If ‘bending’ is all Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus rivals have left, they’re roadkill

“I cannot believe that this ‘bent iPhone 6 Plus’ thing is becoming a thing,” John Gruber writes for Daring Fireball. “Watch this jackass’s video — inexplicably promoted by TIME magazine.”

“Should not we be amazed that his phone didn’t snap in half under this pressure?” Gruber asks. “That the glass didn’t fracture? Under pressure like this, bending but not breaking seems like an extraordinary feature.”

Brief article in full here.

“Now, it’s bent iPhones,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “Because someone didn’t realize that, when you sit on something, there’s this thing called physics that says that, when there’s enough pressure on something, it will either bend or break.”

“And, now, lots of websites are showing videos of them bending iPhones,” McElhearn writes. “As if it’s worth the cost of on iPhone to get a bunch of mindless people to watch a video of an iPhone getting bent.”

Read more in the full article here.

“Any phone made of metal is still subject to the laws of physics, but to reiterate that this isn’t exactly a problem exclusive to the iPhone 6, here’s a look at other Android and Apple phones that have bending problems,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac. “Samsung’s phones are dominated by plastic, but it’s new metal-friendly Galaxy S4 devices are prone to bending in pockets too. XDA forum user Phonage reports his Galaxy S4 bent when he put it in his front jeans pocket.”

“Many Sony Xperia Z1 users reported their metal frame mysteriously bent for no reason at all after being left in rear pockets,” Hein reports. “One unfortunate CrackBerry user posted pics of his Q10 that never fell but is bent. ‘I’ve no clue what happened .. I’m so pissed.’ Other BlackBerry owners in the forum thread reported seeing similar bendings.”

Hein reports, “The HTC EVO 4G LTE is particularly susceptible to bending and breaking if you sit on it while docked in a cup holder.”


Read more and see all of the bent phones in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s the recipe for iPhone FUD:

1. Identify an issue that all other smartphones have (i.e. cellular antenna attenuation, screens that can be scratched with materials that are harder than the screen, metal casing that can be scratched with materials that are harder than the metal casing, phishing easily-guessed passwords from people who fail to utilize two-factor and other provided protections to obtain photos taken with smartphones from online storage, metal cases that bend under extreme force, etc.) or concoct an issue which has no factual basis at all (i.e. iPhone 5c, which outsold all other non-iPhones on the planet, is a “failure.”)

2. Important: Pretend that issue is only attributable to Apple’s iPhone. Feign “concern.”

3. Make goofy videos using iPhone only to illustrate this issue that all other smartphones have. Continue to feign “concern.”

4. Blow said issue wildly out of proportion via the media echo chamber with much wringing of hands.

5. After Apple’s iPhone destroys you in premium smartphone sales, wonder why your iPhone FUD failed yet again.

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  1. The lack of research and common sense reporting done by the press is simply astonishing. It seems that no matter how idiotic the story is, as long as it just might pertain to an  product, then, by golly, lets run the story and attribute every evil specifically to . My only question would be directed to the press; where did you get your journalism degree from and if you didn’t go to school to get that degree, spare us the “RUBBISH” reporting and get another job that will fit in more with your lack of insight and integrity.

      1. The Mail in the UK also has the usual anti Apple article, although I was amazed to see this box –

        These reports are not the first time iPhone frames have warped, and the issue isn’t unique to Apple.

        Reports in 2012 claimed that the iPhone 5 had similar frame weaknesses.

        The iPhone 5S release was met with similar complaints.

        Samsung devices are also vulnerable, and the Galaxy S4 in particular was found to bend under pressure. As did Sony’s Xperia Z1.

        Other devices have been released recently that were specifically designed to have a curved frame, including the LG G Flex and the Samsung Round.

        Both devices were said to be more comfortable to hold, and easier to place in a back pocket.

    1. If your car bumper got bent just by getting In and out of the car, you’d be pissed.

      People are using the iPhone 6 plus in the same fashion that they used the past 5 generation of phones and the new model is getting bent. End of story.

      You can defend Apple all you want but the fact is the phones are getting bent and it’s not just fat people wearing skinny jeans that are noticing their phones have slight bends in them after only 1 weeks use.

      Facts are facts, color them however you want.

      I guess people are going to have to get ridged backed cases for their iPhone 6 plus models if they plan to carry it in a pant pocket or backpack. Sad but true.

        1. So clearly you didn’t bother reading the above story or just don’t care about basic facts or the law of physics. So much for objectivity. Fact is because the phone is bigger it is going to be more susceptible to bending all else being equal for the material itself will be under greater stress and because a bigger form factor will suffer greater pressure under the greater curve of your ass. Not rocket science and applies to all metal objects. It’s long been an argument for plastic cars but then we know there are other factors involved that make metal an enduring preference. You take your choice.

          1. So it’s bigger and more susceptible to bending. And it’s made of aluminum. Aluminum bends easily. So who’s fault is that? Google? Samsung? Microsoft? You designed it and build it so you own it. For better or worse you own it. Quit trying to blame everyone else. Apple designed and built it.

            1. Actually, Paul, it is not necessarily true that Aluminum bends easily. You do know that most airliners are made of. . . aluminum. It depends on the alloy, the structure, etc. As a matter of fact, it took a lot of force for the iPhone 6 Plus to bend. If it were such a problem, how come we haven’t seen many iPads bending? They are bigger, made of aluminum and are about as thin. We should have seen lots of bent iPads. Not happening. Apple says that out of millions sold only a handful have been bent. . . but they make headlines because someone wants them to make headlines.

      1. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. End of story.

