Two weeks with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

“Obviously, Apple has aimed at two very different personalities with these [iPhone6/Plus] sizes,” Dom Esposito writes for 9to5Mac.

“The iPhone 6 Plus is considered a phablet in my eyes, while the iPhone 6 is probably a strong candidate for the average consumer,” Esposito writes. “One is bigger and the other is ‘bigger than bigger.’ Though it’s not necessarily the 5.5-inch display on the iPhone 6 Plus that makes it so big. Because of its design, the iPhone 6 Plus is larger than most other 5.5-inch Android devices.”

“For myself, I’ll have to side with the iPhone 6. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6 Plus is great with its display and battery life, but I just need a device that’s a bit more pocketable and I’m willing to sacrifice a few features for that,” Esposito writes. “If you’re coming from a previous iOS device or an Android device, you’ll be happy with either one.”

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    1. I want 3.5″, because even 4″ is uncomfortable for my small hands.

      I fear I’ll never get it, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a Plus in the future: abandon all hope for one-handed usability.

      1. Lucky for you that you also have a tiny wiener to match those small hands. I think they have service dogs for little people like you who can manipulate their phones for them. Check ’em out shorty.

      2. Whatever happened to the idea that different people are allowed to have different tastes? Some people like big phones; some like small ones. So what? Apple makes both (although the smallest one currently only with last year’s CPU). If the demand for a 6-mini is high enough, I’m sure it will make one, just as it made the 6 Plus when demand got high enough.

        In the meantime, however, there are going to be some people disappointed because the regular 6 is a little too big for their taste. That is only natural, just as it is natural that there are always some folks convinced that only their tastes are valid, because the world revolves around them. My suggestion for them is to buy a big cylindrical phone and have it custom-fitted for them by a proctologist.

    2. I too am one (of the few?) who fancy an imagined iPhone 6 Minus. I bought an iPhone 6 last Saturday but returned it Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, the new iPhone is wonderful and stunning but… the size is not for me. To all the new iPhone 6s and Pluses owners… congratulations! I hope  will introduce a third-size iPhone next year.

  1. Loving my new iPhone 6. The size is perfect, especially when I use it as a GPS. It even fits in my old holster, which was a pleasant surprise. The hiccup with iOS 8.0.1 didn’t affect me because I got it afterwards. Performance and speed is quite impressive. Apple did a great job on these new iPhones, kudos to them.

  2. Been going back and forth between the 6 and 6 Plus since trying both out at a local Apple Store during the opening weekend. Had to go to the local Best Buy yesterday to get something and compared the two again. My deteriorating eyesight was the clincher in deciding to go with the 6 Plus. It doesn’t feel that big and the display is just awesome both in size and especially in quality. Tried some one-handed manuevers yesterday on it (I’m an average size guy with small hands) and the size won’t be an issue at all.

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