Apple’s next product unveiling slated for second half of October

“Though the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch have been formally introduced, Apple is far from calling it quits on 2014, with the company’s next major product unveiling expected to take place around mid-to-late October,” AppleInsider reports.

“A person familiar with the company’s pre-launch logistics says Apple has set internal project and marketing deadlines of mid-October, ahead of the planned unveiling of major new products during the second half of the month. That would align with an anticipated media event previously rumored to be held at some point during October,” AppleInsider reports. “This year, Apple is widely expected to unveil its latest iPads at an October media event, with both the next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini rumored to feature the company’s secure Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It’s also likely that the new models will boast the same A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

AppleInsider reports. “Less certain is an anticipated MacBook Air redesign with a high-resolution Retina display and an all-new ultra-thin form factor.”

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    1. I think apple has lost that area. The fire tv with the voice search and amazon prime and being able to side load XBMC for a total media experience and not being locked down (as much anyway) pretty much puts apple tv to rest.

      Loved my Apple tv 2. ATV3 could not ever get because it can’t be jailbroken to install XBMC so its of no use. ATV4 would still be just as locked down and with all the mini pc boxes out there now that have come along in the last year Apple is just behind there.

      1. Apple… Add a 3rd Party app that changes the way the device functions.. yeah, that will happen.

        Fire TV, joke.

        Sister just came back from England, open her MBP and send screen to the Apple TV to show some video’s and pictures. It just worked. If you don’t have a fragmendroid device, how easy is it to do that with the fire tv…

        Apple TV works perfect for me, and anyone with any computer knowledge can convert videos that don’t work on the ATV out of the box.

  1. Not a huge thing in the scheme of things, but even if only a minor upgrade I want them to release a mac mini update. I need to get a couple at work, and the current ones are getting a little long in the tooth. I just know they’ll bump them up a bit if I commit.

  2. iCase. 50 new styles of rubberized cases for your brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All the fruity colors you could possibly desire. No waiting. I dare anyone to say Apple doesn’t innovate.


      1. Thats a good point though in a keyboard the emphasis is somewhat different in convenience and lower security levels being perfectly acceptable over what’s suitable on a mobile device. So don’t know if a work around would still be possible after all many said airplay wasn’t feasible between iOS and Mac OS only a few months before it happened.

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