Rush Limbaugh: ‘iOS 8 is the most incredible, fabulous, sensational upgrade since iPhone was released in 2007’

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed Apple’s iOS 8 and his iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (he has both).

The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show, the highest-rated, most-listened-to talk-radio program in the United States with some 15 million weekly listeners, airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate radio stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network.

From the live on-air transcript:

RUSH: Well, let me preface this by acknowledging what many regular listeners know. I’m an Apple evangel. I absolutely love their products. So some people might interpret that as resulting in commentary that’s biased in their favor. It’s not the case, but I need to acknowledge that. I think iOS 8 is the most incredible, fabulous, sensational upgrade in software since the iPhone was released in 2007.

But let me tell you what’s brilliant about it… Most people hate change. They get accustomed to something and they just want it to keep working that way. Now, because of competition, iOS is upgraded every year — in some cases incrementally, in some cases dramatically. This iOS 8 is dramatic. But what’s brilliant about it is that all of the real, substantial, what people call “power-user features” are beneath the surface.

Rush Limbaugh on Apple's iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Rush Limbaugh

The average, ordinary, everyday user is never going to encounter them and therefore never going to get mad and therefore never get frustrated about the change. The power user, if he or she wants to find them, they’re there, and they open up usability, productivity, the fun factor. It is just phenomenal what you can now do. The phones themselves… You have a 6 or a 6 Plus?

CALLER: I got the 6 because the 6 Plus is essentially just a little bit smaller than the iPad Mini that I use.

RUSH: Yeah, the 6 Plus is great, too. I’ve got both. But the 6 Plus is not a one-handed phone, if that matters to you. But the 6 is dynamic. It’s got the same guts. The speed of these two new phones is incredible. The Wi-Fi chip [speed] is increased. The LTE chip [speed] is increased. The download speeds on Web pages and e-mail downloads. The graphics? The rendering of graphics is almost instantaneous. This is… Just to me, it’s phenomenal. I literally am excited. I’m still playing. It’s been out a couple weeks ago, and I am still loving it. Well, I’ve been using betas since June, but I just love it. There’s so much bogus because of the competition and capitalism. There’s so much bogus being said about it, but that’s Apple’s problem. They’ve gotta deal with that.

RUSH: Folks, this business about the iPhone 6 Plus bending? It’s so bogus. That’s capitalism, folks. That is just the raw, bloodthirsty competition in capitalism, putting stuff out like that.

The complete transcript is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Rush Limbaugh reads MDN. I can’t be sure he lowers himself to read the comments, but he has mentioned that he thinks the site itself is excellent.

      Therefore, on the off chance that he does peruse the comments for amusement perhaps, or to take the pulse of the tech/investor community, and given his celebrity standing and wide reach, I would think—as a logical matter, no more than that—I would think commenters would weigh their words in respect of their persuasive intent, more than as a ritual emotional purging. It’s the difference between practical diplomacy and Hatfield-McCoy madness.

    1. “The only product I won’t boycott because of you is Apple.” There you go, glad to see you take a stand, er….
      Is there any Liberal/Progressive out there that doesn’t vacillate on their standards and beliefs because it doesn’t suit them or put a crimp in their style? Republicans don’t laugh. You’re just as bad. Can you say Obamacare and immigration amnesty?

    2. you know, you truly don’t have to lift a finger to respond when mdn posts a citation from mr. limbaugh, you’ve said it all a hundred times before.


      do everyone a favour and SFU!

      1. You lie.

        Dem/Lib/Prog’s are lying (as usual) by taking Limbaugh’s words out of context and attempting to fundraise off lies. This is how they operate. Because their ideas always fail in practice. Trillions spent on the “war on poverty” and we still have the exact same percentage in poverty. Wasteful, stupid, proven wrong ideas. So they resort to fear. The invent “wars on women” and other assorted lies/ Because that’s all they have.

        Full context of what Limbaugh said, exactly:

        “”Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.’” How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that “no” means “yes” if you know how to spot it? Let me tell you something. In this modern world, that is simply not tolerated. People aren’t even gonna try to understand that one. I mean, it used to be said it was a cliche. It used to be part of the advice young boys were given. See, that’s what we gotta change. We have got to reprogram the way we raise men. Why do you think permission every step of the way, clearly spelling out “why”… are all of these not lawsuits just waiting to happen if even one of these steps is not taken.”

