What’s inside Apple’s huge white building?

“With Apple’s iPhone event only a few days away, speculation is still mounting as to what exactly will be announced,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The Flint Center building is of particular interest.”

“Sachin Patel used a drone to get a full aerial shot of the complex, and helps clear up what exactly Apple is building,” Mayo reports. “Apple has constructed a gigantic secondary building in front of the Flint Center, seemingly taller than the theatre itself. The development has a gap at the front to leave the fountain intact.”

“Pachin was spooked by security at the campus, but did manage to get a short video of the site,” Mayo reports. “Speculation has run wild about this creation.”

More info and photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A “home” for media to try out HomeKit-based home automation apps? A “gym” for reporters to try out a new HealthKit-based smart watch/smartband and Apple’s new iOS Health app? A “store” for trying out Apple’s new iPhone and “iWatch” mobile payments system? All three? Something else entirely?

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  1. Am I the only one fascinated, and not the least bit concerned, by the ability of anyone to pick up a radio-controled toy helicopter equipped with a high-definition GoPro video camera and intrude on ANYONE’s property (and person)?

    I know there are enough regulations and restrictions making it difficult to intrude just anywhere and everywhere, but in reality, isn’t it a bit difficult to enforce such restrictions, when one can deploy this device, capture the imagery / videos and retrieve it in less than 90 seconds?

    Hollywood stars have built 5-metre walls around their properties so that they could have reasonably complete privacy in their back yards. With these devices zipping throughout the Beverly Hills airspace, the only private place left may end up being a bedroom with all the windows closed and shades drawn.

    1. I see a whole new business starting – Drone Defense Systems Incorporated – I just went and tied up all the URLs ; ) It can use the same technology as Israel’s Iron Dome.

      1. Area 51 holds the drones that didn’t make it back to our galactic neighbors. When human hobbyists drone Area 51, their drones and their handlers never make it back to say they did it. Always needing more wooden crates…

    2. The FAA regulations are very clear that taking a photo of a private citizen in the privacy of their backyard is legal invasion of privacy. So, you basically hope someone does it to you so that you can sue their pants off. Apparently, if you are a public figure it gets fuzzy but private citizens for now are protected by the law, assuming you can wait for a lawsuit to play out.

      1. Should we assume that it was a typo, and you meant to say:

        …”taking a photo of a private citizen in the privacy of their backyard is illegal invasion of privacy”…

      2. “The FAA regulations are very clear that taking a photo of a private citizen in the privacy of their backyard is illegal invasion of privacy

        Exactly what regulation is that???

        FAA regulations (FAR 91 Section 91.119) state in regards to fixed wing aircraft (planes): Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft. Helicopters have exceptions to this.

        Thus, as far as the FAA is concerned, you’re free to photograph over homes as long as you maintain that minimum altitude. They do have rules regarding commercial photography.

        You’re allowed to take photos of private property, say a person’s home, if you’re off the property (there are other situations where you’re allowed as well), however the courts have ruled that use of things like a telephoto zoom lens constitutes an Intrusion upon Seclusion, and with the exception of things like paparazzi laws or violations of restraining orders, this would be a civil issue, not something involving criminal law.

        In other words, you’re legally (criminal/civil) allowed to shoot photos over someone’s house as long as you’re over the flight minimums and not using a telephoto lens to invade their privacy (or violating any other laws).

        With drones, the FAA does require them to fly under 400 feet (and other restrictions where regulated airspace goes to ground), but there’s really nothing that makes this video illegal or even open to a lawsuit.

        This video was shot without violating any reasonable expectation of privacy, in an area where footage was obtained from a public space.

        Most likely, we’re going to see laws with more regulation of drones in the very near future, but we haven’t seen lawsuits establish precedence yet in regards to them being an Intrusion upon Seclusion like telephoto lenses (I bet we will soon), and likewise we’ll see laws regulating airspace below 400′ AGL.

    3. The Army has run successful test on a 20 Megawatt laser that has exploded incoming howitzer shells and also shot down drones. Plans are to get to 50-60 Megawatts before field use. Just wait till civilians get their hands versions of these lasers and no drone will be safe.

  2. It is a HOUSE – operated by SIRI commands. This is the ONLY thing we know about next week’s announcement. SIRI – only SIRI. “Wish We Could Say More” — can you guess what that means?

  3. It is facinating.. But problematic at the sane time.
    Apple, by building this mystery bulding, has pushed hype snd buzz to a new level… Very exciting indeed.
    The dengerouse side a ” letdown” …..not being able to present something that justifis this super hype and the buzz!
    I have my fingers crossed !

    1. Any other company would just rent a tent to keep guests in the shade. Even the architecture of this tent us appealing.

      I wonder if this will look like this on Tuesday or will the wraps come off?

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