Apple iPhone 6 Plus absolutely destroys anemic Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 in graphics performance

“While boasting an ‘Octa Core’ Application Processor option and an extremely high resolution display, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 falls flat in running GPU intensive apps and games—particularly in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “The first benchmarks showing off the actual performance users will get from the new Note 4 highlights that Samsung appears to be making the wrong engineering choices. In an apparent effort to win the’spec war,’ Samsung began aggressively cranking up device resolutions on its most expensive premium flagships after Steve Jobs demonstrated iPhone 4’s Retina Display back in 2010. Prior to that, Samsung was internally focused on smaller devices, not larger, higher resolution displays.”

“The most obvious result has been that iOS app developers have had a much easier time managing the changes in resolution, so they can focus on new apps and features rather than testing across a broad range of configurations. That’s apparent in the fact that nearly all new apps and games appear for iOS first, and only arrive on Android later after they’ve proven to be broadly popular in the App Store,” Dilger reports. “However, there’s also another problem: by pushing resolution numbers so fast (and without any regard for whether having more pixels actually makes a discernible, qualitative difference), Samsung has pushed screen technology ahead of its own processor capabilities, resulting in extremely poor performance in high definition.”

Dilger reports, “Samsung’s own even-higher resolution Note 4 (or equally high resolution Galaxy S5 flagship) both turn in benchmarks far lower than Apple’s new 6 Plus—and less than half that of last year’s iPhone 5s. In terms of fps, the latest benchmarks show that Samsung’s new Exynos-powered Note 4 drops down to 10.5 fps—almost half that of iPhone 6 Plus— in the same test.”

Tons more, including full benchmarks, in the full article here.

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Smart buyers don’t settle for less than the best. With Apple’s all new, 2nd-generation 64-bit A8-powered smartphones, the gorgeous 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the stunning 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, there’s never been a better time to stop settling for imitations and make the move to the real thing. You’ll be very glad you did.

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  1. Wait.
    Wait for it.

    Once again… Android devices have double the cores, at almost double the clock speed per core, and have more RAM…. and they still lose or, in some cases, only barely win.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. BOASTING that you need more cores and clock speed and RAM just to have non-laggy response in akin to boasting about your 9.5″ c*** that only functions properly with at least 100mg of Viagra.

    I thought geeks were supposed to be proud of computers performing better with less resources. No programmer ever said, “Oh yeah? Well, I can make that same function work with 5000 lines of code instead of 12.”

  2. I get that people can vote what they want, but where am I wrong? In what world do you suggest that an OS requiring double the RAM, CPU cores, and clock speed per core is better?

    What will be the excuse when the A series goes quad core?

  3. Reading elsewhere it’s hilarious to see Android fans try to weasel out of the dismal stats. They are saying things like:

    “All this is irrelevant. Apple fanboys are just jealous of our super HD screens. Just don’t play Graphics Intense Games or use complex Apps on your Android — like me — and you are Fine!!! ”


    “Forget the technical benchmarks – it’s the experience that matters.”

    ” I use my grunty PC for graphic intensive games and use smart phone for txt, calls, camera, email etc, your gripe (poor samsung benchmarks) will not be a problem.”



    1. for the android trolls:

      you guys say it don’t matter ’cause I only “use smart phone for txt, calls, camera, email etc”

      but you’re spending $$$ on what samsung calls a Super phone. Wny buy one with Multiple cores, large screen etc if you are not interested in using it for advanced apps? The Multiple cores is going to help a lot in making phone calls… ?

      1. There was lot of damming of Samsung going to larger screens too, now where are we? The same will come with higher resolution screen.

        One phone has higher specs, another better in some benchmarks. What matters is how they perform in everyday use.

        iPhones are always fast, but you will notice no difference with many other phones, the Note included. What you will see is a good screen on the iPhone and a fantastic screen on the Note 4.

        The extra specs. do have benefits too, proper multi-tasking and less app crashes with more RAM does make a big difference and this is long overdue on iPhones.

  4. I played with the phone and the graphics, the videos everything runs great. If it was so horrible do you think samsung would develop the gear vr headset. That device depends on the game. That would be shooting themselves in the foot for no reason. I have the note on order and dont care if its slower than the ISh@@@t.

