from all the dropped iPhones in drive-throughs. Brilliant. And – Samsung can’t copy as their users walk to Mickey D’s.

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