Apple CEO Tim Cook: We could have sold more iPhone 6/Plus units

“Early sales of Apple’s new iPhones have lived up to high expectations,” Brian X. Chen and Mike Isaac report for The New York Times. “”

“The company on Monday said it sold more than 10 million of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models in the first three days they were available in stores. That is higher than the nine million new iPhones it sold last year in their first weekend on sale,” Chen and Isaac report. “‘The iPhone 6 Plus demand is very strong. They’re basically sold out everywhere we checked,’ said Maynard Um, a senior research analyst for Wells Fargo. ‘But the iPhone 6 didn’t look to be fully sold out. That’s hard to tell if it’s because Apple has a lot of supply out there, or it’s because there’s less demand for it compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.'”

“‘The first weekend iPhone sales number continues to be more about how much Apple can supply than what the demand is in the market,’ said Walter Piecyk, managing director at BTIG Research, an industry firm. Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said as much on Monday. Apple ‘could have sold many more iPhones with greater supply, and we are working hard to fill orders as quickly as possible,’ he said in a statement,” Chen and Isaac report. “The latest iPhones also missed out on a big market: China. Apple has delayed the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus there, apparently because the devices have not yet received approval from Chinese regulators.”

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  1. people were camped out all night, Sunday night, up the side street of the soho apple store, waiting for the apple store to open on Monday. The lines are still huge in NYC this Monday.

  2. The poll on the left illustrates this somewhat, but not quite clearly. There are many people who waited but didn’t get what they wanted. What the poll doesn’t say is how many got something else instead.

    There is no doubt that there is a high percentage who waited in line to get a specific model, colour and capacity, and ended up getting one or more of the three things different. The most important questions here are:

    How many (what percentage) people accepted slightly / significantly different device than what they wanted (i.e. silver 32GB iPhone 6 instead of gold 64GB iPhone 6 plus)?

    How many (what percentage) people walked away with nothing?

      1. I wanted to actually hold both phones before deciding if I wanted to take the plunge, as I was still in the first year of the contract with the 5s. The 5plus is a great phone, but not for me at this time, too big. Seems this is a two handed phone.
        Saturday morning I walked into Best Buy in West LA and thought “if this is relatively easy, I will go for it”. Could not have been easier, got in line about the seventh person back and within the hour I was on my way with the iPhone 6.
        Three of the seven people had android phones, Galaxies I think. The Digital world is about to improve substantially for them. I have already made arrangements to sell the 5s for $250.00 to a friend, after I unlock it. Best Buy charged me $50.00 less than what I expected. All in all happy I went for it.

  3. The China lack of approval may be due to Apple’s newest security encryption that even Apple can’t hack into. So if China can not monitor (spy on) their people, they do not want it in their country. Maybe, this is the greatest reason to buy the new iPhone 6 and any of Apple’s new iOS 8 devices. Let the NSA and the government know who we are talking to but not what is being said. I believe that is still one of our rights as Americans.

    Well done Apple!!

  4. Apple should be penalized for not taking advantage of the first weekend sales. I’m sure mostly every company on the planet stockpiles 15 million devices for the first weekend of sales… NOT!

    It’s really unbelievable what some people take for granted when it comes to Apple. I’m sure Apple is doing everything possible within reason to assemble and distribute both iPhone models but I don’t see how it’s possible to get all the model mixes right everywhere in just the right quantity. I’m willing to be a lot of consumers decided to settle for something else after waiting for all that time rather than go home empty-handed. Apple has an advantage by stocking the higher-priced models and I’m willing to bet consumers will pay the difference even if they didn’t set out to do so.

    Apple is going to crush iPhone sales this year and Samsung is definitely going to be hurt by it. There are going to be a lot of older iPhones available for sale at lower prices and consumers are going to take advantage of the opportunity. Apple might be able to leverage Apple Pay with the 5S and AppleWatch into a reasonable mobile payment bundle.

  5. supply chain genius didn’t crank up the production high enough? what a surprise. he shouldn’t have waited two years to release a 5.5″ iPhone to ridiculously high pent-up demand. Oh well, let’s hope Foxconn can recover.

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