Google’s Eric Schmidt: Steve Jobs is my hero

“Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said last week that the competition between the two companies is more ‘brutal’ than ever,” Richard Nieva reports for CNET.

“But despite the fierce competition, when asked on Thursday night who his heroes are — in the tech industry and outside it — he had one answer: ‘For me, it’s easy. Steve Jobs,’ he said in a quiet, contemplative voice,” Nieva reports. “”‘We could all aspire to be a small percentage of Steve,’ he said of Apple’s late co-founder. Schmidt and former Google Senior Vice President of Products Jonathan Rosenberg were speaking to a full room of about 400 people at an event hosted by the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, promoting their new book, ‘How Google Works.'”

Nieva reports, “In the book, Schmidt and Rosenberg describe Jobs as the quintessential ‘smart creative’ — an expression for someone with a combination of technical depth and creative talent. ‘Exceptional people are worth hanging out with,”‘ Schmidt said on Thursday. ‘Because there is a good chance they are going to change the world.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Exceptional people are worth hanging out with because there is a good chance they are going to change the world and then you can steal their ideas, implement them poorly, peddle them to the left side of the bell curve, and laugh your scheming, backstabbing ass all the way to the bank!

As a visual reminder of what “friendship” means to Eric T. Mole, here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

Here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

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    1. I’ve been using it more and more. It still lacks in comparison, but I’m keeping at it. My Mac at home still uses Google (on Firefox), but my phone is all DDG. Slowly, but surely, going to hit Google where it hurts most…. advertising.

    2. I switched all of my devices the moment Apple included it as an option in the Safari prefs; its been working very well for me. As a bonus, I noticed it also uses open street maps as opposed to the location tracking engine otherwise known as Google Maps.

      1. Yeah, Google is such a shitty company I’ve actually been using Bing up ’til now. You know it’s bad when Bing looks good… I’m thoroughly pleased having DDG throughout all my computers and iDevices now!

  1. I dislike Google and don’t use any of their services apart from a throw away gmail account, but I utterly hate Schmiithead. Google are lucky the majority of fandroids have a low level of intelligence and are gullible enough to believe the crap that spews out of his mouth

  2. ‘Steve Jobs’ was his hero eh?

    Funny way to show it, stealing ideas from steve’s company while he was on the board – until Steve found out what he was doing and sacked him.

    The Schmidt took advantage of a dieing man and stole.

    God he’s scum of the highest order!

    I bet Steve jobs would have something a lot different to say about Eric if he was alive.

  3. New book about how Google works. Which chapter covers being a mole spying on a company in which you are on the board of directors. Apparently this guy does not give respect to his heroes, just leeches off their creativity when they are alive and their justifiable reputation when they have passed.

  4. Schmitthead even looks like a mole, a scrawny lowlife weasel. You can tell that he must have gotten picked on a lot in school. But his actions and blatant lies are much worse. Like Ballmer, he’s got all the money that one will ever need but his undying legacy will be that he was a mole who stabbed his “hero” in the back. Asshole…

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