        1. defend the pig if you wish, by of course attacking half of America. . He is whining about needing to make sure there is consent and being inarticulate, as usual, about it. He’s the same guy who called a woman a slut for days on end. It all fits.

          1. And you’re attacking the other half…

            I wish both (illusory) “sides” would make a modicum of effort to promote their agenda rather than spending the great majority of their time demonizing the other….

            …meanwhile both the right and left paradigms are ludricously out of date in having a pragmatic approach to the real issues in the world today… …like how to preserve both a dynamic economy and the ecosphere in which it, we, and every other living thing on the planet exist. For one.

          2. Had you heard it, and the precursor set-up, you would understand what he was saying. Colleges today have put out guidelines that literally have dating agreements to be signed at every step of the approach to sex that fail to recognize the age old human interaction that was our courtship dance of flirtation. It interjects legalism into what was once a wonderful, exciting exploration of human friendshipnships, growing relationships, love, intimacy, and giving and taking that was and is built into our instincts. It adds needless artifice and awkwardness to something that was never there, all in the name of political correctness, from feminists who have politicized dating, relationships, and sex. The attack on Rush was taken entirely out of context.

  1. Why do we need daily updates on Rush Limbaugh’s bowel movements, MDN? Do you think anyone but you actually cares what this bloated, oxycontin-addicted mouthpiece of rightwing outrage and hate thinks about his phone?

    1. Everyone who comes here isn’t a leftwing socialist pinko tree hugging pot smoking dope sucking gay Prius driving Obama lover such as yourself. Get over it.

      1. Bugger Off… forgot to add ‘phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll’. Don’t they buy Androids? And I imagine they look like Obamacare’s ‘Pajama Boy’ and “Girls” Lena Dunham.

      2. Sorry, dude. Gotta call you out on the Prius put-down. It’s just not necessary. I drive a 2007 Prius. (For the record, my previous car was a Mercedes 300E.) The Prius is a great car, with advanced technology. I routinely get over 50 mpg. When I bought it, it was 1 of only 2 cars (+ Honda Insight) that met California’s strictest emissions qualification to be labelled a SULEV: Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle. It is green, even in addition to its great mileage.

        Here is an interesting fact that few people know, that may help explain why we are collectively cooking the planet. 1 gallon of gas weighs about 6 pounds, but when burned, 1 gallon of gas produces 19 pounds (!) of carbon dioxide. (One carbon atom from gas is combined with 2 oxygen atoms from air, so it makes sense that the carbon dioxide result is about 3X the weight of gas. (Elements in the periodic table are arranged by increasing weight, with carbon and oxygen fairly close together towards the low end of the table, so this makes intuitive sense to folks who remember chem 101.) Don’t get me wrong: I think gas is an amazing substance — it is an amazingly dense store of energy and it is super mobile — but I do believe we (collectively) fail to appreciate it fully and, as a consequence, we waste a lot of it due to the economics of relatively cheap gas prices and relative abundance.

        So I would appreciate it if you would not disparage green technology and people who are passionate about conservation. The world needs more of us, not fewer, frankly. Hey, we have a planet to take care of! And it is gonna take all of us to do it.

        Thank you.

        1. Enough with the “cooking the planet nonsense”. While I certainly like that you are not polluting the air with your Prius, it’s not for reasons of climate change, global warming or global cooling or whichever one being blamed for the natural weather changes that have been happening since the dawn of the planet. That volcano that just blew in Japan negated the trivial effect of every Prius every built. Of and when you have to scrap that Prius, it’s going to pollute the earth much worse than a regular car.

    2. ‘ MDN? Do you think anyone but you actually cares what this bloated, oxycontin-addicted mouthpiece of rightwing outrage and hate thinks about his phone?’

      In a word – YES!

  2. Rush is right, completely right, on this one issue. Otherwise, he’s nothing more than a self-inflated bloviator who fools a large number of the population most all the time. So what if he’s number one in radio. Windows was number one in computers for a long time too, and we ALL know what weight that carries.

