Forget the iPhone 6: It’s all about iWatch on September 9th

“The iPhone 6 will probably be extremely thin, fast and light. It may have a nearly unscratchable sapphire screen,” Mike Elgan writes for Computerworld. “It will likely come in two sizes.”

“Nice. But 10 years from now, nobody will remember the announcement of the iPhone 6,” Mike Elgan writes for Computerworld. “They will, however, remember the launch of the Apple iWatch.”

“Apple’s world-changing revolutions include the 1984 Macintosh, the 2001 iPod, the 2007 iPhone and the 2010 iPad,” Elgan writes. “The iWatch should be most comparable to the Mac and the iPhone, Apple’s two most stunning revolutions.”

“I believe Apple is the only company with the design vision, technology (not just sapphire) and devoted fan base to bring smartwatches into the mainstream,” Elgan writes. “That’s exactly what Apple did with all of its revolutions — the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.”

Tons more in the full article here.


    1. it has been rumored the watch will come in two sizes. to appeal to everyone not just geeks, i think 2 sizes is referring to two different styles of watch. one geared for women the other men. if they make a watch they can’t assume men and women will both want to wear the same looking watch

    1. if it only would work if you own an iPhone then it will fail. if that were the case think of all the kids, prepaid phone users and others who wouldn’t be able to use it? that would be tons of lost sales

  1. The hype swirling around this product launch is overpowering.

    Whatever Apple unveils had better steal the world’s breath, lest we all turn away with a sigh of disappointment, the sparkle gone, forced to return to empty lives of bitter exasperation.

    1. Sorry, Hannah, but any talk of the iWatch will be met with an overwhelming sigh of complete indifference as far as I’m concerned.
      I’m very excited about the new iPhone, particularly the larger version, it gets closer and closer to my ideal portable personal computer, but a watch-computer/connected device/whatever – it has nothing that I can see where it would enhance my life one iota.
      It would, however, be a serious drain on my already constrained finances.

        1. Don’t need to see it. It’s from Apple. It’ll be amazing. It’ll be earth-shaking. It’ll be history-changing. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Gotta run. Have to get my place in line. Lovin’ it!

  2. Here’s my prediction on what will be unexpected and revolutionary: two batteries. One will be in the strap, designed to last a very very long time. The second will be in the screen, which will be detachable. This is where the hard-core processing will happen. This part can be detached and inductively charged on new Mac devices, including the iPhone 6.

    So for example, you’ll where the wrist strap all the time. Even, or especially, at night. While you’re sleeping the straps sensors will be listening and remembering, while the screen will be charging. In the morning you snap them together.

    On the fashion side, this opens up all sorts of possibilities. Also on the functionality side as well, since different straps can have different sensors and different faces can have different levels of processing power and durability.


    1. Interesting speculation there, Higo.

      Apple received a patent, I believe, for the idea of having batteries in the strap, not that patents mean much when it comes to protecting their IP (fsck you very much, Judge Koh).

      I do believe Apple has some amazing products and software implementations coming up. Can’t wait ’til Tuesday!

  3. We’ve had iWatch rumors for longer than it would take to develop an iWatch. People thought it would ship last January! Maybe Apple just watches the rumor forums and tries to make whatever people already have gotten themselves hyped up for.

  4. The hype is almost impossible to match. I try to ignore it because I want to be surprised, most of it is BS, and possibly sets us all up for a big letdown. You’d almost think Samsunbg was behind it. “iWatch- its new app promises eternal life, as well as cure for cancer.”

    1. i think that building is meant for iwatch intro. there would be a catwalk for various people wearing the iWatch.

      there’s also probably a home setup and a store setup to highlight Apple’s payment system and iBeacon technology.

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