Apple’s October 16th special event: Here’s what we expect

“Apple has the chance on Thursday to provide a few compelling reasons for consumers to upgrade or buy a new iPad,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET.

“Apple’s second event in as many months won’t have the flash from the previous affair, which saw the debut of two larger iPhones and a glimpse at the Apple Watch,” Tibken reports. “Instead, the company is expected to show off a new iPad (or two), unveil new Macs and talk more about its OS X Yosemite operating system for its desktop. The presentation, which kicks off at 10 a.m. PT, is a lower key affair held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.”

“Even though the iPad will be the most anticipated news Thursday, there almost certainly will be Mac updates, as well,” Tibken reports. “That includes new hardware and Apple’s latest computer operating system, Mac OS X Yosemite. Even though the Mac doesn’t make as much money as the iPad, the computers remain important to Apple’s strategy.”

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  1. Yeah, but “It’s been way too long” applies to nothing as well as to AppleTV. Please new hardware that lets me plug in the cable, allowing me to use the Apple interface. Games and apps (a potential YouTube Channels killer) would be icing.

    1. While I agree that AppleTV is long overdue for an update – I just don’t think Apple would characterize any of their products as “It’s been way too long.”
      Revving a product simply because it’s been awhile is not their philosophy, they prefer to credit “getting it right” or some other rationalization. There is no way Tim Cook is going on stage to say, “Since it’s been such a long time since the AppleTV hardware has been updated – we decided to come out with a new version.”
      Well, who knows, only a couple days left to wait and find out.

      1. I agree but the whole point with Apple TV would be that it would represent a transforming change, ‘it’s been too long a hobby so here’s the real deal’ type of thing, not a Simple upgrade. I think that is the only product you could pull that concept off though. The rest I would totally agree with your contention. I’m beginning to think it might equally simply be a joke regarding how soon after the last one it is mind. Trouble is test will leave many disappointed it didn’t refer to something substantial.

    2. It sounds like what you need, and many below in this article, is a Mac Mini connected to your cable box. Surf the web and check out all your favorite sites without having to bottleneck it through the Apple TV; with a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

    1. Apps and Continuity for AppleTV.

      I want to be able to seamlessly transfer the following back and forth from iPad/Mac to AppleTV:
      – Maps
      – Safari browsing
      – FaceTime calls (for full room video conferencing)
      – Movies, music, etc.

      Also, reverse AirPlay so I can browse AppleTV interface mirrored directly on my iPad instead of using it like a remote, which I find a bit awkward.

    1. Its got to be more than just a new iOS 8.1 for a comment about how “it has been way too long…”. This seems to be an introduction to a new category almost. I do hope that they come out with a new iPad Air. I have the money already earmarked for a new one and hope to be at least close to the head of the line that is sure to form…

  2. I could go for a new Mac Mini. Time for an upgrade.

    iPads are certainly interesting. My wife has the 3rd gen and apart from the weight aspect there is not much need to replace it. I had a iPad mini and that is doing just fine.
    I think Apple need to up the specs. Touch ID for all models plus a price drop would make sense to put the squeeze on the competitors. More memory would be great but the odd thing with the iPad is that there doesn’t seem such a huge need to put all my music on it. The iPhone since it is with me all the time it is more likely that I will listen to music with that.

  3. I forgot AppleTV. Definitely an upgrade is needed. I get the new version with each upgrade and more the other units to other TVs in the house. It would be cool if they could do more with it.

  4. A new Apple TV update would be nice, going to upgrade all mine because the 2nd gens I have can be sold for more than I paid for them as you can jailbreak them (which I can’t be bothered with). Will make a tidy profit on them.

  5. With the advancements made in the A8, I am really hoping that Apple finally opens up Apple TV with an App Store and gamepads.

    IN MY OPINION, I really believe this will be extremely disruptive in the console market. With the holiday season fast approaching, I feel the time is ripe.

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