Apple to attempt to stream ‘It’s been way too long’ special event live on October 16th

Apple plans to stream their October 16th special media event, “It’s been way too long,” live at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

Will we get frozen video, color bars, live truck slates, and/or Chinese audio translation underlaid throughout? Tune in next Thursday to find out!

Seriously, we’re exceedingly hopeful that it’ll go better than Apple’s last attempt.

Rumors and speculation call for new iPads, including a svelte new A8-powered iPad Air with Touch ID, and new Macs, including the possibility of a new 27-inch iMac with Retina display and maybe even a new Mac mini.

Also expected is the public release of OS X Yosemite, so we all finally get some Continuity into our lives between our Macs and iPhones, iPad, and iPod touches.

And, as always, the possibility of “one more thing” looms.

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Apple's invitation to the media for their October 16, 2014 special event
Apple’s invitation to the media for their October 16, 2014 special event

Apple’s live stream on October 16 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT:

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s to execution!


        1. Apple TV with an A5 chip, its been, “way too long”, for an update.

          Apple TV lacking apps and games has been, “way too long”, in the waiting.

          Its been “way too long” that all Apple products are offered the latest processors – and launched together. And would be wise to keep last years processor as the alternative price savings option.

          Once Apple offers a powerhouse AppleTV box, at the same price point as today, those SmartTV (webOS) and (AndyBot) offerings will be crying help. Look closely at the pricing of those TVs.

          On the low end, typically the same size television and make comparing its smart offering and none – is about 80.00 bucks.
          As you move on up in size, interestingly, the consumer is confronted with paying up and over 180.00 bucks for the option of wifi and web abilities (so called smart) to the TV.

          Roku has given Apple a good challenge by offering so much more (quality not suggested here). Nonetheless, Apple TV needs to offer more services and life to this device. Its been way too long for an updated powerful AppleTV with an A8 M8 chip set and some kind of Siri/Bluetooth/Controller. Also offering games and apps, making it a real sweet tiny computer. Bingo, may see the light here.

  1. I think a fitting way to start this event is for Tim Cook to bring on stage the fool who was responsible for the last streaming f__k up. Then, with the world watching, Cook can tell the guy: Your fired!

    1. When a CEO not over see his team well enough to allows these f__k ups – he is who is ultimately responsible.

      Not saying Tim needs to step down though.

      People are not robots, and robots are only as good as they are programmed. Human error and technical miss haps occur. Forget, forgive and move on. Or use the general 3 strikes you are out!

    1. Hopefully the familiar confines of the Apple Campus Town Hall will mean there won’t be any glitches this time. I always kind of figured that the problems with the iPhone Event were partially due to the unfamiliar venue.

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  3. Apple’s last attempt was pretty lousy. The AppleWatch part went fine but the first half was well below expectations on quality. What’s funny is I thought the problems were at my end because I figured Apple would be able to deliver an excellent streaming event. I was wrong.

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