T-Mobile US to upgrade ‘test drive’ program with iPhone 6/Plus

“T-Mobile, which has been letting potential customers try out an iPhone 5s for free, says it wants to incorporate Apple’s latest technology into its program,” Ina Fried reports for Re/code.

“The carrier told Re/code that it will start upgrading the test phones to iOS 8 as soon as next week, assuming all goes well with its quality-assurance testing,” Fried reports. “It also wants to eventually switch the testing program over to iPhone 6 models, but that will have to wait for a broader supply of Apple’s phones.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I switched from AT&T last year to TMobile. I already owned 3 phones and bought the 4th outright for my family of 4. Couldn’t be happier. The coverage is not as broad as AT&T but I like the speed and the $$$ of services. 4 phones for $100 a month with 2.5 gb of high speed internet for each device. Pretty amazing. Keep it up TMobile and bring the cost down for everyone.

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