Microsoft likely to pull plug on moribund Surface tablet business, sources say

“Microsoft continues to see weak sales for its Surface Pro 3 tablet and is reportedly planning to cancel the product line since shipment performance has been far lower than expectations, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Lacking a sufficient number of distribution partners, plus high prices, the first- and second-generation Surface tablets are estimated to have created losses of about US$1.7 billion, the sources noted,” Chen and Tsai report. “The sources believe sales of the Surface Pro 3 are unlikely to surpass one million units, adding that Microsoft is also not very aggressive about development of a next-generation Surface and is likely to terminate the product line.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad, killer.

As we wrote over one and two years ago, respectively:

That dumbass kickstand is yet another ill-considered, misguided, corporate committee-driven “differentiation” squirted out of Microsoft’s back door unbidden onto the public.

Microsoft is staffed with stupid and/or lazy people. There’s no other explanation besides crippling narcissism – which is a very real possibility. Most people use iPads while lounging around. All Microsoft’s Surface “team” had to do was buy some real iPads and use them for a few weeks. Steve Jobs himself even demonstrated the iPad while reclining in a comfy leather chair, not sitting upright at a friggin’ desk. Microsoft was shown the way and, once again, they failed to properly follow Apple’s lead. By now, that’s just stupid and/or lazy.

Microsoft suffers from delusions of grandeur. They think they matter and that people will buy their pretend iPad over other pretend iPads because it’s from Microsoft. Microsoft does not matter. Microsoft no longer has the power to sell superfluous products. The world already has iPad. The thinking world finally woke up and moved on from Microsoft’s soul-sapping dreck. That clueless Microsoft haven’t figured this out years ago (Zune, Kin, how many total face-plants do they need?) is illustrative of the depths of their delusions.

As with Zune, Kin, and Surface, Microsoft is unnecessary in today’s world. Their rapidly retiring/expiring IT Doofus firewall is the only thing keeping them around today.MacDailyNews, September 24, 2013

People don’t want their iPads to be like notebooks. That’s why there are MacBook Airs and Pros. Neither do people want fake iPads with ill-considered twists, superfluous ports, and a silly kickstand, they want real iPads and the massive, vibrant ecosystem that goes with them.MacDailyNews, June 20, 2012

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “pridon328” and “Tom E” for the heads up.]

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  1. But, but,… Ballmer did it so well with the XBox. They only had to lose billions to capture enough market share to make it finally turn a profit. Well, maybe turn a profit.

  2. “Microsoft continues to see weak sales for its Surface Pro 3 tablet and is reportedly planning to cancel the product line since shipment performance has been far lower than expectations, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,”

    This isn’t very good, the jouranalist must not have gotten her brown nose check in the mail or she would have wrote.

    “Microsoft continues to see better than expected sales for its Surface Pro 3 tablet and is reportedly planning to totally change the product line to help shipment performance meet new unparalleled expectations, according to sources….”

    The new product, expected to be bigger and better than ever goes beyond the depths of productivity into the depths where only Microsoft can go.

    According to sources Microsoft plans to reveal a new model of a computer device computer called the C[l]OCK. Sporting a larger screen than the surface the C[l]OCK will be designed to be worn on the wrists. Yes you read that correctly, the wrists, not just one wrist, but both of them as the non-optional keyboard will go attach to the other wrist.

    I.M. Nutella, CEO of Microsoft had this to say about his company’s C[l]OCK.

    “It’s bigger than the Surface because we know size matters to our customers. It was important right at the development stage to make sure that it could be used with both hands. People are amazed when I show them the C[l]OCK and even more so when I tell that that I love to use it everywhere I go. I really love the C[l]OCK and I’m sure that our customers will enjoy using it as much as we do. Of course it will cum with Microsoft Orifice and a specially designed operating system called Windows Nein. We are sure that it will rise above the competition of the other limp one wrist devices that we see out there trying to be successful.

  3. Wow, apple and microsoft are in a complete different markets.
    Apple is in the market of creating products that makes billions of dollars and microsoft is in the market of products that lost billions of dollars.

  4. Open fade: Surface device floating on an airbed, bobbing in the sunshine)
    Cut to: dark watery depths, large sleek creature swims into view, accompanied by rhythmic doom-laded music; dum-dum…dum-dum…
    Cut to: screams as Surface device suddenly disappears under the water, and blood swirls into view…
    Close fade, end credits.

  5. The Surface can’t die, because without NCIS Los Angeles’s Gyro Gearloose and his dancing fingers on the tablet, Dick Grayson and the Hulk couldn’t wholesale murdalize the bad guys every week.

  6. Microsoft has mainly specialized in ketchup products, products in which they tried to copy an existing product and kill. They were, so to speak, trying pass a car by following it.

    Microsoft’s failures or false starts include the SPOT watch, their wireless router (I owned one), Slate as a subscription web site, MSN as a dial-up ISP (I used it, it was introduced right before dial-up died), Passport (I signed up for it, it was a universal password service), Windows ME, Windows Vista, Encarta (I bought it. It was a CD based encyclopedia, killed by large HD sizes and the internet), Zune (imitation iPod thus always one generation behind), and now the Surface, an attempt to one-up the iPad. The kickstand sounds great until you wonder how easy it is to break it off and what you’d do if it did.

    Microsoft’s successes are rooted in the business deal, not the product. Microsoft is customer oriented, but their customers are distributors and manufacturers, not people. Microsoft products are primarily designed to be sold, not to be used. Microsoft software comes with the defaults set for demos, not ordinary use.

    MS-DOS succeeded only because they had an arrangement with IBM that allowed them to sell it to other manufacturers. Everyone had to be compatible with the IBM-PC, so there we go.

    Windows succeeded because of the licensing. Manufacturers were charged a low cost per machine they manufactured. If they sold a machine without Windows, they had to pay the license fee anyway. So they put Windows on all their machines.

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