Teens love Apple, Nike, Instagram; Facebook? Not so much

“Piper Jaffray is out with its semi-annual ‘Taking Stock with Teens’ report, which looks at the spending and shopping habits of teenagers. More than 7,000 teeenagers were surveyed. The average age was 16 years old,” Joanna Campione reports for Yahoo Finance.

“The report found teens typically get more than 2/3 of their spending money from their parents. A growing proportion of their money is going to food. They spend 20% of their money on it. That’s up from 15% a decade ago,” Campione reports. “Top brands include Starbucks, Chipotle and McDonald’s. ‘On the coasts, I think McDonald’s is looked at as this bad, evil conglomerate that serves you fake food,’ says Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task. ‘But in real America, they love McDonald’s…and teens on lower incomes they love going to McDonald’s because you can get a lot of calories for cheap.'”

“Teens spend the most money on clothes, a total of 21% of their cash. Nike, American Eagle and Forever 21 were the favorite clothing brands among the teens surveyed in the poll,” Campione reports. “As for technology, kids love Apple. More than two-thirds have an iPhone. Only 16% said they were interested in the Apple watch. However, the Piper Jaffray study was conducted before the watch was released. As for social networks, Facebook is falling out of favor with teens according to the report. Instagram was tops.”

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  1. So what else is new? Anyone with any clue as to teenage psychology would know that as soon as adults start to use something the cool-factor changes to lukewarm.
    But so what? Fb has enough adult assholes behaving like brats without being full of teens behaving like brats.

    1. Your snarky, “duh” reply begins to fall apart when you consider how popular Apple, Nike, Starbucks and Instagram are with adults. If it’s obvious to anyone with a “clue”, why do those brands continue to do so well with teens?

      I’m not, and have never been, a Facebook user, but I don’t think it’s as simple as “well duh, adults started using it!” Facebook shot itself in the foot repeatedly and has been falling out of favor with users for many reasons.

    2. Today’s teens are brats. They gotta EARN that Apple product. If I had kids (and thank the Creator I don’t) then I would give them the cheapest of the cheap if Fragmandroid dumbphones. Until they act like a mature human being, then they will get the iPhone or iPad.

      1. Apple products are not luxury items any longer; they are necessity items in modern society just like food and clothing. Responsible parents don’t send their children out into the world wearing potato sacks, just like they don’t send them out with Androids. Probably within the next few years parents that give their kids Androids will be charged with child endangerment.

        1. well, set-up this controlled experiment:
          1. Turn on your iPhone for two weeks.
          2. Go without food for two weeks.
          3. After the 14 days, ask yourself which of the two is a necessity.

          I’m pretty sure you’d select a Hostess Ding-Dong over an iPhone 6+ in a heartbeat.

        2. That’s exactly the type of attitude I’d expect from the Millenials. Sound like you were too young to remember a world before 2007. Not like I expect anything out of this generation anyways…

  2. I hate this stupid meme that the east and west coasts and people who live in large cities are somehow not “real america” and are therefore inferior to the rural midwest and south somehow.

    1. But it’s true, you know. Why do you think the NYC has the best Apple Store in the US? If your town does not have at least one Apple Store, then that’s a sign that you are destined for a Fragmandroid. Those are the FACTS!

  3. Nothing lasts forever. Ask Friendster.

    Mark Zukerberg is getting to be OLD. Facebook will eventually fade into irrelevance. If you think that seems unlikely, look at Microsoft.

    Steve said his greatest creation was Apple. We’ll see if he built something into it’s DNA which will keep it relevant for years to come.

    1. The problem is that Facebook may have reached a point similar to Windows: nobody likes it, but most people are convinced they need it for some reason. When that happens, the company selling the product can stick around making money for a generation, even though they get almost no love.


  4. Okay, pet peeve:

    “On the coasts (blah blah blah), but in real America…”

    Fsck you, “Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief”. There isn’t a “real” America and a “fake” America. We are one goddamn country. And we oughta start acting like it sooner rather than later.


    1. Actually, the coasts are REAL America? Which has the largest cities, produces the most media, and has companies like Apple and Disney? Exactly. Besides, famous Fragmandroid seller HP is in Texas, which is…well… I think you all know how we in NY feel about the south and Midwest…

      1. FOX news viewers represent fake america. They’re all being led by an senile aussie with a view to global media domination. Murdochites willingly sold themselves out to an idiot foreigner.

  5. Some people might think of middle America as the “real America”. Others think of it as Hicksville, USA. Come to think of it, they’re both right. The real America is a bunch of ignorant yahoos. 😀

    1. Exactly. Besides, Apple would NEVER set up shop in a region like that! I’ve said this before, but if you live in a place with now Apple Store…it’s time for you to get an Android.

      1. This is one reason I moved from New Mexico, which has one (1) store, (in Albuquerque, where you must arm yourself, and to which I had to drive 60 miles), to California, which has 52 stores even in small towns with chickens in the streets not getting run over.

  6. Of course. Facebook is not what it used to be. It’s just one gigantic ad factory now. I use a Safari extension that blocks the ads, but that does nothing for the ads that show up in my feed. I don’t use Facebook much anyway. I can definitely understand why teens are starting to lose interest. Facebook on mobile sucks in my opinion, and most teens are probably using social media on mobile devices anyway.

  7. My kids are Apple all the way. They’ve been on Mac since the moment they started using a computer. They each got iPhones when they turned 13. They both also have iPads. I don’t think they’d know what to do if they sat down in front of a Windows PC. All I know, something must be right. They both graduated high school with honors. Both graduated college. And both have moved on to successful careers. Can’t help but think growing up in the Apple ecosystem had something to do with it.

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