GT Advanced suggests it could sue Apple

“GT Advanced Technologies Inc said it will cut 890 jobs, close an Arizona plant expected to make scratch-resistant screens for Apple Inc, and suggested it could pursue legal claims against the iPhone maker while revamping under bankruptcy,” Tom Hals reports for Reuters.

“GT Advanced said it was burning through $1 million a day at the operations it intended to close,” Hals reports. “‘GT believes that it has many claims against Apple arising out of its business relationship with Apple,’ the company said in a filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manchester, New Hampshire.”

“The company said it could not pursue the unspecified claims at the outset of its bankruptcy, but that the claims would allow GT Advanced to terminate several Apple agreements that it said were burdensome and of no value,” Hals reports. “Apple responded to requests for comment by pointing to its earlier statement that it remains committed to preserving jobs in Arizona and was consulting with state and local officials on its next steps.”

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    1. Yes they can and you can bet as an investor in GTAT, my attorneys are ready to sue every member of the GTAT management team, their colleagues, family members, friends, and even their kids for every freak’n dime.

      If you publicly lie to all your investors in ever report and give “rosy” projection for the coming months and then wake up one day and file Chapter 11 right after you cashed in the week before……yeah that’s FRAUD asshats!

  1. GTAT signed the agreement, which means they agreed to whatever terms they are now supposedly whining about.

    My personal opinion, just as with everything Apple, the blogoshpere is running amok with speculative exaggerations about what’s going on.

  2. Modern supply chain: create dazzle, get a major company to buy in, choke, and hope major company buys you out to save face. Sue them just to pressure a buyout by claiming buyer did something wrong. Some might call such a business plan “fraud” and “extortion”…

  3. Hmmm, is it just a coincidence that GT files for bankruptcy just after Apple so publicly announced the Watch with sapphire? Had GT let their cat out of the bag before the announcement, apple could have quietly waited another quarter or two. Or perhaps Apple, did have an idea that there might be a supply bump with GT, so they left the actual launch date vague?

  4. GTAT can complain all it wants about burdensome contract terms, but it agreed to those terms. Unless Apple violated the terms of the contract(s), then GTAT can sue all it wants but it will lose, and likely owe Apple attorneys’ fees on top of everything (in Arizona, a specific statute permits a party which wins in a contract dispute to recover its attorneys’ fees).

    However, I seriously doubt any of GTAT’s claims will see the light of day. GTAT would have to pay an attorney a very large retainer fee, which now would have to be approved by the BK trustee, so it could pursue the claims. No attorney is going to take on Apple without a large seven figure retainer safely in the bank.

  5. If GT Advanced thinks its going to sue Apple over contracts that GT Advanced did not fulfill, evidenced by Apple withholding $139 million in contracted payments, GT Advanced has gone loony.

    I believe this now qualifies as a soap opera. I’ll be watching it during my daily tea time. 😉

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