        You find me ONE phone (and I am not talking about those folding phones) designed in a similar fashion to an iPhone that you would (stupidly, I might add) put in your back pocket, sit down, and not manage to break at some point.

        In fact, kudos should be given to Apple because it, ironically, shows how tough their phones are that some idiot sits down with it in their back pocket and it only bends.

        How about this: Put your phone in your front pocket, preferably when you’re not wearing painted on jeans. But people can’t do that, because there would be no story and it would make too much sense.

        1. Yes. Kudos to Apple for building a phone that is bends! You do know that there’s several phones that have gone through similar tests and not bent.

          Jesus… the Apple apologists are out in full swing again.

          Soon the 8.0.1 update fiasco will be the users faults for applying the update right as it was released!

          1. There’s nothing apologize for in either instance. If you haven’t been paying attention, if you apply enough force to anything it can eventually be bent.

            People silly enough to carry their phones in their back pocket (or very tight front pockets) and sitting on them for extended periods shouldn’t be shocked to see that at some point their phones are either bent or broke.

            It’s not Apple’s fault that there are some people that lack the common sense gene.

            And as far as the problem with 8.0.1, a mistake was made and they pulled the update, and since I haven’t heard of anyone’s phones being bricked because of it I assume that it’s a minor issue.

            So I guess that you need to find some other molehill to make a mountain out of.

  2. “The HTC EVO 4G LTE is particularly susceptible to bending and breaking if you sit on it while docked in a cup holder”.

    Are you kidding me!?
    Do you genuinely believe that a solid plastic cup holder, and squishy human flesh are comparable fulcrums? That would be analogous to laying your finger on the touchscreen, and then dropping a rock on it for similarity.

    The point of the article should be that no phone should bend due to shoddy craftsmanship, and if they DO, point it out and BLAME the developer for being too hasty.

    1. Super-thin metal parts can’t resist pounds of force. To reiterate the point of this article, it isn’t called shoddy craftsmanship, it’s called physics.

      Don’t squish your phone like a moron. Problem solved.

      1. You are right there are so many real idiots here who just don’t understand the basics of physics. Plastic phones have their advantages in terms of bending but they have disadvantages elsewhere, you balance you preferences accordingly… Unless you are too dense to do so or have ulterior motives.

  3. It’s a BONANZA!
    Not only do the hitwhores run u[ the clicks by mentioning the white hot Apple products, but they also get paid for all of this chicanery by Samdung, HTC, Nokia, et al. (All the while Google makes money too!)

    Common sense will eventually triumph.

  4. OMG! What a shame one must die to win the coveted annual Darwin Award… Should be a new sub-death category: The DUH Award. Does not warrant elimination from the gene pool, but you’re sniffing the ‘event horizon’.


  5. Ok… I got caught doing a copy/paste on a couple of other threads, but I’ve learned my lesson. Those Samdung Fandroids are sure pretty observant. I guess I have to type something new now. Oh wait a minute… I’ve already wasted enough time on these silly troll-bait threads… back to using the best phone on the market, my iPhone 6 plus.

    I guess I will repeat 1 thing I said already.

    I really do feel sad for them. Jealousy will eat you alive and it’s certainly starting to take its toll on the trolls.

    By the way… MDN’s take is much better than I or anyone else could have ever summed up the Troll’s responses!!!

    1. The iPhone 6 plus is more expensive than than the MacBook Air and therefor, it is expected that a $1000 investment would last more than few days before bending. Thinner is not always better. Few extra millimeters of aluminum would’ve made this device more durable. The first Macbook air had a similar problem triggered by slipping the notebook in and out of a case / backpack or by simply just using it on your lap. Apple fixed that issue in the next generation by simply adding a little more metal. I’ll wait for another year before I upgrade my 5S which is slightly bent as well.

      1. That doesn’t even make sense. A Ferrari is more expensive than most cars on the road, yet run it into a tree and see what happens. If you carry your iPhone (or any phone that has such a relatively large glass face for that matter) in a back pocket and sit on it often enough it’s going to bend (especially since aluminum is a relatively soft metal, combined with the heat from the device itself) or brake.

  6. The iPhone competition is very, very scared. 50 percent of iPhone 6 purchasers are comming from Android. Another 25 percent of purchasers are new to smartphones. This number is more impressive than it appears given the fact that many iPhone 4,4s,5 and 5s/5c customers that are now on yearly contracts are also upgrading. 49 million iPhone 5 users that purchased in the December quarter 2012 are eligible for upgrades. Extrapolating this out, 100 million or more Android users could upgrade to the iPhone 6 in just the December quarter. Apple is not going to make 200 million iPhone 6’s in the December 2014 quarter, but what this exercise proves is that Android is in deep shit.

    Using one’s entire strength to bend the Plus at the weakest point isn’t going to deter the vast majority of these upgraders. Although, It might deter the geniuses that thinks it is OK to microwave the thing.

  7. Some feckless Fandroid flounderer threw a new one by me today as a reason for Android selection – water resistance! I’d never heard that one before as I have never heard of anyone losing an iPhone to water (though I’m sure it’s happened). The new iPhone 6 is supposed to be more water resistant than it’s predecessors (but I wouldn’t go skindiving with it).

    As the noose tightens Fandroid go from larger phones (now denied to them) differences to whatever the next imagined desperate reason to own an Android phone is. Totally in 32-bit Antique Dealer denial. As in Malificent style “NO! – this cannot be!” Hilarious!

    1. I saw a video earlier today, it showed iphone6 and + submerged in water for 10 seconds and they survived. I did not expect that.

      Apple just does the right thing and it does not even mention it.

      Looking forward to a variation with no port using wireless charging and bluetooth headphones aka iPhone7.

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