Apple’s ‘iPad Air 2’ to get 0.5 mm thinner, 8MP camera, A8 processor, 2GB RAM, Touch ID, sources say

“Two researchers working for The Michael Report have obtained pictures and illustrations of the new iPads from sources within Apple, and have been able to independently verify both the design and the specifications to be true,” Michael Andrew reports for The Michael Report. “We’ve made the editorial decision to not publish the pictures and illustrations we’ve seen out of an abundance of caution in protecting the identity of our sources within Apple. We will, however, attempt to describe what we’ve seen as accurately as possible in words.”

“Produced by TPK, GIS, Sharp, Samsung and LG (among a few others, we’re sure), the new iPad Airs will come with a fully-laminated display (this is done by manufacturing the cover glass and Retina LCD as a single unit – something they have done with the iPhone for years), which means that it’ll be quite a bit thinner than the current iPad Air,” Andrew reports. “Based on what we’ve seen, the form function of the iPad Air 2 is identical to the current iPad Air’s and there are no changes in the bezel… Also, Apple will debut a gold colored version of the iPad Air 2, in addition to the current options of Black and Silver.”

“The iPad Air 2 is around 0.5 mm thinner than the current iPad Air… we’re hearing some whispers within Apple that they are going to market the new iPad Airs as the thinnest tablets on the market,” Andrew reports. “The iPad Air 2 will come with an upgraded A8 chip manufactured by TMSC and a 1GB bump in RAM, to 2GB. Apart from that, the new processor is supposed to run more efficiently than the current A7 chips, which translates to longer battery life for the new iPad Airs.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. The camera better not stick out. That would be really bad on an iPad. Longer battery life would be nice. It’s good now, but it would be better if it were so much longer that you didn’t have to worry about it at all.

    1. What would be the problem? I must know a hundred people with iPads and every one of them has a cover. Same thing on the 6, there is really no problem. Get a Samsung if you are hung up on that.

    1. current iPad air weight is fine but moving back to using the early gen iPads is a pain once you are used to lighter weigh iPad air. I use my iPad all the time when I am at home and tend to hold it at an angle to how I am seating.

      1. I have an iPad 3 (first retina model) and it is considerably heavier than the current iPad Air. Presumably, the upcoming iPad Air 2 (or whatever it is called) will be even lighter.

        As long as the iPad design remains robust and user-friendly, its battery life remains equal or better, and its performance improved (seemingly assured by the A8 cpu and improved GPU), the next generation iPad will be another positive step i the evolution of Apple’s larger format touch interface device.

    2. It is a square-cube issue, Paul. Adding 0.5mm to an iPad Air translates to a lot more weight than if you do the same to an iPhone 6/Plus because of its display dimensions. Plus, you hold a tablet differently. Ounces add up in terms of usability.

  2. There was absolutely nothing new in that report. Nothing that hasn’t already been said elsewhere. I think it’s total BS that he had some inside info. Even his contention that they would drop th 16GB version was just a “they might”, meaning nothing at all. One might guess that with dropping the 32GB iPhone, and dropping the 64GB version, and adding a long aweigh tend 128GB version for the previous 64GB price, that they would do something similar with the iPad. No secret info from a source needed.

    1. The iPad Air has 3,145,728 pixels, while the iPhone 6 Plus has
      2,073,600 or 65% of that of the iPad Air.

      Now if the iPad Air does get 2GB and tests show better performance over the 6 Plus, that will be somewhat bad as it will look like Apple did indeed skimp on the RAM on the Plus.

      1. iPad must be able to stand out compared to ip6+. More RAM, longer battery, split screen would provide a good reason to have both ip6+ and an iPad. I secretly hope for all of the above and an even a larger screen.

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