Wall Street cheers impressive iPhone 6/Plus sales, expects Apple to take share from Android phones

“Analysts continue to triangulate expectations for Apple after the company yesterday announced it sold 10 million iPhone 6 units during the first weekend of availability,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “”

“Goldman Sachs’s Bill Shope, who has a Buy rating on Apple, and a $115 price target, writes that the results were ‘even more impressive given lack of initial China availability,'” Ray reports. “Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities writes that lack of supply understates demand for the new units at this point: ‘Although Apple received official approval from China’s MIIT last Thursday, Mainland China is not included in the second release as Apple still awaits network license approval. Currently we do not sense there will be any major delays in obtaining these approvals. Mainland China has represented roughly 15-20% of iPhone unit sales in recent quarters.’

Ray reports, “He thinks Apple will take share from devices running on Google‘s Android OS: ‘Apple will launch it in 115 countries by year-end. While it is becoming more obvious now, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of the larger screened devices in both the Asian and European markets. We expect these larger screens to take meaningful share from Android over the next year and believe this will be clear as we exit the year. With the larger screen and numerous new iOS 8 features, Apple has removed many of the key differentiating factors that attracted consumers to Android devices. What’s critical about this trend is that it isn’t a one-quarter story. This will be a theme for the next 15 months. We believe Apple knows this and projected high production volumes as a result.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Peak fragmandroid is now in the rearview mirror.

Have a merry Christmas, Samsung!

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    1. I don’t like talking about “Android” since there are many versions with various and sometimes extreme degrees of compatibility. There is no “one thing” to run on the phones. Might as well count all the versions of Unix as part of Apple’s market share.

  1. Who really cares about market share. I don’t feel any better or worse about owning what I think is the greatest smart phone and I don’t care if I am only one of a few hundred. I personally don’t care about market share.

    As an AAPL investor, I only care about profit share.

    1. Winning or defending marketshare with cheap products leads to eventual irrelevance. Obsession with marketshare instead of quality and customer satisfaction gives the competition time and room to blindside you with innovations and new technology paradigms. Look at MS. Now Google. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  2. Amen to increased market share but Apple can’t really take significant market share from Android. With Google pushing Android One on those BRIC consumers, there’s no way Apple can compete against $100 smartphones. There’s no reason Apple should. I’m only saying Android is unbeatable when it comes to low-priced junk and high market share. Apple will obviously gain valuable market share in the U.S. and places like Saudi Arabia, Japan and other developed countries. Only Wall Street seems to be enamored and somewhat misled about high market share being the most important metric to value a platform.

    If Apple Pay actually turns out to be what Apple hopes it will be, there will likely be a lot of switchers to Apple iPhones and if Apple builds future tablets with NFC and Touch ID, there will certainly be an increase in iPad sales. There does seem to be some tipping point approaching early next year where iOS becomes very significant to the average consumer.

    1. Yes, Apple has the market share that matters. And that Samsung and Google would trade and give their eyeteeth for. Not much prestige in being the number one phone of cheapskate loser geeks with myopic spec fever and the lack the will or wherewithal to spend in general.

  3. analyst dudes

    sales will be awesome this year

    but wait one year when the first gen Big phones get DISCOUNTED …
    then in markets like China it will REALLY sell. This year the richer folks, next the massive lower mid class…

    the folks at Xiaomi, Lenovo aren’t stupid, no wonder they are pressuring (bribing?) behind close doors Chinese politicos to halt Apple. They know the market and they can see the Tsunami coming…

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