Apple’s online stores hit with 2nd outage this week

“Earlier this week, iOS users discovered that the App Store was experiencing some technical issues that caused every item for sale to become unavailable,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “Now, only two days later, the company’s status page indicates that the App Store on Mac and iOS, iBooks Store, and various iTunes services such as the music store and Radio, are all suffering from even more downtime.”

“According to the status page, the issues first cropped up around 4:30 PM… The page now indicates that the issue has been resolved,” Beasley reports. “Two outages in the same week isn’t a great record to have, especially in light of more recent concerns about Apple’s online services.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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        Watch and learn, bunghole! Apple is going to motor right along regardless of what you say or do.

    1. He might be an ‘indie’, a lone gun that just doesn’t like Apple’s chops and will dash acid in your face for free. More’s the pity — he could be making money doing it, there is a program out there for it.

        1. You are your own person, Joe, but there are others out there who receive compensation for divebombing. I was informing Christopher of that, unaware that you were not just a random Joe.

        1. True…but I haven’t yet seen any eveidence about Apple “losing their reputation” or whatever. Are you thinking about those nude picture leaks? The person who had those pics should have been more responsible! You have got to be a troll to seriously be saying stuff like this.

        2. It’s not false hope. What is, though, is that Google Android will actually be seen as a respected mobile platform. You have seen those before/after photos of Android, right? Android started out as a Blackberry rip-off, and is now an Apple rip-off. They have no creative bone in their body.

  1. Since this outage affected all the Apple online stores, I guess they were ineptly rolling out the new code that allows you to start a purchase on one device and finish it on another. That’s my guess, anyway.

    I’m really excited about Tuesday’s announcements. iPhone 6 will be a great upgrade to my iPhone 5, which will get passed on to my brother.

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  3. Joe mentioned the sun. Yes, there has been a lot of solar activity this week. In fact, there is large CME which should impact Earth between now and the next 24 hours or so + or – 7 hours. And FYI Facebook and the grid in Cairo Egypt went down this week. There could of been other outages that I am unaware of as well.

    In addition to the solar activity, there is a fairly large asteroid traveling between the Earth and the Moon this Sunday. The estimated closest approach is .1 lunar distances. The current condition code is 7, so they are not exactly sure of its orbit. The condition scale is 0 to 9 with 9 being unsure. At this time, Space Weather says it will not impact Earth, but the last time an asteroid got this close a seperate asteroid struck Russia and caused a lot of damage. They were very lucky though, it could of been much worse. I’m sure everything is going to be OK, but if the grids start going down quickly disconnect your microwave from the wall socket, cut the cord and put your iPhone, etc. inside. This microwave will substitutes as a Faraday cage and protect or prize possession.

    For more info check out or

  4. Makes sense to tinker now and get the changes needed for iOS8 rollout/new iPhones, iPads etc. in place *before* millions of new/updated devices start connecting as of next week than after.

  5. I experienced this second outage. It was interesting that only part of the iTunes Store was affected. It was NOT an all out disconnect by any means. It just meant you couldn’t buy/download stuff for awhile. There was some flakiness for awhile into the evening (I’m ET, GMT -5). But it gradually cleared up.

    IOW: Not a lockout. Not a full blown DDOS attack. The timing was not convenient, therefore unlikely to be a server update. That’s typically saved for the middle of the night Cupertino time. It will be interesting to learn what has been going on.

    1. My guess is Apple is doing some things in the background to beef up it’s ability to handle and onslaught of activity. These outages and flakiness are often indicators of changes happening in the background.

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