Why is iOS 8 adoption stagnating?

“As always, with an iOS update, there is an initial rush of users to the new operating system, and 46% of iOS users had updated as of September 21. However, since then, upgrades have stagnated, with a mere 1% of users updating in the past two weeks,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville.

“Part of this could be the fact that Apple’s first iOS 8 update – iOS 8.0.1 – caused serious problems for tens of thousands of early adopters,” McElhearn writes. “Personally, I’m taking a step back from the early adoption of my main iOS devices; that debacle was problematic in many ways, and is a sign that Apple is trying to do too much, too quickly. I no longer trust Apple’s quality assurance teams as I did in the past.”

“Apple needs to slow down, make sure that things work, and stop rushing out new hardware, and new operating systems, just to meet their numbers,” McElhearn writes. “It’s time for the company to take a step back and focus on the quality that we used to expect from Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 8.0.1 certainly didn’t help iOS 8 adoption, but we also believe many users are still waiting for their new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and therefore eschewed upgrading their current iPhones to iOS 8. The popularity of iPhone 6/Plus and the backorders are a contributing factor to the slower ramp for iOS 8 adoption.

And, yes, Apple does need to focus on the quality that we expect from Apple.

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      1. An apt observation, but other than being design over ergonomics, the round mouse functioned well to its intended purpose. Unlike iOS8, adding a round mouse to an existing Mac did not break your internet connection, disable your printer access, lock up your keyboard, or worse, brick your Mac. Apple’s “iCloud” bug alone has seen many NEW iPhones rendered useless. It began with iOS4 bricking 3G users and has become all too common to each “upgrade”. People are right to be very wary now, especially since Apple refuses to offer a back-out route.

  1. Having used, and loved, Apple products for over 25 years, I’ve always been an early adopter. I’ve never really had any significant issues to deal with … until now.

    Our wonderful new little big iPhone 6s got bricked with iOS 8.0.1 and were out of action for almost a day. Full credit to Apple for the quick fix, but still, why should this have ever happened?

    And now our iPad Airs (still the current model) have been rendered almost useless as a result of iOS 8. The WiFi is completely up the swanny – we stream with it all the time, so we’re going bonkers . My wife was wondering whether it was worth holding onto her iPad it if this is what she should expect from Apple in the future. I’ve downgraded her iPad to iOS 7.1.2 to fix her problems. She’s now a happy bunny.

    And so, I think I’m putting the ‘early adopter’ moniker on hold in the hope that Apple can restore my confidence in their software upgrades in the future.

    Sadly, I’m not surprised that the adoption rate of iOS 8 is slower than iOS 7.

  2. I honestly don’t think it’s because people are holding off for the iPhone 6 that they are about to receive/purchase. If anything, I would be excited to get a preview of the OS and install iOS 8 as soon as possible. Which is exactly what I did while I’m waiting for my 6 Plus. What did put me off, was that I needed approximately 4-6 GB on the iPhone and iPad, respectively for an over the Air update. Most people have a “budgeted” 16 GB so I think that’s the main reason why the adoption has stagnated. Apple does a poor job informing people about being able to update their iDevice on iTunes without the same required free space. Heck, I didn’t even know before last week.

  3. It’s because of all the bugs.
    iOS 8 has made my iPad just about unusable, very slow and hangs a lot.
    Wife’s iPhone 5s will no longer connect to in car Bluetooth correctly, 2012 Volvo S60.

  4. IOS 8.02 seems fine on my iPad3 but is sluggish on my wife’s Ipad2. Maybe that’s why adoption is stagnant – lots of older IOS device users out there that are not having a good experience.

  5. Put it on my iPad mini Retina at launch. Not my Air nor any of my other iPads (I own them all). iPhone 5S too full to upgrade without deleting 6GB of stuff. Thank God we finally get a 128GB model. My Plus delivers Friday October 10 from a September 12 order.

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