16GB vs. 64GB vs. 128GB: Which iPhone 6/Plus storage size should you get?

“The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus come in three different storage options — 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Choosing between them is one of the hardest decisions for most iPhone buyers,” Allyson Kazmucha writes for iMore. “Camera and video capabilities keep improving, App Store apps are getting larger, and the functionality of our iPhones keeps getting better. All of this comes at the price of storage space.”

“This year Apple dropped the 32GB model entirely,,” Kazmucha writes. “If you think in terms of how much bang you get for your buck, the very best deal in terms of price per gigabyte is the 128GB model in pretty much any pricing scheme, for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

Kazmucha writes, “However, keep in mind that this time around there is more to consider in that you’re also paying for a larger screen in the iPhone 6 Plus.”

Read more, including complete price per gigabyte breakdowns for Apple’s new iPhone 6/Plus, in the full article here.


        1. Reminds me of the guy complaining about not being able to buy a 10 pound bag of aquarium gravel. The salesperson said, “Okay, if I had a 10 pound bag of gravel to sell you for $7.99, would that work for you?” “Sure,” I said (yes, it was really me). “Then take this 25 pound bag for the same price and do whatever you want with the extra 15 pounds.”


        2. 32GB was made redundant.

          My prediction has come true.

          16GB users are paying $100 more. But 64GB users pay the same. Which means, people who buy the 16GB phone of the 6+ are paying for the extra costs of production. Surely us past 64GB users were overpaying before, but now the stars have aligned for us and we are getting our money’s worth now.

          I said it before, if it’s $100 more for 128GB, from what I paid last year, I am going to do it.

          1. I think the pretty obvious upshot is that they’d rather Apple got rid of the 16GB model altogether and slotted the 32 down to the $200/$300 iPhone 6/6+ on-contract price.

            But you already knew that.

            1. Nope, their post was purely about no longer having a 32GB option.

              Not sure why you’d expect the low end to be 32GB. That doesn’t seem to make sense. The 16/64/128 lineup definitely makes sense. You didn’t know that?

            2. No it doesn’t; 16 gb is not enough for a base model considering the video/photo capabilities of the new phone and increased storage demands in apps (I never went app happy and 16 gb was not adequate even on my 4s). It’s an obvious ploy to compel people to pay 100 bucks more for 64 gb when they’d be ok with 32.

            3. A lot of that can be streamed from and stored in the cloud. I’m sure the low end will be 32 someday. Look how long it took to offer a 128 so the time must not be right for that low end change.

            4. ” the time must not be right for that low end change.” I’d like to hear apples justification for this; from a tech standpoint it doesn’t make sense, from a profit margin standpoint it does. Whatever, I got a sweet trade in deal on my 128 model 🙂

    1. Same for me, Gold or Silver, but most likely Silver. I have gold already. These two colors seem to stand up more to abuse, not that I abuse my phone, but I want something that looks nice in 2 years, when I sell it.

    2. I’m getting two 64gig iPhone 6’s for my daughters and saving $200 in the process thanks to the new SENSIBLE pricing structure Apple released. With that extra $200, I just saved, I’m going to take it and put it towards a 128gig iPhone Plus for me. Booyah!!!! Thank you Santa Tim!!!!

  1. I hate that the low end model has only 16GB. 32/64/128 would have so much more sense, but Apple went for the margin on this one, knowing most will buy the entry level. This and the fact that they didn’t emphasize how the 6/6 plus will be any more resistant to cracks than previous models, those are the only weak points of the announcement in my opinion.

    1. @jmorrison0722
      [“they didn’t emphasize how the 6/6 plus will be any more resistant to cracks than previous models”]

      This point is somewhat debatable. Apple, for the first time, claimed that the displays were using “ion-strengthened glass”. Given that they’ve never used that term before, they SEEM to be saying that the glass is stronger than previous displays.

      I get that one could argue both sides of this issue since some have claimed that previous iPhones have used “ion-strengthened glass” without calling it that.

      1. It’s slightly radio active. Maybe it contains Kryptonite?

        When that demo video showed the guy standing on one side of the glass, and bending it, yet it didn’t break or scratch, we all thought it was Sapphire. Maybe there’s no need for Sapphire on a screen this size.

        Ion Glass may have a hardness of 8 and the strength of tempered steel.

    2. Nope. Memory has gotten so cheap that Apple is giving more memory per price tier. They hobble the entry model to encourage users to buy the mid and top tier offerings. More margin at the high end…

  2. Still don’t understand the reasoning behind going from 16-64gb models… Should have killed the 16 and started at 32gb.

    64gb has been more than enough for me, apps have taken more space than anything.. I don’t use my iPhone for music (iPod) so that takes up little space.

    But going for the 128gb iPhone 6 in space grey. App size will not get smaller.

    1. I think there are a volume of people who just don’t fill their phones. My mother has always taken my old iPhone and she doesn’t install apps other than the odd thing I put on it that I think she may use. She has music but it’s not a growing collection. She basically uses it to take photos and video of my nephew. As a result, if she kept all the video on the phone, ultimately she would need more than 128GB, but it syncs onto her MacBook Air, so ultimately 16GB is enough.

      I think it’s a case of people needing a lot of space or relatively little. 32GB gives that much more flexibility, but ultimately people using that are likely to still need to have to manage their space at various points. I don’t know the exact numbers behind it, but I can certainly see that a case could be made for the jump.

  3. I don’t need some jackass journalist telling me what my choice ought to be, I’m perfectly capable of making my own mind up about what is best for me, based on what I actually use the thing for; it’ll be a 128Gb 6+, I take lots of photos, I like to have a lot of music with me, due to the poor quality of network coverage rendering streaming audio almost unusable, and having a great many ebooks along with regular use of large-scale contour maps all dictate my best option.

    1. I like to have a lot of music and podcasts with me, but ultimately, if I have all of it I’d need more than 128GB anyway. No matter what I have to manage my space a bit so I just set my phone up to have a selection of stuff I definitely want at all times, then it just deletes stuff I’ve listened to recently replacing it with stuff I haven’t over a 12 month period stuff then gradually gets added back in.

      I think it’s similar with iTunes libraries, people who have a library bigger than your typical Mac will probably tend to have a huge library and need a separate drive no matter what size came installed. I put mine on a 6TB NAS and as such I only actually use about 300GB on my iMac, without A/V I will never fill up the internal drive.

    2. @phasmainmachina
      “…I don’t need some jackass journalist telling me what my choice ought to be…”. That is a very cruel statement, name calling. Your comment sounds very childish and unduly self important. If you do not agree with his suggestion, and it does not work for you that is okay. But, to make the statement you made is quite immature.

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