Apple iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: What’s the difference?

“The 6 Plus isn’t just larger — it has a higher resolution (1,920 x 1,080 vs. 1,334 x 750) and a higher pixel density (401 pixels per inch vs. 326 ppi),” Lynn La reports for CNET.

“The 6 Plus will be able to use special iPad-style landscape modes on some apps when the phone is held horizontally; the 6 will not,” La reports. “Only the larger iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization.”

Lah reports, “The 6 Plus has a higher battery capacity [iPhone 6: talk time up to 14 hours on 3G and Internet usage time up to 10 hours on LTE, iPhone 6 Plus: talk time up to 24 hours on 3G and Internet usage time up to 12 hours on LTE].”

Full iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus specs comparison here.


    1. What new info? Phil clearly said around the 12:30 mark of the Keynote that the larger real estate of the 6+ allowed for the 2 up display in landscape as well as the added columns on the keyboard. The higher resolution, optical stabilization and better battery were all explained as well. Curious which part you thought was “brand new information!!!”

    2. I’ve gotta go stand in line anyway. Stupid AT&T won’t let me upgrade my line, even though 3 of the 4 lines on my account are eligible. But I need to hold them in my hands anyway. I’ve always buy the flagship model, but if the 6+ doesn’t fit in my pockets then it’s a useless buy.

    1. Trade offs indeed…. How many would except thicker phone and twice the battery life? I know that is a trade off I’d make. Ivy’s thinness obsession is getting to point of making the wrong trade off

      1. I have a 5s and that’s way more than thin enough. Way back before iPhones, I always bought the largest capacity battery I could find. I love iPhones, but Apple’s obsession with thin is getting ridiculous. I’d rather get a coupe days on a charge than have an anorexic phone.

  1. Got the 6 here. I’m not inclined to holding a brick up to my ear. I don’t use a man bag and never seen pockets big enough to house such a monstrosity. I already own a tablet, don’t need another. They should’ve just added LTE to the mini. Not a whole lot of difference!

    1. Preordered the 6 here and I’m quite happy with my decision. The larger phone without a doubt is gorgeous but having a retina, and iPad my husband was already complaining he would have to build shelves in my handbag. All kidding aside, I have been quite happy with all my iPhone models and the 6 will be perfect for my limited needs.

    2. Same here.
      128gb 6 in Space Gray (No Plus size for me)

      I made a cardboard cutout of both the 6 and 6+, my mom was dead set on getting the 6+ prior to seeing the cutout.
      We convinced her to just get the 6 after she finally realized that holding that huge of a phone up to her head to talk.. just doesn’t look right. (She hates bluetooth)

      I think the 4.7″ screen will be perfectly fine for most people, for a PHONE…
      I’ve already decided that even though I said I would never get one, I will be buying the new iPad Mini and sell my full size iPad.
      4.7″ iPhone, 7″ iPad Mini, 13.3″ MBP. Perfect combo for all non desktop needs. (Travel etc)

      Then sell my 27″ iMac and buy a Mac Pro for home 😉

  2. I wonder why Apple decided to have those differences between the two models concerning OIS and resolution. I’d sure like to know the reasons. Is it to lure consumers to the more expensive model or some other significant reason. We’ll probably never know.

            1. Some of us are picky about the abuse of the english language on discussion boards. It s, after all, one of the few ways the writers can demonstrate their intelligence, or lack thereof.

              Then again, some of us went to catholic schools and got our knuckles whacked by nuns with rulers when we made mistakes and can’t resist returning the favor. 😉

            2. Indeed. I love to be picky about the English language. I’m pointing out that is is likely a mere typo… unlike the dreaded “loose”, “I could care less”, and much more.

            3. Interesting. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black? Did you know that English is capitalized and so is Catholic. Also, the word it’s has an apostrophe and is short for: it is. The comma after “after all” in your post should be the ONLY comma in that sentence. Your punctuation leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. I pre-ordered iPhone 6. Tbh I’m still in love with my 5s and don’t really need another phone. I’d just appreciate it if the screen was bigger (wider in particular), and that’s exactly what I get with iPhone 6: an evolutionary improvement on every level. iPhone 5s’ battery life is fine; the 6 is an improvement there. iPhone 5s’ screen resolution is superb; the 6 is an improvement there. So while the Plus is a great device I get a step up minus having to deal with the embarrassment of holding a phablet up to my face. I really think iPhone 6 is as close to a perfect smartphone as you can get today.

    And I’d wager that iPhone 6 is the model that Jony Ive will personally choose to carry.

    1. The landscape mode isn’t just for the apps though, the home screen can be in landscape mode like the iPad. (6+)

      And yeah, more real estate for apps in landscape on the 6+, so some apps will look a little different between the 6 and 6+ versions. (Like the contact photo’s, small stuff but noticeable)

  4. I’ve begun to read more science books in effort to increase my brain size, which should in turn make my head larger, resulting in a more appealing head : iPhone 6+ ratio, for the benefit of those who would otherwise be disgusted by observing me use it. That’s how I am: always considering the needs of my neighbors before my own.

  5. “The 6 Plus will be able to use special iPad-style landscape modes on some apps when the phone is held horizontally; the 6 will not”

    Only the 6 Plus will feature landscape mode on a few Apple pre-installed apps. There is nothing preventing developers from enabling this functionality on the 6 for their own apps using Apple’s new responsive design guidelines.

    Re: Gazelle…
    I know they’re a sponsor and all, but you’re doing your readers a disservice by failing to mention that you can get considerably more money by selling on eBay.

    1. You can turn it off in settings. I find that It’s nice, but not necessary since i’m near WiFi often enough and 4g is fast enough for text and GPS map updates and the such. Also LTE can get pretty slow if you’re not near a tower.

  6. I ordered the 6+. It’s not as big as I was fearing it would be. No regrets. I don’t give a flying f* what others think of me holding up the 6+ during a phone call. I mostly use speaker or earphones anyway. Now I won’t need an iPad. 6+ will fit the bill for my needs.

    1. What funny is that it will be the first phone in a long time actually reaches all the way from ear to mouth. You know, like the phones everybody used for decades and decades?

      1. Did you know that if you put your ear right near someones cheek bone that you can’t hear a single word they say? Of course it is not true, you can hear every word they say and every breath they take. The phone also can pick up this sound incredibly well.

        People who yell or talk with a very loud voice into their cell phone have no idea that they are actually causing the person they are talking to to speak quieter because that person hears it too loud and compensates by using a lower voice. Interestingly enough, the Automatic Gain Control that is built into the phone diminishes the booming voice and amplifies the quiet one. Just speak normally on the cell phone like you were having a private conversation in a restaurant.

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