MacDailyNews 3.2 app now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

MacDailyNews 3.2 app icon and download linkMacDailyNews 3.2 has just been approved by Apple and the app is now ready for download (pending propagation throughout Apple’s App Store system). The update prevents crashes in iOS 8.0+.

Users who have their iOS device(s) set to “automatic download” apps (Setting>iTunes & App Store>Apps) will begin to see the app updating shortly. Other iOS users can simply launch the App Store app and tap “Updates.” MacDailyNews 3.2 will appear as it propagates via Apple’s App Store system.

If the app has been running recently, we recommend fully quitting the MacDailyNews app and relaunching it:
1. Double-click the Home button
2. Swipe left or right until you have located the MacDailyNews app
3. Swipe the MacDailyNews app’s preview up to close it

New users can download the free MacDailyNews app directly from the App Store here.

To check the version of the MacDailyNews app you are running, tap Settings in the app’s menu and the version will be displayed.

As with many other apps, there is no Android version, nor is one planned.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the update on your iOS 8 devices!

MacDailyNews Take: You are now free to update to iOS 8! 😉


  1. Thank you, MDN! I wish Apple responded this fast! Lol. I still can’t get a full photo to show up on my iPhone lock screen and I’ve been submitting feedback on that for months!

    1. A big “Amen” to that comment. I have had problems with MDN ever since I updated to 8.0 during the day which that iOS came out. Using your iOS App, I have been able to read nothing published to MDN’s blog-site since that day until today. I am no maven of the Apple consortium regarding their hardware and software offerings and/or updates, but I base much of my casual advice to my friends and/or colleagues (as well as base my decisions on what would be best for me to purchase with my own personal money for myself!!!!) on both the broadcasts and recasts that MDN publishes, and the various audience comments which these blurbs generate. I would hope that, starting now and in the future, MDN would update its iOS utility ASAP after every incremental step in the growth of Apple’s iOS from here on out.
      You guys provide a great service to the Apple/Mac/iProduct consumers and audience by distilling and/or relaying critical info, surmises, and critiques about all sorts of Apple-derived stuff. Please don’t leave those of us, who maintain current iterations of Apple’s products, in the dark with respect to your dissemination of all topics-Apple. It is way too long an interval between any Apple-originated software/hardware upgrade and your App tweaking (in order to make your App compliant with whatever is necessary to be viewed by the current hardware/software modification which Apple provides).
      I hope this serves as a “vox publica” and knowledgeable missive— not received as some puerile rant about how pissed off I am that I can’t read the MDN blurbs these past several weeks.
      Thanks for your consideration of this plea.

  2. I just updated and it doesn’t crash where it used to. Before I go further, I should say I have not restarted my iPad. Now, when I click Share, the app does crash. Not a big deal but I can’t doing my bragging that Samsung is facing a shake-up. 🙁

    1. iPhone 6, doesn’t crash when I hit share.
      Although… Mdn won’t let me post from it. (Yes Logged in via WordPress…)

      I’ll restart iPhone later and check. Restarted app, no change. Had to post this from safari.

      1. yeah, but the APP isn’t working *even after* quitting the old app. So restarting the iOS device would be the next logical step.

        Others can post and use the share button, so somethings not working as intended. A device restart may help… and besides, what does it hurt?

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