Apple releases online tool for checking Activation Lock status of iOS devices

“Apple recently released a tool that lets anyone check the Activation Lock status of iOS devices,” Sébastien Page reports for iDownloadBlog. “Introduced along iOS 7, Activation Lock is a security feature that prevents anyone from erasing or activating your iOS device without entering your Apple ID and password first. The feature must be disabled before a device is passed or sold to another person. Failure to do so renders the device unusable for the new owner.”

“With the release of this new tool, Apple wants to make the process of checking for Activation Lock easier, and prevent people from buying a device that might have been locked because it was lost, stolen, or simply because the previous owner forgot remove the device from his account,” Page reports. “By going to, anyone can enter the IMEI or Serial Number of an iOS device to check its status. If the device is locked, a message clarifies that the current user’s Apple ID and password will be required before anyone else can activate and use the device.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.


  1. That page is not supported on iPad Safari (and, no, I’m not going to tell Safari to request/act like a desktop). I guess Apple’s left hand forgot to tell Apple’s right hand that they sell a bunch of iThings, and to make the company web pages work with them.

    1. Yeh, Dammit Apple hire some Legacy People who
      & can recall who made APPLE what it was before the pimple-faced kids took over!!! If something won’t run on the original
      iPad, FIX IT *BEFORE* you release it.
      While you’re at it, replace that UGLY too thin to be readable iOS 7 FONT. When I saw the WWDC banners in the halls
      Just B4 the iOS 7 rollout, I KNEW the SJ era of
      Graphic Elegance was OVER!!!

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