Why I returned my iPhone 6 Plus

“After the big Apple announcement, I internally debated the merits of a mobile phone that would instantly connect me to a lifetime’s worth of entertainment and knowledge, and a slightly larger version of the same thing. I chose the big one,” Chris Plante writes for The Verge. “Like so many bad decisions, I made this one at 3AM in my underpants.”

“On Friday evening, the colossus arrived. Removed from its slim, minimalistic cardboard home, the iPhone 6 Plus’s size intimidated me. I couldn’t decide how to hold the thing, so I cradled its bottom in my right hand and its top in my left, like a vulnerable cranium,” Plante writes. “‘This is huge!’ said my wife, snatching the phone. She held the slab to her cheek, as if to make a call, and half her head disappeared behind a wall of space gray. It looked like she’d stolen a prop phone from the set of a 1980s sci-fi movie.”

“I felt something shift in my brain, and I went to sleep knowing the iPhone 6 and I wouldn’t work out,” Plante writes. “By 9AM on Saturday morning, I was on my way to the Apple Store. I jogged past the line growing westward from 8th Ave. and 14th St., almost to the High Line in the Meatpacking District. So many tired people, nursing coffees and pastries. I entered the Apple Store, and an employee welcomed me with an exhausted, but genuine smile. I explained that I needed to exchange the iPhone 6 Plus for an iPhone 6…”

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  1. Im extremely happy with the update though I had a few frights immediately after the update when I had no wifi, was rejecting my iCloud password and I accidentally activated the zoom and couldn’t work out how to reverse it. Thankfully I think the wi fi was just my home network having its occasional fall off because that suddenly cleared up and I gathered by trial and error how to get back to a normal view. Scary for a moment mind. Now it works great, smooth, no stickiness as on the last 2 updates, generally visually more sophisticated and user friendly though I wonder if some transforms are a little slower.

    1. Since his job is to review products, he buys products without keeping them unless he likes them enough.

      So to use your analogy, he buys cars to drive them and write about them and then he gives them back or auctions them off. If he LIKED the car and needed to replace his “personal” car he would.

      1. A serious reviewer does not buy any product. For software he or she gets them either for free with a NFR. For hardware (in most cases) they are provided on loan.
        If you want to read a credible review, don’t count too heavily on hobbyists.

        1. A serious reviewer doesn’t buy ANY product? Sounds to me like a serious reviewer for you is one beholden to the company loaning him or her equipment. How is someone like that to be lived any more than an organization like Consumer Reports that takes no advertising and purchases ALL the products they test. I may not agree with the criteria they use, but at least they are consistent.

          The guy has to use something in his personal life. why wouldn’t anyone in that position pay to keep the devices that strike their fancy?

          I prefer the 3.5 to 4 inch iPhones, but I think adding these two larger versions is an awesome idea that finally recognizes the fact that one size doesn’t fit all.

          In any case this isn’t review it is an opinion describing why the larger phones are of no personal use to him. His opinion carries some weight amongst us Mac old-timers. The man is no teen basement dweller. Assuming we still wish to honor the constitution, the man is entitled to publish his opinion as much as you are to voice your comment.

          Hobbyist? At least Goggle or Wiki the dude. It takes all of 10 seconds.

        2. Oh I take that back I was referring to Kirk McElhearn formerly of MacWorld who expressed similar reservations about the smaller iPhone 6.

          Chris Plante is indeed an idiot. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Jeeeesss guys, yes Apple has new iPhone sizes. This is not rocket science!
      If you are not sure, then go to an Apple store and try one out for yourself. That’s that the Apple store is for.

  2. That, my friends, was a useless puff piece. An exercise in letting the world know he can write a story (not a news story, a children’s story) by writing and using “Apple” as a central character.

    What did you think to yourself when you read the headline? My thought was that this was going to help me see that more people are not liking the size of the iPhone 6 Plus. Except that — spoiler alert — he traded his Plus with someone who wanted a Plus but only was able to get a 6. Net impact on the world? Zip.

    Skip this story and have a better day.

  3. the 6 plus is easy to get used to after a few days. the only thing I don’t like is that it is uncomfortable in the pocket when climbing stairs. The 6 plus is easier to pocket than the 4 and 5 series iPhones. If you you want to take super slow motion video, the Optical Image Stabilization makes a big difference – it is pretty amazing to film birds, bees, etc. in slow motion.

  4. “‘This is huge!’ said my wife, snatching the…”

    Soooo… It’s that old tired line from “The Office” is really true… ‘That’s what she said’!

    Notice how he cradles and she snatches… some things just don’t appear to be safe in that relationship.

  5. The bashing and trashing of anyone posting any kind of criticism or any kind of less than satisfactory experience with any Apple product is just insane. People have the privilege of saying “this doesn’t work for me” without having to endure the chorus of lemmings who will call them names, declare them to be “trolls” or a myriad of other nasty characterizations.

    I will give the 6 a try next week when my current contract expires and may or may not buy it because I really, really like the size of the 5S. The larger screen on the 6 looks appealing but if it is not comfortable in my hand or how I carry and use it, I won’t buy it. It’s my choice, my decision, and my privilege to decide for me. Exactly what is the problem with that?

    1. There’s no problem with you saying “this doesn’t work for me” once, and then moving on. When it becomes “this experience doesn’t work for anybody”, shouted 5 times a day for months it becomes supercilious whining.

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