8 things you’ll love about Apple’s new iOS 8

“Apple’s iPhone 6 is hotly tipped to be announced Tuesday during Apple’s hyped September 9 event,” Jack Linshi reports for TIME Magazine. “And while the iPhone 6’s specs aren’t known yet—rumors say bigger screens, sapphire glass and near field communication—something we do know about is the software it’ll run.”

Here are eight things you’ll love about iOS 8:
1. QuickType can predict what you’re going to write before you write it.
2. Spotlight is getting smarter, too.
3. There’s a new Health app.
4. Siri is getting some tips from Shazam.
5. You can reply to texts without opening the Messages app.
6. The Photos app is starting to look like Instagram.
7. You can place calls over Wi-Fi.
8. You can coordinate your phone with your family.

Each of the 8 improvements and additions discussed in greeter detail in the full article here.


  1. Contrived list of, mostly, non-issues. The fact that he hasn’t even mentioned continuity, SMS relay, or any of the other really cool features makes it pretty obvious the guy hasn’t even used it, or knows what he is talking about.

    “Siri is getting better” – no, duh?

  2. What I want to know is if they have improved font and color legibility.
    When the majority of the population is heading into retirement age, vision is priority one. If the customer can’t read text on the iPhone, they stop using the iPhone.

    I know too many visually impaired people that did great with iOS 6. Then iOS 7 made it virtually impossible to use. Get it right this time Apple.

    1. So Helvetica Neue is a little more difficult to read. Show them how to BOLD it and how to enlarge text. I’ve found the current version of iOS 7 easier to read than the defaults in iOS 6. But it did take a couple of weeks to get used to it.

  3. About that Photo app, did they fix the goddamn camera import and multi-selecting photos or is it still broken ? That app and the camera kit features have been an embarrassment and a great source of aggravation since the beginning. Unbelievably it actually has gotten worse with each iOS. Complete incompetence running that dept. !

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