Just hours after release, iPhone 6/Plus adoption already exceeds 3%

Apple’s new iPhone 6, released just over 13 hours ago in the U.S., has already hit 2.86% of all iPhone activity worldwide, as measured by Mixpanel which tracks the actions users take in an application – 26 billion of them per month. iPhone 6 Plus, which is facing severe supply constraints, stands at 0.52%.

These figures are remarkable. It took 10 days after launch for iPhone 5s to hit 2.67% and iPhone 5c to hit 1.03% of all iPhone activity worldwide.

Also, a mere three days after release, iOS 8 adoption stands at 24.82%. Over the same three-day time period, iOS 7 has dropped from 95.86% down to 71.27%. Older iOS versions (original iPads and older iPhones) are just 3.91%.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus data via Mixpanel
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus data via Mixpanel

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. This just out! (well, actually made up on the spot like all the other rumours).

      The iPhone 7 will have the ear sound opening on the top and will be easier to not block off with your ear folds. The top bezel will be nearly the same size as the side bezels and the home button will disappear and have the same pressable display tech as the Watch. Apple will also make the battery bigger and incorporate a low speed inductive charger like the Watch as well as a high speed charger via the Lightning connector.

    1. Hey, you ever hear the silly lemming origin from the Disney movie? I quote from Snopes.

      “Some of the most memorable scenes in White Wilderness, Disney’s 1958 Academy Award-winning “True-Life Adventure” nature documentary about wildlife in the snowy northern portions of the North American continent, were ones featuring the death of lemmings who drowned after jumping off cliffs and into the sea. But the scenes shown in the documentary were staged by filmmakers in order to replicate supposed real-life behavior of lemmings that could not be captured on film, and thus did Disney perpetuate for generations to come the legend of periodic, inexplicable mass suicides by lemmings who die by hurling themselves off of cliffs.”

      Absolutely amazing that some still use it.

      Hope you are doing well.

      1. It does bother me, although in a somewhat convoluted way. First, it seems inconsistent for a company with the slogan “Think Different” to have customers that think alike! In that sense, Android fans are rugged individualists compared to Apple fans and their seeming herdlike behaviour. I think this is (at least partly) what they are trying to point out when they slam Apple.

        But the lemming analogy is tired and flawed. I’d prefer more imagination and less formula in rants from tech fans. It’s flawed because iObject owners don’t go over a cliff and plunge to their deaths, even metaphorically—they seem to live happily ever after. As for formula, I’ve always preferred the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who mesmerised children with his magic pipe and stole them away from their parents…that conforms to Steve Jobs and his Reality Distortion Field.

        I believe it isn’t ‘herdlike’ behaviour at all (uncritical acceptance of crowdspeak), but neural conditioning, in which individual brains are rewired by repetitive experiences. When those experiences are positive and arouse delight, an emotional relationship develops and forms strong bonds. A group formed in this way is more like a volunteer army dedicated to a noble cause than it is like sheep or cattle or—lemmings.

        1. “Android fans are rugged individualists compared to Apple fans and their seeming herdlike behaviour”

          I agree, PLUS the OS with the largest market share with the larger “herd” is seen as individualists. 🙂

    1. I was in the Arden Fair (Sacramento, CA) Apple Store at 4:30 PM on release day and the store was literally packed with buyers and a line-up in the mall out front. iPhone 6 and 6plus phones being sold hand-over-fist as fast as the sales associates could process orders. There were stacks of them behind the rear counter where two young women were in charge of pulling stock to order for the other associates to deliver to the customers. In the five minutes or so it took me to select a leather case for the iPhone 6 I bought at an AT&T store earlier that morning, I saw at least ten iPhone 6 and 6plus sales completed and happy customers walking away with their iPhones. That is hardly “no stock on the first fkng day” iMaki. There were still dozens of people waiting to buy theirs and more outside in line, waiting to get in.

    2. Did you know that when Apple announces a new product that they start making them that very day? They have about a billion little elves who live in Antarctica who make each phone in about 90 seconds and then Apple lies to the public creating a false shortage just to annoy you personally.

      The reality is that Apple wants to balance a huge release with out delaying the announcement. If they waited a month more to announce, they could have gotten several million more produced just so that you would have nothing to complain about. Oh, yeah . . . you would then complain that they didn’t have them available a month earlier. I guess you can’t please everybody.

    3. What are you talking about? Apple had a huge supply for this release. Hell, I stopped by an AT&T store around noon yesterday to set up my big gold Plus (cross upgrade, didn’t want to burn my sister’s SIM card when I activated it). When I finally got out of there an hour later (yes, it took an hour, mostly of waiting for a rep to be available), there was still a decent sized line of people. And the employees assured them that there was enough stock for everyone.

      Apple had a huge supply made available for release, at least for the regular 6. It just so happens that the demand exceeds their supply.

  1. note that many phones like 5S’ being replaced aren’t going into a drawer or trash heap (like many replaced android phones) but being used by others (sold or passed on). The iOS installed base will get significantly bigger…

  2. I love my iPhone 6 space gray! The screen’s blacks are SO black they actually blend in with the body. It’s like the screen stuff is being magically projected onto the phone. Just. Freaking. Incredible.

    On the home front, my wife is pretty on the fence about the 6 plus. Pretty worried it’s too gigantic. She’s trying it for a few days though. Might end up in China with me up a few hundred…

  3. > my wife is pretty on the fence <

    I'm she looks good in other places as well!

    I've watched people using their gigantic Android rubbish and it seems most use it like a book with a folding cover. Taking calls looks a bit awkward but who actually uses the phone these days

    1. Yes actual phone calls are time vampires and you can get roped into long conversations whereas a quick message or text usually suffices for the communique. You can save a lot of time that way.

      The only thing is “don’t forget to regularly call your mother.”

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