Apple delays iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus release in China

“When the supersized iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale in just over a week in 10 countries around the globe, one will be missing: China, the world’s biggest smartphone market, home to hundreds of millions of consumers who love the kind of plus-sized phones that Apple is now selling,” Lily Kuo reports for Quartz. “According to Apple’s release plans, the new iPhone will be released in Hong Kong on Sept 19, along with the US, Australia, Japan, and other countries, but won’t go on sale in mainland China until sometime later this year.”

“It’s an odd move given that last year Apple launched the iPhone 5 in China and the US almost simultaneously,” Kuo reports. “One explanation is that rumored supply-chain difficulties may have limited the supply of Apple’s new phones, and the company made a strategic decision to delay its roll-out there—ironic given that the phone is assembled in China in the first place.”

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“The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale Sept. 19 in 10 countries: the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK,” Zach Wener-Fligner and Dan Frommer report for Quartz. “Apple said the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available in 115 countries by the end of the year.”

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  1. Apple didn’t delay it. They would not have scheduled it until they had China FCC like agency approve it. One never knows how long that takes. Maybe until enough Xiaomi to get their copies ready.

  2. Its an intentional delay.

    How dare China carriers market the as of yet “unannounced” iPhone 6/6+ before the announcement on 9/10.

    I believe they had unapproved apple marketing on their websites for pre-order prior to Apple’s official announcement.

    Me thinks, that’s Apple’s way of saying, dont EVER do that again.

  3. Govt. approval issues and reprisals for unauthorized marketing are both possible. Additionally there’s been a lot of very recent talk about the Chinese govt requiring reduced subsidies.

    If the subsidies have gone down at all, the delay could be part of apple’s response to that. Given how recently the govt spoke on this, it’s also possible that their’s some renegotiation still in the works.

    1. The various conjectures seem reasonable. My opinion is that one of the driving reasons to facilitate the establishment of global trademarks.

      During the decade or so that Apple released the blockbuster iMac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone products, a lot of companies began jumping on the iWagon and people began squatting on likely iNames that Apple might need for future products. Perhaps it is just time for that iTrend to end.

      I expect Apple and third parties to release a variety of wearable iOS compatible components in the future in addition to the Apple Watch. Some of these components might overlap, and the easiest way for Apple to give their products a distinct and clearly identifiable name is put “Apple” in front of it – Apple Pendant, Apple Ring, Apple necklace, Apple bracelet, Apple Earrings and so on.

      Or maybe not…

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