    1. “If it was so horrible do you think samsung would develop the gear vr headset.”

      (look at them freely making the horrible Galaxy Gear smart watch with a 30% return rate, i.e if they had sold 10 million it would be 3 million returns vs the 9 of so called bend gate iPhone 6 . Samsung is happy making crap for idiot fans )

      they are hoping people will get distracted with a ‘gewgaw’ and overlook the shitness of the phone and android in general

      “That would be shooting themselves in the foot ”
      your arguments are already moot as seen above they have no fear of shooting themselves in the foot by having a screen of such density the GPU can’t deal with it. Half the frame rate of an iPhone … ?

  5. What is really interesting is the footnote to the chart. The results, in which even the iPhone 5S doubles the performance of the Galaxy Note 4 and S5, DO NOT make use of iOS 8’s Metal APIs which take advantage of the A7/A8 GPUs.

    In other words, iPhones kick even more Samsung behind when iOS 8 Metal APIs are used, which any graphic-intensive game is going to use to improve performance.


    1. Another note — this may be part of Apple’s recent plan to simply outrun Samsung, et al, rather than sue them in court. If Apple creates a gaming platform with its A-series processors, GPUs, and specific APIs which allow game developers to seriously maximize games for iOS, then Google and its Android spaghetti-fest can’t possibly keep up.

      So what happens when you can’t run the best games even decently on an Android device? People upgrade to iPhones.


  6. The Galaxy Note 4 with the Exynos 5433 “Octocore” processor is a 64 bit capable processor. It also has 3GB of RAM.
    Strangely enough, I haven’t read anything from the Fandroid trolls that 64 bit processors are useless without more than 4GB of RAM.
    Somehow that argument only applies to non-android phones.

    Seriously though, would this phone get much improvement in performance from Android L?

  7. This just illustrates Samsung top management’s utter ignorance of the copycat products they sell. It was only a matter of time before their ignorance finally caught up with them. Their various divisions aren’t in sync with each other and there’s no one knowledgeable at the top to provide oversight and get things coordinated. There’s just no way that could happen in this company’s corporate culture. All that Samsung’s top management does is set a mandate for the underlings to reach some arbitrary numbers and that’s it.

    Samsung’s sprawling nature makes it impossible for them to focus and tightly integrate or manage their absurdly spread-out operations. Their display division doesn’t give a hoot about what the semiconductor division is doing and neither really cares about what the smartphone division is doing. Each only cares about their own numbers and goals that the “group” chairman (the bribing and conniving convict Lee Keun-Hee) sets. There are so many “co-CEO’s” and “presidents” (not Executive or Senior VP’s) that you can’t even keep count. They probably have more “presidents” than Apple has Senior VP’s.

    And, even as a Korean-American who speaks fluent Korean, I certainly would have no interest in having a beer or a meal with *any* of these people while I feel like I can do that with anyone in Apple’s senior management and they’d treat you with one-on-one respect. Samsung’s top execs will have this totally snobby self-important attitude and look down on anyone who’s lower than their rank. I see that in Korea all the time – your corporate rank, social/financial status, and the university you graduated from will determine how you should be treated. Fuck that.

    There isn’t an ounce of creativity amongst the top management people who run Samsung. You can bet that they’re the ones who initiated and okay’d that horrendous and laughable Galaxy Gear smartwatch commercial. They obviously thought it was really good and the thought of that just makes me break out in laughter. I’m sure some of them are pretty smart or they wouldn’t have made it up that far, but they just don’t have a clue and are so disconnected from the technologies, the cultures, and the consumers that they’re dealing with.

    It’s amazing to me that Samsung’s top management thought they could continue their winning streak after the introduction of the S4. They could only look 6 months to a year out ahead. And all their pathetic frailing to build an ecosystem/OS/platform of their own overnight just shows you that they have no connection to reality. Their short run of success made them delusional and in a state of denial. And, now… it’s too late… Haha.

  8. Well you also have to remember that the Note 4 is rendering on a screen with 4x the resolution.

    And I’m also willing to bet they were running the stock ROM when they did the bench testing on the Note 4.

    Samsung hardware is good but their ROMs are notoriously badly written. I want someone to do a benchmark with a Note 4 on a debloated, more optimized ROM.

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