Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus get one Chinese license, need one more before sales begin

“Apple Inc’s iPhone 6 received regulatory approval for use on domestic frequencies but still requires one more critical licence before it may be sold in the country, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday,” Gerry Shih reports for Reuters.

“Apple still needs to obtain a critical network access licence for the iPhone, after which sales may begin, Xinhua said,” Shih reports. “It remains unclear when the new iPhone will receive full clearance, although the report Thursday signals the process has not completely stalled.”

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  1. Their domestic vendors need to get time to copy as much of the iPhone 6 design as they can, then some time to sell it without the real thing in the stores. This is what could go on behind the scene in China, and many suspect this being the case.

    Could also simply be that the process to get these licenses is slow and tedious, and Apple couldn’t start it soon enough to secure these licenses in time for an early launch. In case the last license is held up for months, the first theory is probably the truth of the situation.

  2. Could anybody explain to me, ignorant, why Apple gives so many special attention to JUST one country, China, and why MDN gives so many spotlight to Apple-China news? Even the keynote was translated to Cantonese, Chinese or mandarin, me ignorant. Why not Spain or Australia, or maybe Canada or México or England or France or the whole EU, countries that have supported USA business and global politics and friendship frequently? China government hasn’t been nice to Apple as to say the truth.

      1. That’s no reason for Apple to beg, “Please, please, let me sell my stuff.” Even Google gave back face to China government when appropriate. Guess what all this lingering is for. In less than a month, fake iPhone 6 from China will flood the world.

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