    1. you can’t make such a (baby) blanket statement unless you are a regular listener to mr. limbaugh’s programme, or are you fabricating everything you just alleged. pathetic, but useless, idiot!

  3. I didn’t know that to be a Capitalist, you also have to tell bold faced lies.

    Capitalism is the process of extracting success from opportunity, sometimes creating opportunity. It all should be above board and not at the expense of the innocent. Lying, cheating, stealing is not acceptable.

  4. The reason Rush is so successful, despite his sometimes bombastic statements is that his insights are usually right and he gladly submits his ideas to intellectual rigor. The reason why liberal shows often fail is that once you get beyond the name calling and ad hominem attacks, there really isn’t much there to intellectually discuss – particularly when real world evidence doesn’t back you up.

    I too am a conservative like Rush and I love Apple products. Beyond the artsy hip types, Apple wouldn’t be anywhere near the company it is now without conservative customers.

  5. I am happy that Mr. Limbaugh loves his Apple products. While I vehemently disagree with his rabble-rousing fleecing of the low-information voter, I can not condemn his taste in un-sponsored product endorsements. From Vicodin to iPhone, Rush demands the finest.

    However, while I’m genuinely happy to hear that he’s pleased (and has the good sense to see through the #bendghazi nonsense), I agree with those who feel like he gets way too much coverage here. Mr. Limbaugh has nowhere near the megaphone and audience he once did; there are plenty of other prominent people who also praise Apple without getting paid for it.

    While I’d rather have him with us than against us, it might be prudent for this site to remember WHY Mr. Limbaugh only draws a fringe audience anymore — he’s racist and sexist, and periodically threatens the President or endorses violence against his perceived enemies and/or the US government. And that’s not even including his hypocrisy on drug use and his convictions for trafficking in narcotics and abusing prescriptions for Viagra.

    Not really someone I would think MDN would want to tie their wagon to quite so often.

    1. Low information voters are the reason we have the affirmative action empty suit floundering about, wasting eight years and spending us into a hole from which it’ll take decades to get out, if we ever do.

      Low information voters:

      1. The fact is that there is a trove of right wingers making knuckle head statements available on the web. That you have chosen 3 black people to “make your point” says a lot more about you than it does them. Here’s a video that has some balance and is closer to where we’d all be better off:

        1. If you actually watched the 9:55 video, instead of applying typical knee-jerk judgement to a video still, judging a book by its cover as per usual in Libland, you’d see plenty of of skin colors represented. Like a typical Dem/Lib/Prog, you know nothing, but you are quick to affix blame in a weak attempt to deflect focus from the actual issue at hand. Because your ideas cannot survive scrutiny. History proves statism fails. History proves centralized control corrupts, stifles freedom, and is grossly inefficient and wasteful.

          U.S. voters should be required to prove citizenship before voting. I favor that they have to pass a basic competency test on how the U.S. government works, but of course, that would be too effective in getting competent people elected more often, and would therefore be tagged as “racist” or “discriminatory” by the Dem/Lib/Progs who would never get elected without votes of illegal aliens, the dead, and the brain-dead.

    2. Please cite actual statements made by Limbaugh that are racist and sexist. . . and not aimed at Liberal and socialist members of those groups. Limbaugh has opened his golden EIB microphone to members of both groups as guest hosts. His call screeners have been members of both groups, most notably Beau Snerdly, aka James Golden, who has gone on to have a microphone of his own in talk radio. One of his most prominent guest hosts has been on numerous times is Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E. Williams, who is decidedly black. He has occasionally had a female guest host. That is not the sign of a misogynist or a racist. Snopes found that the two truly racist, non-political on-air statements attributed to him came from the 1970s when he’d been hired to be a deliberately insulting shock jock, a job he couldn’t stomach and soon quit because of the requirement to be deliberately rude and offensive. Other racist comments were created out of whole cloth and could not be attributed to Limbaugh, or were directed to political figures and made accurate historical statements in reference to them, for example stating that Nelson Mandela had been backed by the communists. That is a historical fact, not at all racist, but claimed to be, when uttered by Rush, racist. Similar examples abound for the accusations of sexism.

    1. You should see what passes for advertising in some unfettered Capitalism advertising. It is up to us as informed consumers to learn the truth and make our decisions based on facts, not hype.

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